What to do on a snow day!

To be quite frank, my hubby gets restless VERY easily. I kind of enjoy having an excuse to not leave the house. As much as I like to run errands and snag deals, lounging or getting my never ending TODO list completed is just as satisfying. But, one thing we both enjoy wether it's cold or not is the following....SNOW ICE CREAM! Yum!

Try it sometime!

*1 bowl snow

*vanilla extract



stir in a small amount of milk until desired consistency and add other ingredients to taste

More Dillon's deals

I thought I would still have my WIC appt. today, but it was cancelled! Since myself and the two little ones were already out, I thought I would stop by Dillon's to use some coupons. I have to go back tomorrow for milk, so I'll get a couple overage items that I didn't have coupons for today and purchase produce, plus the rest of my cheese!

Here it goes:*mix and match 10 items get $5 off
*25(weee!!!) packs of Kraft cheese $1.99ea(SALE price):-$.75/1 blinkies=$1.49ea
*2 Triscuits $2.39(sale price and dh's request)-$2/2=$1.39ea
*3 Goldfish( sale +Tristan said "please mommy, go fishys?" :) ) $1.59
1 Buitoni pasta $6.99-ms=$3.59
1 Fresh Express spinich $2.99-ms-$.55/1blinkie=$.49
1 16pk. Dannon yogurt $4.99-ms=$2.59
1 Kroger yogurt $2.25-ms=$1.19
6 Suave deoderant $1(sale)-6 $.55/1=FREE
3 Honeysuckle White turkey rolls(sale) $.1.67ea(less than Walmart)
1 bag brown rice $2.55
Retail:$142.97 My Total:$35.38


More FREE Dr. Pepper

This time you can choose between a 20oz and 2lt. bottle! Click here to snag yours!


Deals the previous week

So, here are my deals, I'll just post highlights and totals...if anyone wants to do it, let me know and I'll list the whole thing!

*I would not have purchased any meat because we had enough, but when I thawed the ground beef out it smelled sour and had stuff on it...eww...and I couldn't pull any deals except for chicken at Price Cutter.

1 GV Sugar $2.34 (- comp.ad)=$1.49
2 Listerine breath strips $1.52- $2 printable=FREE+$.48 overage ea
2 Splenda 50 ct. $2.24-$3 printables
also, yogurt, ham and Mt.Dew
Retail: $18.27 My Total:$6.67
Price Cutter
4 packs Tyson chicken(all about $5)- $2/$5 Tyson chicken purchase(from ads last month)
1 dozen eggs and Kashi bars=FREE item home mailer
Retail:$25.80 My Total:$14.90
Aldi(not pictured)
1 cheesburger skillet, fish, produce $8.36
23(that's right!) GG steamers FREE
4 boxes Kleenex $1.59-$.50/1 qs(home mailer)=$.09 ea(after mega sale)
12 Softsoap(not pictured) FREE and a bunch of other stuff
1 Duncan Hines cake $.50(ms)-$.35/1(mailer)=FREE
5 cans Rotel FREE
3 bags Goldfish $1ea( and I got overage on them!)
and a bunch of other stuff!
Retail:$113.16 My Total(2 Trans.): $20 even
should have been $2 less, but 2 coupons didn't go through..Daisy sour cream ones:(
*Spent money b/c my card got a $5/$15 and a $10/$50..so I pulled a diaper deal!
everything in the pic from CVS cost $12.42 oop,but I was okay with that b/c I got 4 packs of diapers, wipes, and 3 newspapers....I'll get another $6 back for Nasogel(rebate submitted to different address) so my total is really $6.42! :)
Target(not pictured)
2 Ocean Spray juice(I got the Strawberry, peach kind) $1.99ea-$1/1 Target and $1 off Ocean Spray=FREE


Swagbucks is for real!

I was waiting to post about this, but it is legit! Earn points with the same results as Google through this great program called Swagbucks! Click here to get started! If you use a search engine like Google EVER, I recommend searching through this. It has replaced Google as our new homepage and my points are adding up very quickly! You also earn for interacting on Facebook and recommending friends! It's that simple! Have fun watching your points grow and redeem for giftcards!


Dillon's Deals

Some of these are posted elsewhere on the internet, but here are ones I found helpful!

When you bring your reuseable shopping bags-get $.05 off for each bag
(MAKE SURE THEY DO IT!-sometimes they forget!)

Colgate $1- $.75cellfireq and $1/1 (5/17SS or various others)=FREE+possible overage
Gatorade G2 or Smartwater-$.50/1 Gatorade or $.50/1 Smartwater(both tearpads)=FREE
Quaker Rice Snack caskes $1-$1/1(4/26?SS)=FREE
Weber grilling seasonings $1-$.50/1(5/17SS..I don't think I got this one)=FREE
Suddenly Salad $1.50-$.40/1 printable, $.35/1 cellfireq, and $.35/1 scq=FREE
Reach floss(3/15RP)=FREE

LOW COST*DO NOT BUY CONDIMENTS UNLESS YOU ARE OUT-these will probably be FREE after q in a couple weeks.

Buy 1 Smartbalance butter spread(try the light with flax oil-it spreads better:))
$2-$1/1 (5/10 insert) and B1G buttersticks FREE=$1 for spread and butter sticks!

*KCMasterpiece $1.69-$.55/1 peelies
( found at multiple Dillon's,PriceCutter's, Smillies ect.)=$.69

*Kraft dressing $1.69-$1.50/1(5/03?SS) or $1/1 printable(multiple places)=$.19-$.69ea
-not a good price, unless you are like me and your favorite flavor(tomato basil) was not located free at Target:(..that's okay, I found ONE lone insert on the very top of the recycle bin today as I was dumping my couponless papers into! *evil cackle*;)

*French's mustard $1.49-$.50/1(5/17SS)=$.49ea

Huggies deal*buy $15 worth and get $3 off instantly limit 1 per transaction

KRAFT BBQ $1***SOMEONE FIND OUT IF THIS IS $1-it is at other Kroger stores and there is a CAT deal!

Price Cutter Deals-Free sauce!

*These are the BEST deals!

*Libby's canned vegetables(lim. 6) $.44- $.50/3 printable=$.10ea WYB 3

Capri Sun $1.75(lim.2)

Tide $5.49(lim.2)- $1/1(almost any P&G insert)=$4.49(not great, but decent)

*Hunt's canned tomato sauce 3 for $1- $1/3 Hunt's printable=FREE

* Hunt's canned tomatoes $.80ea- $1/3=$.46ea EYB 3

*Danactive or ativia yogurt $2- $1/1(SS 1/10, blinkie or tearpad)= $1

Egg Beaters $2.50-$1 printable, or here , or here= $1.50

Gourmet Dining Entrees $5-$1/1 printable= $4


Walmart deals

Walmart rules

1.Low Price Guarantee. The store will price match any competitors ad(with in a reasonable distance:) ) as long as the size and specifications are the same. They will NOT match BOGO sales unless the product price is specified and then you will get 50% off each item(like BOGO, but not...). It is also sometimes difficult to match store ads that require a store card(like Dillons), but they are supposed to match it.

2. Takes all manufacturers coupons and internet printable(print off store policy if they give you trouble with printables). If you have formula checks, they must be run as a check, not a coupon. Most cashiers do not know this, so heads up.

*I'm just posting the items you can't pass up in the store, so if there are other good deals, let me know!

Splenda packet(50ct.) $2.66-$3 any printable=FREE+overage

Listerine breath strips 24ct. $1.50?=FREE+ overage

Green Giant veggies $1.23-$.50/1(SS)=$.73ea

Seapak shrimp poppers $1.36-$1/1 printable=$.36ea

Quaker rice cakes(small bag) $1.33-$1/1(insert?...I can't find where I put mine)=$.33ea

Pillsbury Grands(5ct.)$1.23-$1/1 printable=$.23ea

Johnson's buddies sop $.93ea- (multiple printables or 1/4SS)=FREE+overage

Starkist Chunk Light Tuna pouches 2.6 oz.--$1.00- $1/1( Vocalpoint home mailer)=FreeStarkist Creations pouches--$1.47-$1/1 (Vocalpoint home mailerP)=$0.47
Lysol Wipes Twin packs--$2.00- $1 (1/4 SS)=$1.00
Purina Cat Food--$3.97Use $4/1 printable=Free
Beech-Nut Let's Grow Microwaveable Meals--$1.06- $1/1(1/4 SS)=$0.06
Purina Puppy Chow--$4.12Use $4/1 printable=$.12 after coupon
Betty Crocker Pouch Potatoes--$0.68-$.40/1 printable$0.28
Frank’s Red Hot Sauce--$.88- $0.50/1 printable=$0.38 after coupon
Progresso Soup $1.50- $1.10/1 printable=$.40
Ziploc Big Bags $3.42- $3/1 printable=$0.42
Clean and Clear Blackhead Eraser pads $5.44-$5/1 printable=$0.44
Viva Paper Towels Single $1.00- $0.50/1 printable=$0.50 after coupon
Orville Redenbacher Popcorn Cakes$1.50- $1/1 printable=$0.50
Yoplait Yo-Plus Yogurt 4 packs $2.12Use $1.50/1 printable here (Firefox) or here (IE)$0.62 Yoplait Kids yogurt $2.27Use $1.50/1 printable=$0.77
Campbell's Cream Soups--$.60Use $0.40/2 coupon from 1/4 Smartsource insert$0.80 for 2 after coupon
Birds Eye Frozen Vegetables--$1.25Use $.35/1 coupon from 1/4 Smartsource insert$0.90 after coupon
Kashi Soft-Baked Cereal bars--$2.98- $2/1 printable(or Vocalpoint or sample mailer)=$0.98
Coffee Mate--$1.98-$1/1 printable$.98
Lysol Neutra Air Starter Kit--$6.00- $5/1 coupon (1/11SS)=$1.00
Egg Beaters $2.00- $1/1 printable=$1.00
Healthy Choice Frozen Meals $2.00- $1/1 printable$1.00
South Beach Frozen Pizza $2.00Use $1/1 printable=$1.00
Nestle Refrigerated cookie dough--$2.35- $1/1 printable (must register or log in)$1.35
Chex cereal--$1.66-$1/2 coupon (1/11 SS)=$2.32 for 2
Brita Slim Pitcher--$7.97- $5/1 printable (must register)=$2.97
*Steamfresh meals for two(rollback) $5.25 use BOGO veggies(complete meal for $5.25)
*KY travel size $2.97-$3=FREE+overage
*Durex condoms travel size $1.97-$2/1=FREE+overage


Blogging lull

I realize I've been in a bit of a blogging lull...and I have a question for everyone...which part of my blog is most helpful to you? I'm going to start posting store deals again, but honestly I'm going to stop posting my deals from shopping trips if they are not helpful.It takes time to type it all in and I don't want to if it's not helping anyone out!I rather just get together with anyone who wants to swap coupons and chat then post, or just e-mail between anyone who wants to know. Anyways, right now I'm having problems with my camera wizard and selecting pictures to post, so I'll have to ask the hubby when he comes home for help with that. My deals for this week were decent, I spent $49, half of which was DIAPERS!

Dillons(my reciept has been sent off for the P&G rebate:()
1 Pampers box diapers $19.99
1 jumbo Pampers $10.69
-2 $1.00/1 and $5 off for $25 of P&G=$23.69
2 large Dannon litnfit yogurt $2ea
bananas $.67/lb
1 head lettuce $1.29
2 Cottonelle 4pk $.99-2 $.50/1=FREE
cauliflower $2.50

2nd trip(these deals are good til TUES! Including softsoap on sale for $1-4.50/1=FREE...they were out when I was there)
1 eggo waffles $2-$.75/1 insert=$1
1 Fresh express salad $1-$.75/1 blinkie=FREE
2 Goody hairbands $2-2 $2 printables and $1 SCq=FREE+$1
=$.36 tax!

CVS $5 oop for...
2 packages of Old El paso tortilla shells $2.19-$1.10/2 printable=$1.05ea
1 taco seasoning $.99-FREE WYB peelie=FREE
1 CVS paprika $.99(below)=FREE
1 GE crackers $1.99-$3/CVS printable=FREE
1 Kraft singles $1.99
1 shredded cheese $1.87(to be returned b/c it expired 2 WEEKS ago!!)
1 box SoyJoy bars $6(lim.10!)
2 CVS freezer bags $2.79ea
2 pks. Orbit white gum $1.29ea(receive $1ECB)
2 boxes CVS tissues $1.99ea
3 large Hallmark gift bags $5ea(90% off!)=$.50ea
2 pks. giftcard holders(Hallmard) $3ea(90%0ff)=$.30ea
1 Hallmark gift tags(90%off) $1.99=$.19ea

RETAIL TOTAL: $93.06 My Total:$49(after coupons,NOT my actual total!)



I'll post my deals later today, but honestly, the only great deals I've been getting is at CVS. But, I'd thought I'd let you know about the FREE Suave coupon here! It's for a free full size bottle and would be a great filler item if you have any $/$$ coupons for WAGS, CVS ect. Enjoy!


The Resolutions and what we've been eating

I'll be honest...I'm one of the suckers that makes promises to themselves at the beginning of the year. Last year I tried to cook more and be more conscious of what I was purchasing(I've always read ingredient labels, but I'm more concerned/aware now)...also, to be more frugal. Last June, I decided that ad matching was not going to cut it to maintain my goal of frugalness, so I started coupon-ing! This year, I'm BAKING,PUREE-ING, and exercising! I thought that if I ate more healthful and cut out the "bad" snacks(mostly), then it, plus exercising, would get the job done of losing the excess weight. Honestly, cooking and baking make me focus on eating less anyways because I'm too consumed with making the food that I don't snack! I also chew gum when I cook or keep a water bottle handy so I don't nibble on what I make:)

Cookbook recommendations: Deceptively Delicous by Jessica Seinfeld and also a similar book called The Sneaky Chef. These have kid(and hubby) friendly recipes that will also be friendly to your diet.

MENU items
breakfasts: cereal, applesauce muffins(sweet potato puree, applesauce, and oats), PB and banana muffins(w/cauliflower), yogurt w/ berries, soyjoy bars:), bananas, homemade bread!, pumpkin muffins
lunches:turkey chili, spinich salads, soup, white chicken chili, leftovers, sandwhiches, chicken stirfry, leftovers
dinner: breakfast tacos, pasta w/veggies(I made pasta sauce too!), burgers( lean meat and carrot mixed in:) ), grilled fish....although it wouldn't cook for some reason!, chicken w/broc.cheese rice, veggie sides
snacks:fruit, crackers, muffins, chips(leftover from a party..hubby snack)...

Walmart(yesterday) and CVS

Most of this trip I spent money on dish washer tabs for a year or more....I still have 5 boxes of Electrosal and 2 bags of Cascade tabs, but the prices keep jumping dollars on this item and we use it almost every day. *Remember Walmart price matches competitor's ads!

14 boxes Electrosal tabs(20ct) *$3.25(at Target)-14 $2.50/1 (SS 1/4)=$.75ea
1 16oz. Honeysuckle White turkey roll *$1.25(at Dillons)
1 Quaker Quick Oats$3.12- $1/1=$2.12
1 GV bread crumbs $1.08
1 C&H dark brown sugar $1.92
1 onion $.47
1 pepper $1.87(AHH!!!!!!!)
1 large container spinich $4.88
1 Hillshire Farm Select ham $3-$1/1 peelie=$2
2 Dole bags blueberries $2.52($.60 LESS than great value?!)
1 Yoplait yogurt 32oz.(didn't have the $1/1printable with me:( ) $2.27
2 B&J ice cream $3.28($3 at WAGS)-$3/1 printable(N/A)=$.28ea
1 Goodstart formula(the largest size with overage:) ) $6.26- $11/1 check=FREE+$4.64 overage
bananas $.55
Retail:$88.00 My Total:$31.95 ($10.50 of which is for all of those dishwasher tabs!)

CVS*the only way I could pay the least was to do it like this...and I had forgotten butter and tortilla shells at Walmart*I WISH I had gotten more than 1 P&G now...)
2 Nasogel $7.99-2 $2/1 printables=$5.99ea
2 3pk. CVS paper towels(BOGO 50%)=$2.98/2- $3 any CVS =FREE
1 pakc tortilla shells $2.19
2 Softsoap $.99-2 $.50/1(SS 1/4)=$.49ea
-$3/$15 and $12ECB and $.21 on giftcard
*recieved $15.98ECB

1 Febreeze candle(UNAD. clearance! no tags on shelf!) $1.99-$2/1(P&G)=FREE
1 CVS freezer bags $2.79--$3 any CVS=FREE
*no tax on this one!

1 Febreeze candle $1.99- $2/1=FREE
2 Tylenol $4.49-2 $4/1 printable(save this unless your trying to make a deal work...could be a MM q)=$.49ea
2 3pk.CVS paper towels $2.98/2-$3=FREE
1 tub butter $3.19
-$3/$15 and 1.15 on giftcard

1 CVS freezer bag $2.79-$3=FREE
1 Softsoap $.99-$.50/1=$.49
$.30 on giftcard

Retail:$62.83 My Total:FREE(or $1.66 on card) Recieved:15.98ECB MM of $2.32 overall!)


CVS and WAGS trip

*Traci, sorry for the confusion, I bought the Springfield paper inside CVS. I wanted to buy the KCStar, but it was sold out already. I moved, and I do not live anywhere near other vendors for papers like the KCStar or St.Louis Dispatch. So, I just got tons of Springfield papers without any good RP coupons:(

I don't do well at rolling ECBs when I can't find items and are hurried by having people with me:) So, this could have been a MM or broken even after ECBs, but I didn't ask for a raincheck on the children's throat coolers until after my last transaction, so I ended up spending money on my gift card:

3 boxes SoyJoy bars $6ea
2 boxes CVS cotton swabs(BOGO 50%) $2.97/2-$3/any CVS printable=FREE+.03 overage
2 bottles Country Bobs BBQ $3.29ea-2 FREE homemailer=FREE
1 Cheerios cereal bar $.79(filler)
-$5/$25 emailq, $13.49 ECBs and $.32(tax and change) giftcard
Retail: $28.34 My Total:FREE Recieved: $18ECBs, MM of $4.51

Trans2(this is the messed up, bad one:(...I added papers to make the difference for a $10/$50 since I was going to buy tons of KCStars today anyways...I just didn't get Gerber, Loreal, or Beechnut coupons...all which I'm looking for by the way )

1 Garnier conditioner $2.99-$1/1= $1.99
2 boxes SoyJoy $6ea
2 CVS jumbo diapers(BOGO 50%) $14.23/2-$3 any CVS printable=$11.23/2(.12per diaper)
1 Country Bob sauce $3.29-FREEq=FREE
11 papers $1.75
-$10/$50 and 28.48 ECBs and $7.48 on gift card
Retail: $51.76 My Total:FREE Recieved:$14 ECBs

4 Children's Sore throat cooler $4.99-2 BOGO=$9.98/4
-$3/$15 and 8ECB and $2.12 on gift card
Retail:$19.9 My Total:FREE Recieved:$14.97ECB

Summary: I had $26.74 ECB to start( and a free giftcard) and now have $26.97 and about $9 still on the giftcard...pretty good since I messed up!

WAGS(I went here 1st not realizing I would make a big paper mistake at CVS:)..and they did not carry the VentFresh MM item*I also have to have a $2coupon scanned still too)

4 papers $1.25ea
1 *Electrosal $3.49-$2.50=$1.49
2 *Reynolds foil $.99(in ad q)-$1/1=FREE
1 Garnier shampoo $2.99(will have ESRq scanned)-$2 and $1/1=FREE
1 Revlon eye liner $9.99-$2/1=$7.99
Retail: $23.34 My Total:$15.56(after refund for non scanned ESRq) Recieved:$11.49 rebate
Total cost:$4.07(for 4 papers)

I'll post the pics. later


WAGS deals

*I'm only posting the BEST DEALS, for me, that's FREE after-MM items at WAGS!*
HAVE FUN! The ones in RED are the best deals simply after coupon and not after coupon and register rewards.

bic round grip pens 8 pk 2/$1-$1 off 2 BIC® Stationery products or 8/9SS=2 FREE!

Colgate Total enamel strength toothpaste 4 oz $2.99 get $2.99 RR
-$.75 Colgate Max White, Max Fresh, Total, Sensitive or Kids Toothpaste, any 4 oz + SS 7/26/09 =FREE+overage!

Jergens Naturals lotion 16.8 oz $5.99 get $5 RR-$1/1 booklet q?...(I found these on a Jergens display at Kmart a month or so ago...they were at CVS too)=FREE

Neosporin / BandAid get $4 RR wyb 2 neosporin $3.99
-$1 neosporin First Aid Antibiotic or Antiseptic Product (excludes trial sizes)
-$2 neosporin, WAGS activity book=FREE+$2 overage WYB 2

Buy 2 Dove Antiperspirant Ultra Clear or Body Mist Products, Get $2 Register Rewards
*Deal Idea*Buy 2 Dove Travel Size Deodorants at $0.99 eachBuy 2 Dove Body Mists at $4.49 eachUse 2 "Free Body Mist When You Buy Dove Deodorant" coupons from the 6/28 RedPlum insertUse 1 $1.50/2 Dove Deodorant coupons from the 6/7 RedPlum insertSpend $0.48 plus tax out of pocket, Get $2 Register Rewards

CVS deals

Week of 8-16!!! *CHECK YOUR EMAIL FOR $/$$ coupons and combine with the below and your free item coupons to make some Extrabucks!

*Go to CVS.com and take the Readyfill survey to recieve a $5/$25 coupon!*This coupon can not be used until 2 days AFTER you print it and take the survey.strange..but that's what it says on CVS' register screen.

*Go to the pharmacy and ASK about Readyfill. You will get a coupon book with 2 $4/$20 coupons.

Check the bottom of your first reciept in August to see what your FREE gift is!

Bayer contour or Breeze meter $14.99-$30/1SS coupon(I only found one and don't remember where!) 1...)=FREE=$5ECB!

Schick Disposable Razors (travel size)1 .29
Buy 2 and use the $2 coupon from the 5/10SS OR 6/21SS(Newsleader) or use with BOGO from 6/21SS(KCSTAR)
Final cost 2-4 for $.29-$.58

St Ives apricot Scrub (travel size) $1.49
Use the $1.50 coupon from the 5/10SS
Final cost FREE!

CVS trip

ALWAYS ASK FOR A RAINCHECK! Today I scored because I had rainchecks from Arm and Hammer Essentials a couple weeks ago...there were BOGO peelies on them, so instead of 4 free, I got 8! I also wanted a Swiffer WetJet for our new floors(not very frugal...but pretty handy:)) So, I blew ECBs on it.

2 kids throat cooler pops $4.99ea-BOGO printable=$4.99
8 Arm and Hammer Essentials $2.99ea-raincheck* and 4 BOGO peelies=FREE
4 Shick TS razors $.99ea-2 $2/1 any Shick=FREE
1 Trojan condoms $11.99
-$10/$50 and 20ECB and $4.20 on gift card from transferred Rx
Retail: $49.85 My Total:FREE Recieved:$21.98 ECBs

*I checked out at the Rx and he didn't know how to do rainchecks, so I actually paid with my ECBs for the Arm and Hammer and had it refunded in ECBs*

1 Chexmix(darn! no qs?) $1.99
1 *pringles $1
1 Swiffer Wet Jet $21.99-$5/1 home mailer
-$3/$15 and 18ECBs and$2.10 on gift card
Retail:$24.98 My Total:FREE

Dillons trip

Thanks to a RAOK on hotcouponworld for these qs!
1 *Kroger applesauce $1.89
4 pks. or 5lbs. ground beef total $15.67-2 $2/$7 ground beef=$11.67/4
4 pks. Tyson boneless skinless chicken $7.45ea-BOGO and $2/$7 poultry=$14.90/4
2 pks. ground turkey $3.45ea
1 manager special tyson chicken $2.42
16 Yoplait cups(manager special down from $.62ea) $.19ea
1 Dannon litnfit smoothies (manager special from $3.99) $2.19-$1/1 peelie=$1.19
1* Kraft parmesean cheese $3.99
apples $3.40-$1/$3 fruit=$.40
bananas $1.29
lettuce $1.29
cauliflower* $2.50-$1/$3 veggies
1 4pk. Cottonelle $.99-$.50/1(RP) and $.50 SC=FREE+.50 overage

Retail: $91.14 My Total:$47.42

Last trip of 2008

We had expiring checks from WIC and after moving milk and yogurt were pretty essential on Christmas Eve! So we headed off to our closest grocery destination to our new house...Walmart! Dillons, Target, PriceCutter, HarterHouse, Walgreens, and even CVS are a bit of a drive now since we have to go through town....no longer do I have the pleasure of a 5 min. walk to WAGS, but we do have a nice place for a while:) Here's what I picked up(not including our 2 new lamps and welcome mat) This is counting as Jan. budget since it's so close to the end of the month.

*means sale*

2* Pace picante sauce $1.97-$.40/2(12/14 SS)=$1.77ea
1 Enfamil Lipil can $4.32-$5/1 home mailer check=FREE+$.68 overage
1 Pillsbury Flakey Twists $2.32-FREE q(home mailer from Psst..)=FREE
1 Tyson chicken breasts(3lbs!) $8.00-FREE(homemailer...found bones in my chicken,a lot)=FREE
4* GreenGiant Steamers with rice/veggies/sauce $1.50-$1/1(11/16SS)= $.50ea
2* GreenGiant Steamers veggies $1-$1/1=FREE
bananas $1.32
sweet potatoes $1.06
1 bread $1.18
2 bags GV shredded cheese $1.50ea
1 Dr.Pepper$1.38-FREE q(home mailer)=FREE
4 Beechnut toddler meals $1.06-$1/1=$.06 ea
(11/16 SS...I found this insert at the recycling center when getting some boxes and papers for moving!)
6 Buddies soaps $.97ea- $3/3 printable=FREE+overage
2 litnfit plus yogurt $2.18ea-$1/1peelie=$1.59ea

Retail:$60.34 My Total: $29.16