Here's the trips this week....Walmart was fun! I happened to have the cashier that literally told me she had no clue what she was doing(and she was right...my total was off by $20!). *I also had NO extrabucks because it was less expensive last week to blow my ecbs on diapers than pay for them at other stores.

Dr.Pepper(free),6 TS Shick razors(free),4 Gillette Shampoo $3.99 a/c with 3 ECB, 10CVS cotton rounds $.99ea -$2/10 CRT with 10ECB,and 1 Gilette shave cream,1 V-day card, -$10/$50 and money on gift card....
Retail:$55.47 My Total: $15.43
Recieved:$26 ECB(ended up being $1 MM after all qs/giftcard/and cash).

1 Revlon creme gloss, 4 Scrubbing bubbles, 4 Glade impressions, 4 Progresso
-$5/$20, in ad and man.qs
Retail:$81.50 My Total:$23.29 Recieved: $28 in rebate

FREEs! AllBran cereal bars and drink mix(found at PC? after shelves were stocked....), 2 Fryin'magic,Bandaids and cotton balls(clearance),tuna, formula, taco seasoning, Wheat thins
other q items..Yoplait $1.32 a/c, Bounty $.25 a/c, condoms $3.88 a/c..produce, broth, tomato soup, cottage cheese, sour cream...also added a $3 toy for Tristan
Retail: $89.41 My Total:$31.45

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Sandra said...

toaster strudle there is a printable coupon http://www.pillsbury.com/products/breakfast/frozen/Toaster-Strudel-Pastries.htm?WT.mc_id=vanityurl_web_toasterstrudel and at target they are $1.75 so .75 after coupon!!