Dillon's trip/ ToysRUs

I'm getting ready to post deals for the week, but thought I'd post my trip first.
I wasn't quite sure if the Pillsbury OYNO worked or not, but I'm definately going to get more while they are on sale now that I know it does!

2 gal mlk, 16.oz cheese, 1 jar PB, 1 doz. eggs,2 juice concentrate, 1 can evap. milk, 2 boxes cornflakes

2 Crescent rolls 2.29- $1/1 printable(n/a)=$1.29
1 Grands! biscuit $1-$1/1(homemailer)-FREE
2 Ocean Spray Juice $1.98-2 $.55/1=$.98ea
5lbs. grapefruit-FREE WYB 2 Ocean Spray(at sample table)=FREE
6 Hillshire Farms lunchmeat $4(normally $4.59)-FREE=FREE+$.59(cashier was nice:) )
*3 Danamials yogurt packs $2.29-ms(manager special)=$.59ea
*(the sell by date isn't until March.2nd, and the yogurt is good for 7 days after that)

Retail:$54.02(before sales and such) My Total:$4.21 Recieved: $1.50 OYNO for 3 Pillsbury!
2 big boxes Pampers $40.99ea-FREE=FREE
1 value box wipes $14.99(didn't have wipe coupon with me)
-$15 promo from last week
Retail:$96.97 My Total:$5.61(tax) Recieved:$15 giftcard for 3 partcipating items(ends 3/2)

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Michelle' said...

how did you get the lunchmeat free?