More free Buddies soap?

Go here to print a coupon for $3/3 Johnson's products. It makes them free plus overage at almost everywhere with the exception of CVS. Yea!


Target *items that create overage*

Here is a picture of some of the items from my trip to Target today. Beware if you buy the eye drops...someone mixed a full size in with them and I accidently bought it! But, somehow my cat litter didn't get rung up? So, I don't think I'll be returning the drops...

1 Johnson's buddies soap $.97- $1/1 mailer =FREE +$.03 overage

2 Nestle Goodstart(small can) $6.29ea-2 ($11.00/1 home mailer checks)=FREE+$9.42overage

2 TS Tide $.97-2 $1/1 any Tide(P&G 11/30)=FREE +$.06overage

1 Dove TS conditioner(no shampoo:() $.97-$1.50/1 target q=FREE+$.53 overage

1 Ziploc produce bag $2.79-FREE up to $3.50(entered as $3)=FREE +$.21 overage

1 full size :( Bausch & Lomb eye drops $8.94-$2/1=$6.94

6 TS eye drops $.99- 6 $2/1=FREE+$6.06 overage

2 Pampers value boxes+wipes $29.99- $1.50/1=$28.49ea

1 Scoop Away cat litter $10.89(didn't get rung in?)

-$5gift card from last week...

Retail:$105.00 My Total: $44.71 Recieved $10 gift card

1 multipack Yoplait $4.19

1 Sara lee bread $2

-gift card

Retail:$6.19 My Total:FREE

*This means if I had just purchased diapers the cost is....almost $.17 per diaper.Not great, but better than$.23 and it's like all the other stuff was free:)

Ziploc Coupon $3 off!

Here is a coupon that will come in handy! Click here to access a $3/1 Ziploc Big Bags coupon. This combined with a sale could potentially mean free Ziploc! Also, after Christmas I'm sure the holida prints will be on clearance.