Birthday freebies

Since my 22nd birthday is coming up next week, I've been getting emails the past couple of days from companies with coupons for a birthday treat! woo-hoo!Sign up yourself...and everyone else in your family..for these fun things as well. The ones that don't require a purchase, I'll probably order ahead of time and just pick up to go.

Here is what I've gotten so far...
FREE burger at RedRobin, FREE like it creation at Coldstone, BOGO 20oz. smoothie at Smoothie King, BOGO Arby's roastburger(yuck) get a swirl shake(yum), FREE dessert at Buffallo Wild Wings, $15/$15 from Ann Taylor Loft(I have a card, which I pay off 2 days after I use it and accummulate points)

There is a large list here including the treats above for all of your birthday goodies!


PriceCutter Deals and Harter House..Dillon's too

Price Cutter deals for the week until 7/28 are...

Hiland sour cream or dip 16oz. $.99
-$.55/1 sour cream OR $.55/1 dip printable=$.44
Betty Crocker cookie mix $17.5oz. $1.66
-$.40/1 printable=$.86ea(this makes 2-3 dozen in my experience)
Musselman's applesauce 4pk. totally fruit or healthy pick $1.50
- $.50/1Parent's magazine July09=$.50 OR
$.30/1 printable(print from Mozzilla firefox..also, q prints on the top of the page..so after it prints, hit cancel to save some ink!* YOU CAN PRINT 4 TIMES! WOO!)=$.90

$.87lb red seedless grapes(GREAT PRICE)
Gatorade $1 -$.50/1 tearpad=FREE

Plums $.99lb
red or green romaine $.89ea
red peppers $.69ea(GREAT FOR RED PEPPERS!)
walla walla or red onions $.79lb(GREAT FOR RED ONIONS!)
Hass avacados $.89ea- $.55/1 from Sutter? wine tag=$.34ea...maybe I should try pureeing these again for my spinach dip....
Russett potatoes $2.39 for 10lb. bag
broccolli crowns $1.29 lb

Dillons*bring your reuseable bags for $.05 off your order for each one!
Crest toothpaste $1 -$.50/1(6/7P&G) or -$.75/1(7/5P&G) =FREE
Oral B toothbrushes $1-$1/(7/5 P&G)=FREE
Speedstick $.88-$1.50/1 printable(n/a)=FREE with possible overage..NOT A PART OF THE MEGA SALE ANYMORE!
Chiquita bites $1 -FREE single printable=FREE
ChefBoyRdee $.88-$1/1 printable=FREE with possible overage

The mega sale is still going on...buy in mix and match multiples of 10 for the following prices
Fiber One Yogurt 4pk. $1.99-$1/1 printable or 7/12SS AND $1/1 Cellfire=FREE
Yoplait GoGurt,Trix, kid's yogurts ect. 6pk. $1.99-$.35/17/12SS or $.40/1 printable AND $.80/2Cellfire=$1.78/2 OR $1.58/2
Yoplait YoPlus 4pk. $1.99 -$.50/1 6/7SS or $1/1 printable or here AND $1/1 shortcuts q=FREE
and if you still have Vitamin water coupons( which I can NEVER seem to find!) they are a MM this week and are included in the mega sale!

see other Dillon's post for more matchups!


2nd Dillon's trip

So, it pays to call in advance and order massive amounts of an overage item. Remember to be kind and polite when checking out...I thanked the cashier and the lady behind me for their patience and had multiple associates and customers watching my total drop(I just like watching their jaws drop, hehehe). Anyways, I ordered more Playtex Handsaver Glove coupons from Ebay for about $10 for 100. I had not purchased everything I was planning to buy in the next week or so and decided that, it would be about $45 less to buy coupons on Ebay...and use them for overage. I would then end up with MUCH more product for way less money...and I could either give the extra away or sell it. So, here is what I got at Dillons(I FOUND ANOTHER 20 coupons, so I'll have to call again to order more!).

117 Playtex handsaver gloves
1 Propel(I found 1 lone coupon that hadn't been used to get FREE Propel from 3 weeks ago)
10 AMP energy drinks
2 lbs squash
2 lbs carrots
2 jumbo packs Huggies
1 Kashi pizza(Tristan said"mommy, "katshti pitza peas!.." so, I caved in)
1 $10 gift card(from a cat for buying AMP)
1 jar applesauce
1 huge jar Pace salsa
1 pack condoms..
1 12pk. double roll TP
1 bag cat food
Retail:$416( I WOULD NEVER PAY THAT!) My Total:$5.33($4.03 was tax)
The Glidden paint just came in the mail...that was free too!
Price Cutter
picked up strawberries,bananas, FREE starbucks(from Facebook), peaches(.99lb), and a
FREE Smirnoff cooler! The Smirnoff 12pk. display sign says along the lines of.."FREE COOLER WHEN YOU BUY A 12PK. SMIRNOFF ICE*....*no purchase necessary*) So, after asking if I needed to make a purchase when the sign said I didn't need to, the manager said I was right and let me have it!...never hurts to ask! after a $4 fruit rebate all of that cost $1.30!


My Dillon's trips

Today I went a Mega-sale-ing...I did NOT clear the shelves by any means and above is what I ended up with from multiple stores. I still have coupons left to use for overage, so I'll have to make another trip when those get here. Anyways here it is:..*=NOT PICTURED items

87 pairs Playtex handsaver gloves
30 bottles Kraft ranch dressing
2 bags Tyson precooked/seasoned chicken
2 boxes Tyson chicken nuggets
1 Oscar Meyer DeliFresh chicken lunchmeat
1lb. boneless Tyson chicken breast(marked down)
*8 Sobe Lifewater
*13 Smartwater
*8 Sunny Delight smoothie flavored
2 Yolpait YoPlus yogurt packs
2 FiberOne yogurt packs
2 Trix Yogurt packs
5 boxes Kellogg's cereals
5 Keebler cookies
*9 jars Gerber baby food(3rd and 2nds)
3 packages tortilla shells
1 8pk. AA Duracell batteries
*1 book stamps
*1 pack envelopes
*4 boxes Kleenex
4 Dole fruit cup packs
6 Pepperidge farm cookies
1 Daisy sour cream(large)
1 Orajel toddler toothpaste
5 various Speedstick deoderants
4 bricks Philidelphia cream cheese
2 Philly cream cheese spreads
4 bags Cheerios snack mix
1 bag Chex mix
....I PROMISE we are not living off of cookies and cereal! When the rest of my coupons come, we will be getting next weeks produce ect., but we are fine on that for now...except I forgot bananas!
I messed up at 2 stores by getting 4 items too many that were a part of the mega sale....but I still did okay. I actually have to return a pack of cookies too because they are expired...so I might get my money back on those!(wee!)
Before Sales and Coupons and rebate: $496.30 My Total after sale,qs,and rebate:$40.73!!!
+I have $1OYNO from Kleenex to use!
P.S. You may wonder...after you get more overage coupons(from the Playtex gloves and dressing) what are you going to do with 200 pairs of gloves and 30 bottles of ranch???!!! Well, I clean. My friends clean their houses...and if everyone I know doesn't want to be stocked up on disposable gloves, there is always a garage sale to be had:) The ranch will get used by friends and family...my hubbys family likes ranch with pizza and salad...or pasta salad or chicken, or garage sale;)


Right now Ruby Tuesday has an insert BOGO coupon for a specialty entree/seafood/ribs or steak get an equal or lesser value entree free...but this is also true 3pm-5PM everyday currently-NO COUPON REQUIRED!

Go here for a BOGO coupon for TGI Fridays..and don't forget to bring your rewards card.

*As always, please remember to tip PREcoupon price. It is not very considerate to get $30 in food and tip $2...

Another FREE photo book

Go to Facebook...again...to create a FREE photo book.Yea! If you don't have a Facebook account, hop to it! Companies are starting to realize the value of social networking websites and Starbucks and HotPrints are not the only ones. Chick-fil-A (s.Glenstone)has my picture on it from Cow Appreciation Day, and not too long ago Snapple was giving away coupons too!


Free, delicous yogurt is what I see with this coupon here. Print 2 times per computer to score 4 FREE Breyer's yogurt! Yea! While your there...print out the Chex mix and yogurt coupons for the Dillon's mega sale!

FREE+ cheap Starbucks Ice Cream!

Go here to login to your facebook account and share a pint of Starbucks ice cream (with yourself or a friend)! If you also have a Walmart nearby they are about $.50 after coupon or $.99 at Target...woot!

Dillon's MEGA SALE!!!!

After the lil ones go to bed I will make a full list of matchups...but for now here is the deal.

Buy any 10 participating SALE items and get $5 off your order:NO LIMIT on rewards.

The moneymaker items I have discovered are(I went today..so I know these are included for sure!): YOU MUST BUY IN INCREMENTS OF 10 TO GET THE $5 OFF. The price listed is AFTER SALE AND $5 discount for 10.Yea, I messed up a couple times and spent more:(oops.

SunnyD SMOOTHIES $1-$.55/1printable or $.25/1 Family Circle or People (June2009)=FREE-$.50MM
SobeLifeWater $.50-BOGO printable(2 free with printable) OR $.50/1tearpad=FREE+$.50MM
Propel $.59 -$.55/1 or $1/1 or $.50/1(you get the picture) tearpads=FREE+$.41MM( I USED ALL OF MINE FOR FREE WATER 3 WEEKS AGO>I had like 50 too>AAAHH!!!)
Speedstick or Lady's Speedstick $1-$1.50/1 printable=FREE+$.50MM
Playtex handsaver gloves $.50-$1/1(6/28SS)=FREE+$.50MM
Kraft Ranch dressing $1.19-$1.50/1 RANCH tearpad coupon=FREE+$.31MM
Other varieties Kraft dressing $1.19-$1/1 printables(n/a), $1/1(6/21SS)
*USE THE KRAFT DRESSING IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE $3 off chicken WYB 5 Kraft products to get 5 bottles of ranch dressing and $3 in chicken for free+OVERAGE!!!!!!

Scotchbrite nailsaver sponge $.79-$1/1 scotchbrite(home mailer), $.75/2(6/7RP)=$.29eaWYB2
Pepperidge Farms cookies and crackers $2.29-$1/2baked snacks(4/19SS) $1/1 granola cookies(5/3SS), $1/1 cookies(SHELF? coupon? that's where I found it!)=various
ALL VARITIES Philidelphia cream cheese, bricks and spreads(and flavored) $.89-$1/2 printables(n/a from Kraft and coupons.com, and smartsource...) or $1/1 cream cheese magazine q(I'm not sure which magazine though)=FREE-.39!
Yoplait YoPlus,FiberOne, Yoplait kids yogurts(Dora/Diego/Trix ect.) $1.99 various insert coupons ranging from $.35/1,$.50/1, $1/1, $.75/2 ect.=$.99 yogurt!!!! If you like the Trix, that is excellent for a 6pk. of Trix yogurt! Fiber One also has $1/1 cellfire coupon...+man.q=FREE
Kleenex $1.49 $.50/1 homemailers,$.40/1 sample packs at CVS, $.50/2(7/12SS:KCSTAR), $.75/3)=various+buy4 and get $1OYNO yippee!
Sargento cheese $2.49-$.75/1peelies=$1.49
Daisy dour cream $1.49-$.45/1 tearpads or $.50/1 inserts=$.49

Could buy 10 Frosted Mini Wheats blueberry cereals(HAS DVD TOKENS ON THEM!)at
$2.49-10 $1/1 printables(having trouble finding link!)=$14.90 submit for Kellogg's school rebate or in the 7/12newspaper+get 2 FREE DVDS here=$4.90 for 10 boxes cereal,2 movies, and a $70 coupon code from DELL! WEE!

Side note:Kellogg's new Raisin Bran CRUNCH! cereal has a TRYMEFREE rebate on the box...if you want to do that too, I would buy that in different transaction than the other Kellogg's items.

MY KELLOGG'S DEAL(for cookies...+my coupons were expired:()
3 boxes of MiniWheats $2.49-3 $1/1homemailers from VocalPoint=$1.49ea
2 boxes Applejacks $2.49ea-$1/1peelie and $1/2blinkie=$1.49ea
5 various Keebler fudge shoppe cookies $1.99-$.55/1 printables and $1/1 printables=$.99e
$11.60 with tax-rebate=$1.60!

Vitamin Water $1- $.50/1tearpads...(none for me:()=FREE
LARGE family boxes GM cereal are $2.99 -$1/1 honenut cheerios printable or $1/2inserts=various
Smartwater(large bottle) $1.25-$.50/1tearpads=$.25ea
Again, I'll post the full list later tonight, but if you need ideas to eat up your overage try meat, produce, TP, STAMPS and envelopes(for those rebates!) or even gift cards...
AMP Energy drinks~possible deal...it works at other Kroger stores, and Albertsons? and Smith's...so it SHOULD work at Dillon's, but I have not tried it yet..
Buy 10 AMP Energy drinks at $1.99ea(after mega sale)- 10 $1/1tearpad coupons=approx$10 and get a cat. to redeem for a $10 grocery gift card at guest services. FREE after gift card...then you can do that deal again with as many coupons as you have without having to pay oop anymore.
MORE DEALS posted tomorrow.I'm pooped from leaving at 6:30AM to shop!



I ran across this video on YOUTUBE...I'm not sure when it aired, but I wish I had run in to Ellen DeGeneres at CVS!!!! Do you know what I could do with 100 dollars at CVS??????? LOL! Please just try to imagine a coupon-er trying to check out or get extrabuck items with Ellen in the store...hehehehe. If Ellen reads this, COME TO VISIT THE CVS IN SPRINGFIELD MISSOURI WHILE I'M THERE!!!! PPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSEEE!
How fun would that be?
Anyways, here is the link for the video!


It's the middle of July, which means the coupon year is at it's best! Back-to-school sales are starting to promt stores to offer FREE or nearly FREE school supplies and other cheap snack items to entice you to buy all of your supplies in one spot. I DO recommend getting your years worth of copy paper in the next month or so and all of your office type supplies. Do not be fooled by BOGO sales this time of year...office supplies should be FREE.Period. So, that being said...

Staples is the place to go this week!

::Use the $5/$20 coupon on the front of the ad to further sweeten your deals or turn them into money-makers!:

:Bic Fashion Pens are $1. Use the $1/1 coupon here to get them free.:
8-packs of pencils are $0.01--no coupon needed. (Valid July 12-15, 2009 only. Limit 2):
:Bic White Out is $1. Use the $0.50/1 coupon here to get it for $0.50.*

:DO THESE REBATE ITEMS ONLINE AT stapleseasyrebates.com to save the postage

:Staples Photo Plus 4 x 6 paper is on sale for $9.99 and you'll get a rebate printed with your receipt which you can mail in for an $8.99 rebate making this $1 after the rebate (Limit 2).:

8 1/2 x 11 Copy Paper is on sale for $3.69 and you'll get a rebate printed with your receipt which you can mail in for an $3.98 rebate making this $0.01 after the rebate (Limit 2).

Money-Making Scenario Ideas
Scenario Idea #1:
Buy 2 packages of Photo Plus Paper at $9.99 each
Buy 2 8-packs of pencils $0.01 each
Use the $5/20 coupon on the front of the ad
Spend $15 plus tax out of pocket
Get $17.98 back in rebates
Free plus overage after coupon and rebate

Scenario Idea #2:Buy 1 package of Photo Plus Paper at $9.99
Buy 2 packages of Copy Paper at $3.69 each
Buy 2 packages of Bic Fashion Pens at $1 each
Buy 1 Bic White Out at $1
Use the $5/20 coupon on the front of the ad
Use 2 $1/1 Bic pen coupons hereUse $0.50/1 Bic White Out coupon here
Spend $11.87 plus tax out of pocketGet $16.35 back in rebatesFree plus overage after coupon and rebate
2 packs photo paper, 2 packs copy paper, 2 pencils, 1 mini stapler(ours broke:( )
-$5/20..paid $24.98 and will get back $25.34 on a prepaid VISA.


Limit on FREE PHOTO BOOKS is 5!!!
check out ihearcvs.com for a video on how to use the machine
and Iheartcvs.com for the full ad!
*Springfield store was substituting the Elmers glue and 10packs of papermate pens(on sale for $1.50 when I was there at noon. Just ask a cashier what if any items are being substituted or for a raincheck.
MY TOTAL AT CVS was $1.59 for the above 5 photo books, 3 packs pens,2 glue,2 rulers, and 1 tissue...and I have $7.99 ECBs left.


PriceCutter weekly deals...from MSU!

So, right now I'm getting ready to attend SOAR at MSU...with nothing to do, I thought I'd help everyone out by posting this weeks grocery deals...woohoo.

Koolaid packets 12 for $1 use the $1/10 packets(previously available on coupons.com) and the $2 off sugar WYB 10 Koolaid packets(SS)=12 packets and 1 bag of sugar for FREE!*with possible overage!

*ask about them still having the Bud meat rebates from last week at customer service*

Dillons..not much
SunnyD is still $1- $.55/1 printable=FREE(if smoothie variety is included...which I think it is)
Webers Grill seasoning packets $.68-$.72 -$1/1 winetag coupon=FREE with possible overage

Harter House
limes 10 for $1

Any other great deals? Check out Target deals for the week to the right and at HIPTOSAVE.COM..Target seems to be the best place for the week.

TTYL and wish me luck in college!(I'm getting to be so grown up!)