Price Cutter /Aldi's and Harter House Deals

PriceCutter(double qs up to $.50)
Powerade/Powerade Zero(reported as) $.79-$.40/1 tearpads=FREE
Dole Salad $2ea-FREE bananas WYB 2 Dole( smartsource blinkies)=$4 for 2 bags and bananas
Tennessee Pride gravy $.89
Yoplait Yo-Plus and Fiber One $2

grapes $.89/lb
strawberries $1.29/lb!
grapefruit $.25ea
Gala apples $1.19/3lb bag

Harter House*triple qs up to $.49 wed. thurs. only!* double up to $.50 everday
Hiland OJ gallon (wed.thurs.only) $2.50-$.40/1printable=$1.30
Hiland dips and sour cream(16 oz. NOT the 8oz. on sale) $1.25- $.30/1 printable=$.35ea
Best Choice 10lbs. potatoes $2.99
tomatoes $.99/lb
sweet onions $.69/lb
avacodos $.69ea
large green peppers $.59ea! (they have been $1.69ea at Walmart)
BOGO large lettuce $1.59ea(lim. 1)

any other good deals?

Dillon's trip/ ToysRUs

I'm getting ready to post deals for the week, but thought I'd post my trip first.
I wasn't quite sure if the Pillsbury OYNO worked or not, but I'm definately going to get more while they are on sale now that I know it does!

2 gal mlk, 16.oz cheese, 1 jar PB, 1 doz. eggs,2 juice concentrate, 1 can evap. milk, 2 boxes cornflakes

2 Crescent rolls 2.29- $1/1 printable(n/a)=$1.29
1 Grands! biscuit $1-$1/1(homemailer)-FREE
2 Ocean Spray Juice $1.98-2 $.55/1=$.98ea
5lbs. grapefruit-FREE WYB 2 Ocean Spray(at sample table)=FREE
6 Hillshire Farms lunchmeat $4(normally $4.59)-FREE=FREE+$.59(cashier was nice:) )
*3 Danamials yogurt packs $2.29-ms(manager special)=$.59ea
*(the sell by date isn't until March.2nd, and the yogurt is good for 7 days after that)

Retail:$54.02(before sales and such) My Total:$4.21 Recieved: $1.50 OYNO for 3 Pillsbury!
2 big boxes Pampers $40.99ea-FREE=FREE
1 value box wipes $14.99(didn't have wipe coupon with me)
-$15 promo from last week
Retail:$96.97 My Total:$5.61(tax) Recieved:$15 giftcard for 3 partcipating items(ends 3/2)


Walmart FREES and CVS

I've made a couple shopping trips and managed to find an Elmo restraunt play set for $25!(clearance...at Christmas this was $120 at ToysRUs).
The only things I've bought were free+ overage
10 Diego Bandaids(clearance) -5 $3/2 blinkies=FREE
2 boxes Glucerna cereal $3.94-2 $5/1 printables=FREE+overage
1 Old El Paso dinner kit $2.96-FREE=FREE
4 Cascade dishwasher rinse $3.13-4 FREES(homemade simple booklet)=FREE
Retail:$35.16 My Total:FREE(no tax?)

CVS(had ECB to burn)
1 Energy shot $4.99-5 ECB=FREE
2nd trans.
2 boxes vanilla wafers $4.49-BOGO=$4.49
2 v-day candy clearance $.25ea
Retail:$15.97 My Total:FREE(no tax?)


BOGO at Friday's

Here is the link for BOGO entree at Fridays! It takes a bit to load. Great for a night out or call ahead for a quick dinner.


$5 off $25 coupon
Use these with the below deals for a bigger rebate check!

got2be Guardian Angel Styler or Smooth Operator Mousse, Fat-Tastic Mousse or Hair Spray $4.99 Get a $4.99 Single Check Rebate #75
Use the $2 coupon from here
Final cost FREE + a $2 profit!(This deal is ONLY available Sunday-Tuesday!)

Revlon Color Silk Root Perfect 2/$5 with in ad coupon
Get a $1 Single Check Rebate #78 on one (limit 2
)Use the $1/2 coupon from the 4/5SS
Final cost $1 each!

Deal Scenario:
Purchase 2 Quattro Razors at $11.49 each
Purchase 2 Quattro Refills at $11.29 each
Minus bogo sales=$22.78
Purchase 1 got2be styler $4.99
Use the $5 off $25 coupon
Use 4 $4 Schick Quattro coupons from the 4/26SS
Use 1 $2 got2be coupon from here Pay $4.77
Get back a $4 Single Check Rebate from the Schick Qauttro products
and a $4.99 Single Check Rebate from the got2be!
Final cost FREE, plus a $4+ moneymaker!

Renuzit Super Odor Neutralizer .99
Use the $1 coupon from the 3/22SS
Final cost FREE!

Stride Gum .99Use the $2/3 coupon from the 3/22SS
Final cost .32 per pack!

Post cereal buy one get one free
Prices around $3.99 per box
Use the $2 coupons from here
Or $1 coupons from the 4/5SS
Final cost as low as 2 boxes for free?!?

FREE Victoria's Secret Lotion

Click here for a coupon for a free travel size lotion(no purchase necessary!)


Dillon's/Price Cutter/Harter House deals


HoneyNut cheerios $1.67-$.55/1 shortcuts q and $.55/1 printable=$.12!

Yoplait Yo-Plus $2-$1/1printable(others out there), or $1/1(SS insert)=$1ea

Cottonelle $.99-$.50/1=FREE


(potentially a great week! Does anyone know if PC let's you use 2 qs on BOGO events? and if so PLEASE COMMENT on what price you have found these items at!)

BOGO(that I know have qs, but HCW's generator is down, so I'll do match ups later)

Duncan Hines cake mix and frostings

Pillsbury Grands biscuits

Genereal Mills cereals

Carl Buddig lunchmeat

Act 2 Popcorn

Bob Evans macncheese or potatoes

McCormick brown gravy

Hormel Chili

red peppers $.89/lb(that's actually FANTASTIC for RED peppers...usually $1.89 ea.at Walmart

blueberries(6oz.) $1.50ea

Hiland Ice cream $1.89

Freshetta Pizza or Pizzamore $5ea

Tyson drumsticks or thighs $.99/lb...means the large family packs are a little less than $3

Harter House(TRIPLE QS WED. and THURS. up to $.49!..doubles up to $.50)
*Hiland 1/2 gal OJ $.99(at the one on Eastgate!!! NOT Republic Rd)-$.30/1printable=$.09
*Powerade $1.25-$.40/1(SS) OR $.40/1 tearpad=$.05
*McCormick seasoning/sauce combo pack $.99(republic rd)-$.25/1=$.29
*Hiland sour cream AND dips $1.50-$.40/1 printable=$.30

Please do not buy Rotel(at least at Republic Rd.) with the $.30/1! If you still have some left use them at Dillon's! It's less after doubles there than at Harter House.

Did anyone else find great deals this week? PLEASE COMMENT! :)

Dillon's/Harter House Triples!/ Pampers


WIC items
2 gal milk, 1 doz. eggs, 16oz. cheese, 2 juice concentrate, 2 boxes corn flakes

Everything else:)
1 Del Monte grapefruits bowl $4.29?-FREE(max. val. $3.89)=$.40(it was really large!)
1 DelMonte no salt added tomatoes $1.25-FREE(max. val $1.39..gave overage)=FREE+$.14
1 Old El Paso dinner kit $3.45- FREE
2 bags Halls cough drops $1-2 $.50/1(printable available this morning...now it says error)=FREE
1 head lettuce $1.29
1 bunch bananas $.39/lb
2 Yoplait yo $2-2 $1/1 printables=$1ea
1 beef boullion cubes $2.23?

Retail:$24.70 My Total:$8.70

Harter House
6 Powerades(max. lim. 6 like qs per trans.) $1.25-6 $.40/1 tearpads=$.05ea
5 baby food(markdown) $.33ea
(I'm going to make my own, but premade it always good to have on hand!)
4 BarS hot dogs $1.09-4 $.25/1=$.34ea
2 McCormick seas./sauce combos $.99ea-2 $.25/1=$.29ea
4 Hiland sour cream $1.50/1-4 $.45/1=$.30ea

Retail:$23.80 My Total:$5.62

3 Pampers Diapers big box $40.69-$45.69-3 FREE qs~
1 Car seat(we've been looking for one and this was the floor model at $60off!) $39.99
Retail:$227.07 My Total:$49.69(car seat and taxes!) Recieved:$15 gift card for promo
*does not count toward monthly expense for car seat



Here's the trips this week....Walmart was fun! I happened to have the cashier that literally told me she had no clue what she was doing(and she was right...my total was off by $20!). *I also had NO extrabucks because it was less expensive last week to blow my ecbs on diapers than pay for them at other stores.

Dr.Pepper(free),6 TS Shick razors(free),4 Gillette Shampoo $3.99 a/c with 3 ECB, 10CVS cotton rounds $.99ea -$2/10 CRT with 10ECB,and 1 Gilette shave cream,1 V-day card, -$10/$50 and money on gift card....
Retail:$55.47 My Total: $15.43
Recieved:$26 ECB(ended up being $1 MM after all qs/giftcard/and cash).

1 Revlon creme gloss, 4 Scrubbing bubbles, 4 Glade impressions, 4 Progresso
-$5/$20, in ad and man.qs
Retail:$81.50 My Total:$23.29 Recieved: $28 in rebate

FREEs! AllBran cereal bars and drink mix(found at PC? after shelves were stocked....), 2 Fryin'magic,Bandaids and cotton balls(clearance),tuna, formula, taco seasoning, Wheat thins
other q items..Yoplait $1.32 a/c, Bounty $.25 a/c, condoms $3.88 a/c..produce, broth, tomato soup, cottage cheese, sour cream...also added a $3 toy for Tristan
Retail: $89.41 My Total:$31.45



Here are the highlights only!

4 Yo-Plus $1.39 MS-2 $1.50/1 and 2 $1/1=2 FREE and 2 $.39ea!
1 Cottonelle TP $.99-$.50/1 printable=FREE
6 boxes whole wheat pasta $1.50-6 FREE pasta WYB ragu=FREE*bought on ebay=$.50ea
6 Ragu $1.42-3 $.75/2=$.92ea
3 Pillsbury ultimate desserts - ms $1.50ea
2 Pillsbury quickbreads -ms=$1ea
6 Libby's pumpkin-ms=$.50ea
1 kroger hot dog buns $.89-ms=$.49
*they owe me $2.99 for taking a free cereal q, scanning, and not entering it!
Retail(before MS): $83.70 My Total: $29.57(they owe me $2.99)

1kid's boost $13.49-FREE=FREE*could have used at CVS,but they don't sell the chocolate!
1 WAGS asprin $.99-FREE(home mailer)=FREE
1 Garnier styler $3.99(free after rebate)
Retail:$18.47 My Total:$4.78 Rebate:$3.99

...umm, nothing really, I blew $15 Extrabucks and spent $14.75 on my giftcard, because I was going to buy these things anyways and would rather get them free than pay for them at Walmart. I can always build my bucks up again later. I still have a raincheck for Loreal(so I'll spend 6 get 6 back) and $5 on hubby's card...oh! I did get a CRT for free mouthwash and I used a q for free planters peanuts.

Retail:$50.95 My Total:FREE


Price Cutter and Harter House Deals 2/4-2/17

This is what I could see that was okay..nothing worth dashing out the door for:)

Price Cutter
Birds Eye Veggies $1.29-2 $.35/1(1/4SS) and*(YMMV) $1/3(2/14 SS)=$.49ea
*If the coupons specify they can't be used together than please don't try this!:)

10lb meat sale-see store assoc. for details..hmmm


CVS and new-er bread outlets

The Sunbeam bread outlet on Chestnut Exp.(w. of West Bypass) has bread BOGO! That makes them $.50ea! If you have room in your freezer I suggest getting some!
Sunbeam Outlet carries Nature's Own breads for $1 or less and the Sara Lee Outlet located at 2350 S.Cambell(well right next to ACE Hardware) carries Saralee Bread for $1 or less! The Nature's Own includes light versions, whole wheat, whitewheat, honey ect. for the same price of $1. I honestly can't remember the varities at the SaraLee outlet.

My trip to CVS would have been GREAT, but I think they open earlier than they used to on Sun. Does anyone know what time? I thought it was 10AM, so that is when I got there, but I walked in at 5min. til 10AM and I found 1 Loreal Revitalift towelettes in a basket near the front. My ECBs all expired on the 3rd too, so I had to burn through some and I had about 40, so if I had to burn through them anyways, I thought, "Why not add some so that I can use my $10 off a $50?" Of course I miscalculated, because I added diapers, but oh well.
1 MegaJumbo(what a weird name) Pampers $13.99-$1(homemailer)=$12.99
1 Loreal Revitalift towelettes(will go back later in week for raincheck/return/or add.item)$5.99
1 CVS chewable asprin $1.99
1 Energy shot $4.99
2 Renuzit triscents $7.99-2 $5/1 peelies(THAT BEEPED! grr)=$2.99
*I thought they were on sale for $5.39...and were a MM, but I guess not!
1 bag flaxseed $3.59
2 pasta $1.09
2 pasta $.89
1 seasoning $.99-peelie WYB2ElPaso=FREE
2 ElPaso tacos $2.19
1 Excedrin(10ct.) $2.49-$1/1CRT=$1.49
-11.97 and 14.97ECB
Retail:$58.35 My Total:$9.35