Dillon's/Price Cutter/Harter House deals


HoneyNut cheerios $1.67-$.55/1 shortcuts q and $.55/1 printable=$.12!

Yoplait Yo-Plus $2-$1/1printable(others out there), or $1/1(SS insert)=$1ea

Cottonelle $.99-$.50/1=FREE


(potentially a great week! Does anyone know if PC let's you use 2 qs on BOGO events? and if so PLEASE COMMENT on what price you have found these items at!)

BOGO(that I know have qs, but HCW's generator is down, so I'll do match ups later)

Duncan Hines cake mix and frostings

Pillsbury Grands biscuits

Genereal Mills cereals

Carl Buddig lunchmeat

Act 2 Popcorn

Bob Evans macncheese or potatoes

McCormick brown gravy

Hormel Chili

red peppers $.89/lb(that's actually FANTASTIC for RED peppers...usually $1.89 ea.at Walmart

blueberries(6oz.) $1.50ea

Hiland Ice cream $1.89

Freshetta Pizza or Pizzamore $5ea

Tyson drumsticks or thighs $.99/lb...means the large family packs are a little less than $3

Harter House(TRIPLE QS WED. and THURS. up to $.49!..doubles up to $.50)
*Hiland 1/2 gal OJ $.99(at the one on Eastgate!!! NOT Republic Rd)-$.30/1printable=$.09
*Powerade $1.25-$.40/1(SS) OR $.40/1 tearpad=$.05
*McCormick seasoning/sauce combo pack $.99(republic rd)-$.25/1=$.29
*Hiland sour cream AND dips $1.50-$.40/1 printable=$.30

Please do not buy Rotel(at least at Republic Rd.) with the $.30/1! If you still have some left use them at Dillon's! It's less after doubles there than at Harter House.

Did anyone else find great deals this week? PLEASE COMMENT! :)

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Letty said...

I went to Harter House yesterday morning (before reading your post so I missed the ones you mentioned) and Price Cutter today. The best deal I got at Harter House was the Pillsbury Pizza Crust for $1.03 each ($2.23-1.20 qs - .40 tripled), plus some of the BOGOs. However, Harter House (the Republic Rd one) wouldn't let me use two coupons on BOGO deals- just one).

Price Cutter today was better- YES- you can use two Qs on their BOGOs because they ring up half price. So I got the Budding Heart Smarts (or whatever the one featured on the front page was) for $1 each - 2/3.99 minus 2 $1 qs. My Price Cutter (Nixa) was out of the Fruity Cheerios, but I got a raincheck. They are 2/3.99 or something like that (sorry- don't remember!) and with the .50 cent qs will be a $1 a box. Lastly, Powerade Zero is on sale for .79 cents- so with those .40 cent off coupons are FREE! Some silly bagger boy told me I couldn't use more than one an order though ( I had 3!) so I had to do separate transactions- however the customer service manager told me the limit is 25- so I was fine.