We are having Memorial Day lunch with my in-laws, closing on a house, and have a wedding that my hubby and son are both in this week! In my "down time" I might coupon, but it is highly doubtful and I will probably be more focused on paint colors, new carpet, bathroom remodel ect...and maybe start packing;) SO...needless to say,this blog is not my priority this week.

Remember to pick up your free Colgate, Weber seasonings(if you got that q), Smartwater, Vitamin Water, pork(if you found a $3 off pork tearpad), Quaker Quakes, ect. at Dillons this is good until Tues. It's probably good if I take a coupon sebatacle anyways, I need rest for the most likely June Mega Sales at Dillon's!

Have a great week and check out HIPTOSAVE.com! She is great about posting deals.



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Walmart contiuously has samples and they usually come with coupons

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Have you done your coupon-ing this week?

IF NOT, GET TO IT!!! Alicia on at Gateway to Savings mentioned in one of her posts that she believed that summer months(May-Aug.) are the best for coupon-ers...and I would have to agree with her! The majority of "good" grocery coupons for food, convienece ones at that(the kind busy moms love!) are at rock bottom prices for summer holidays. If you pair this with rebates AND coupons...lets just say, that's a lot of free groceries. Target keeps being out of a lot of things, and we've been insanely busy(and will continue to be) this week...so my free Nabisco cookies, Ritz bitz, Kraft dressing, Dove travel deoderant, sunscreen ect. will have to wait*sigh*

BUT, I did manage to mess up a transaction at CVS(and could have gotten twice as many bucks back+a $3 item...which could have been Izzy's biter biscuits,grr) oh well, it happens.
Anyways, here is how my $44.48 did this week!

1 bayer Contour Meter $88(OUCH!)-raincheck(whew!)=$14.99-$30/1 SS=FREE+5 bucks back(I could have gotten two with the one coupon,limit 2, and had 10 ECB back....ahh!)
1 Hershey bar $.50
2 Charmin basic 12pks. $7.49-BOGO=$7.49/2
-$5/$30CRT and 2ECB
Retail:$103.87 My Total:$1.04 Recieved: 5ECB

Dillons*did this Tues. and Fri.* they were out of FREE Colgate, Reach, some Dial, Weber seasonings....but I have more pork qs, so I'll be back to get rainchecks if need be* We don't usually eat pork either, but I got a great deal!

FREE items were: 1 Pampers box, 10 Smartwater(which did not ring up right...so in the beginning I paid $.19ea after my coupon and got a FULL refund for each one...so I made $10.46 for buying them! which I think I was just supposed to get 1 free and the difference, but oh well.), $.45 for reusable bags, Digounio pizza melt thing, 2 Bird's eye veggies,2 Betty crocker decorater icings(free+overage...manager special-coupon)

REALLY CHEAP ITEMS: Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad $.60(which would have been FREE, but I scanned the wrong card, my Plus card is having trouble with e-qs, so I have a different one when I need them), 6 jars Gerber food $.03ea!(had a CAT keep printing,but it didn't the last time:( ) 2 Huggies jumbo packs diapers $3ea,3 Kashi pizzas $1.49, 4 packs baby back ribs $.66-$1.49, 5 packs pork chops FREE+overage-$.17ea, 1 Pace salsa-the huge container $3.99(half price),6 packs 99% lean ground turkey $.09ea, 1 family pack Yoplait $1.99, 1 Sara Lee bread $.99

REGULAR/SALE LIKE PRICED ITEMS: bananas, strawberries, Fresh Express spinach, apples,tomatoes, Tostidos , ketchup(I know...but we were out!), syrup

PriceCutter-Ben picked up a couple items for his friends cookout and picked up our FREE Hostess brownie bites:)


Grocery week, how did you do?

Let me know people! How did you do this week? I still have to get produce at Aldi(about $10) and they were out of FiberOne yogurt and granola bars at Target...but I still think I did okay!

Retail OVERALL:$89.11 My Total:$15.83

WAGS(did 3 transactions..this does not represent what I did, just how it ended)
2 RightGuard fastbreak $2.99-2 FREE printables(n/a)=FREE+4 RR
2 packs Oreos $3(could have used a $1/2, but the printable was n/a!)
1 Orbit Gum $1.29
1 WAGS asprin $.99-FREE(home mailer)
Retail:$14.26 My Total:$.31(tax on gum) Recieved:$3RR for 2 Nabisco(no milk required)

3 boxes Kelloggs miniwheats $3.33-1 BOGO and 2 $1/1(Vocalpoint mailer)=$4.66/3
1 Bayer crystals $2(raincheck)
1 Skintimate $3.49(raincheck)
Retail:$15.49 My Total:$.53 Recieved:$11 ECBs

5 Bar-S franks,1 Kashi waffle, 1 head lettuce,1 Fresh Express spinach, 1 carton half/half, 1 Dananimal yogurt, 1 quart Dannon yogurt,4 Gerber meat sticks, 2 Gerber wagon wheels, 3 Gerber fruit bites, 1 Purina kitten chow, 1.5lbs lean meat, 3 lbs. boneless Tyson meat

Retail:$58.36(not including meat markdowns) My Total:$8.85

Target(Springfield is a coupon-crazy community...shelves were wiped out at 10AM, except for toaster pastries...I don't think coupon-ers realized these were a good deal)
1 GoFresh deoderant $.97-$1.25/1 (RP?)=FREE
4 FiberOne toaster pastries $1.96-2 $.50/1
Retail:$12.56 My Total:$6.07 Recieved:$5 gift card