Dillon's Deals/Price Cutter

Dillon's Deals
*Design a reuseable tote here to snag a FREE one!
*Each reuseable bag will get $.05 off your order:)
Apply for a Kroger credit card and automatically get $25 off your first purchase. You may want to apply and just use the card the one time to get your $25 free and pay any remaining balance off immediately.

OldElPaso seasoning, green chilies, refried beans $1
OldElPaso enchildada sauce $1.50
OldElPaso dinner kits $3(some on closeout $2.09)
*buy 6 get a $3 off chicken or beef cat.

Fresh Express Shreds $.99-$1/1 printable or $1/2 printable(combine ymmv)
- $1/2 shortcuts coupon=2 FREE+ $1 overage

Snuggle Creme fabric softner $3.99(in store special)-$2/1 printable=$1.99
Chiquita bites (ussually $1)-$.55/2 printable=$.50ea(or ask for a markdown and get 2 FREE)
Koolaid $.10ea(do you need any after last August/September???!!!)

Buy 3 12pks. Coke get 2 boxes of Cheezit's free...my plan(if I do this at all)
3 12pks. Coke $4-3 $1/1 Coke tearpads(found near Jack Daniels)=$3ea
2 Cheezits(can use qs b/c the price won't be taken off til' the end)- 2 $1/1 salty snack tearpad(same tearpad...must be $1.25 or higher)
3 Powerade-3 FREE WYB Coke 12pks. peelies=
$7 for all of the above...not great, but not bad!

Mentos(in store if you can find it) $1-$.55/1 or $1/1 SS=FREE
Sara Lee Bread $1.18-$1/1 insert q( I have not gotten papers yet, is this in the KCStar?)=$.18ea!

Gound beef $1.59/lb
Yoplait and Fiberone yogurts -various $1/1 and $.50/1 SS inserts=$1ea
Avacados $.69ea
Blackberries $1.50
watermelon $.49lb
COUPON IN AD(MANUFACTURER'S) Buy 10 powerade get 5 FREE( could be good!!!)


Target deals

Purchase 4 Select Fiber One products at $2.39 each=$5 Target Gift Card (
Cereal, Muffin Mix and bars are included
)Scenario #1
Purchase 4 Fiber One Chocolate Mocha Bars $2.39 each=$9.56
Use 4 $1.35 coupons from here, IE or Firefox
Pay $4.16Get back a $5 gift card
Final cost FREE + Profit!
Scenario #2
Buy 2 Fiber One Cereals at $2.39 each=$4.78
Buy 2 Fiber One Muffin mixes at $2.39 each=$4.78
Use 2 $1 coupons from here, IE or Firefox (for the muffin mix)Plus, use 2 .75 coupons from here (for the cereal)
Pay $6.06 Get back a $5 gift card
Final cost $1.06 for 4 boxes of Fiber One, just .27 each!
**There are also various other Fiber One coupons in the 4/19 and 5/3SS!
Target Brand Sponges (2 pack) .99Use the .75 Target Coupon
Final cost .24!
Hershey's Bliss $2.99
Use the $1 coupon from the 5/3SS
Plus, use the $1 Target coupon
Final cost .99!
Select Quaker True Delights bars $2.50
Use the $1 coupon from here(unlimited prints?!?)
Plus, use the $1 Target coupon
Final cost .50 per box!
Kraft Mayo $1.99Buy 2 for a total of $3.98
Use 2 $1 coupons from the 4/26SS
Plus, use the $1/2 Target coupon
Final cost ONLY .49 each!
Target Baby Body Wash $1.25Use the .75 Target coupon
Final cost ONLY .50!
Dove GoFresh Deodorant (trial size)--$0.97
Use $1.25/1 coupon from the 3/15 RedPlum insert
(does not exclude trial size)
Free plus possible overage after coupon

Trident Gum (3-pack)--$1.69Use $2/1 in 3/8 SmartSource insert
Free plus possible overage after coupon

Dry Idea Deodorant--priced at $2 at many storesUse this $2/1 coupon here
Free after coupon

Johnson's Safety Swabs--$1.38
Stack with the $1/1 Johnson's coupon here (or from the 3/1 inserts)
Free after coupons (Thanks, NWA Deals and moneysavingmom!)

Renu Multiplus Contact Solution (trial size)--$0.99
Use $1/1 Renu printableFree after coupon

Shout Wipes (trial size)--$0.97
Free after coupon

Dole Salad (6 oz.)--$1.19 at some stores
$0.19 each after coupon
*Has anyone seen this at ours?

Electrasol Tabs--on price-cut for $3 at many stores
Use $2.50/1 coupon from the 4/19 insert
$0.50 after coupon

Nabisco Snack Saks (Mini Oreo's, Teddy Grahams, Chips Ahoy, Animals Crackers)--$1.52
$0.52 after coupon

Axe shower gel $.97-$1/1(4/5RP)=FREE
All Small and Mighty $3.99-$2/1 printable(n/a) and $1/1 Target printable=$.99ea
Eggos $1.67-$1/2 Target printable and 2 $.75/1 (4/5RP?..I didn't get this...)=$.62ea

Vitamin Water $1
Use the $1 coupon from the 4/5SS
Or .50 coupon from here*save for Dillon's sale
Final cost as low as FREE!

Kashi Waffles $1.85Use the $1.50 coupon from hereor Vocalpoint mailer
Final cost .35!

California Pizza Kitchen $5.50Use the $2 coupon from here
Final cost $3.50!

Ritz Cheese and Ritz Peanut Butter Crackers $2
Buy 2 and use 2 $1 Target coupons
Plus use the $1/2 coupon from here
Final cost .50 per box!

Wheat Thins (Artisan Variety) priced around $2.98
Use the buy one get one free coupon from the 3/15SS
Plus use 2 $1 Target coupons
Final cost ONLY .98/2, just.49 per box!

Archer Farms ham: Spiral Cut Honey Half or Crunchy Glazed
Use the $2 Target couponFinal cost ?
**This also qualifies for the FREE Ham or Turkey rebate!

Select Pringles $1.50
Use the $1/2 coupon from the 3/15 or 4/5PG
Plus use 2 .50 Target coupon
Final cost .50 each!

V8 V-Fusion Juice $2.99Use the $2 coupon from here, IE or FirefoxFinal cost .99!

Select Dove Deodorant priced around $2
Use the the $1.25 coupon from the 3/15RP
Plus use the $1 Target coupon
Final cost possibly FREE + a .25 moneymaker!

Johnson's Soap Buddies priced around $1
Use the $1 coupon from the 3/8RP
Final cost FREE!
Granny Smith or Sonya Apples .99 per lb.Buy 1 lb and use the $1 Target coupon
Final cost FREE! *Supertarget
Purell hand Sanitizer (travel size).99Use the $2/2 coupon from here, IE or Firefox
Final cost 2 for FREE!
Quaker Granola Bites (hanging by the register) $1Use the $1 coupon from the the 3/29RP
Final cost FREE!
Nabisco Snak Saks $1.52Included varieties: Mini Oreo, Mini Teddy Grams, Mini Chips Ahoy, Barnum's Animal CrackersUse the $1 Target Coupon
Final cost ONLY .52!

Ritz Crackers $2.50Use the $1 Target couponFinal cost $1.50!

Smartfood Popcorn Clusters $3Use the $1 Target coupon
Plus use the $1 coupon from the current issue of All You Magazine
Final cost $1!

FREE deoderant, ketchup,and razors

go here right now and print off 2 coupns for Right Guard deoderant for FREE! offer only valid to first 10,000!

Also go here to requset a coupon book for a free bottle of ketchup!

Go to Gillette.com each day at (noon?) to try and recieve a free razor!

Rite Aid

These are my favorites thanks to HIPTOSAVE
Don't forget to transfer an Rx and usethe $5/$25 coupon too!

Complete Multipurpose Contact Solution $7.99 Get a $7.99 Single Check Rebate
Use the $2 coupon from the 5/31SS
Final cost FREE + a $2 profit!

Orajel Kids Plaque Revealing Rinse or Pre-Brush Gel $3 Get a $3 Single Check Rebate
Plus, submit for the $1.50 Orajel Mail in Rebate
Final cost FREE + Profit!

Philips Ear Buds w/Hard Case or 3-Device Remote Control $4.99Get a $4.99 Single Check Rebate
Final cost FREE!

Mars Candy Bars buy one at .88 get one free
Use the buy one get one free coupon (up to .88) from the 5/17RP
Final cost .03 for 2!

Noxzema Razors (4 ct) $1.89
Use the $2 coupon from All You Mag.Or $1 coupon from the 6/7RP
Final cost as low as FREE + overage!

Old El Paso deal at Dillon's

Thought I'd let everyone know that Michelle has confirmed the Old El Paso deal works for Dillon's also and runs through 5/26(or 5/22...I'll double check)
To maximize savings use the FREE taco seasoning packet peelies found on selct boxes at Walmart, Target, PriceCutter, and Dillon's...

PLUS...I was there today (E. Sunshine) and it seems like they are on sale too! Here's what I did....thanks to the very patient and kind cashier!

2 OldElPaso taco seasonings(by other seasoning packets) $1-2 FREE WYV 2 peelies=FREE
2 OldEl Paso Enchilada sauce $1.50ea
2 OldElPaso soft taco meals $2.09****closeout...did NOT ring up right...-$2.09 for store policy of it not ringing properly...
$5.09 and got back a $3 cat off beef or chicken...which I had to use because we're grilling today!

I'll be posting deals later for this week at Target, Walmart, CVS/WAGS...probably RiteAid...and Dillon's! Whew! But, right now we have company coming and tonight I have to sign a contract, because our offer was accepted on a house! Then we are going to see my hubby's grandparents who are in town....bye.!


Had a great trip..so I had to brag:)

First off, I stopped posting my monthly savings, because it gets tedious...but now I wish I had! This is the first month where I'm only waiting on $15 worth of rebates and have already recieved $90 worth(see here!) back....after the rebates I've recieved and not counting that $15...my total for the month is just at ......$110!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bwah-ha-ha! I think I've gotten better since simply learning what a coupon was last May!

Here's how the trip went...(I picked up FREE Quaker Quakes, and Suave deoderant last week...also, if you have Mission tortilla peelies, it makes the soft taco shells $1.25? I think....


8 Huggies wipes $1-8 various $.50/1, $.75/1 printables and home mailers(could have been 10 if smartsource worked for me!)
3 reusable bags $.99ea- free(from bag deisgn)-FREE WYB 2 GM products-FREE WYB 2 bags!
2 Kashi waffles $3.19-2 $1.50/1 printables=$1.69(this is not a good price..I just really wanted some!)
1 Seapak shrimp$4.59-FREEq
1 Seapak butterfly shrimp-FREEq
10 assorted Bird's eye veggies $1-5 $1/2(4/19SS)=$.50ea
2 GG boxed veggies $1-$.60/2 printable(also $.50/2 qs out there)=$.50ea
Yoplait yogurt 8 cup pack $4.59
(sell by date was in 2 days...good until the end of NEXT WEEK)
-the markdown I politely asked about= $.89

Yoplait yoplus $2.69-$1SC q-$.50/1 SS=$.69...would have been $.19, but my cellfire qs are being dumb

2 boxes Honey nut cheerios $3.29 and 2 boxes Golden Grahms$2.99ea
-FREE WYB 2 peelie(up to $4) and $1.50/3 GM catalina and 2 $.55/1 Honey nut cheerios printable(N/A) and $.55 Honey Nut cheerios SCq
...=$1.12 ea...:( + used free shopping q

2 NoYolks noodles $1.33ea-2 $.50/1 printables=$.33ea
1 Myloplex bar $2.49-FREE up to$3.29...cashier gave me $.50 overage
1 Kroger unsweet applesauce $1.55
2 Muir Glen tomato paste $1.19ea-2 $1 printables=$.19ea
1 head lettuce $.99
1 bag spinach $2.29
1 bunch bananas $1.13
1 bag marked down apples $1.49
1 lb. strawberries $1.88
2 lbs. pot roast $3.48(was $8~)

-$1 OYNO cat from mustard

Retail:$102.05(by reciept) My Total:$31.05(does not include the markdowns!)
got $2/5 GM cat too

3 WackyMac $1.19ea-3 $.50/1 printables=$.19ea
2 Kraft BBQ(we're grilling a lot...hubby's bday present!) $.97-2 $.35/1 peelies=$.27ea
1 Yoplait yoplus $3.29 -ms=$.99-$.50/1 SS=FREE
Retail:$8.80 My Total:$2.06

END OF FREE COTTONELLE..start of Angel Soft?

Yes it is true! According to what is posted on Hot Coupon World, a girl in Springfield(or surrounding areas...Alicia maybe? :) ) confirmed that Dillon's had an exclusive deal to sell 4pks. of Cottonelle toilet paper, that deal has expired and not been renewed. So, we should request they start selling the regular four packs of it( and not the double rolls) at Price Cutter. Until then, any time you find an Angel Soft coupon save it!~ Angel Soft is now $1.19 and sale price(like this week) is $1! I was very disappointed that the Kansas City Star did not have the $.50/1 coupon that was supposed to be released this week...:(

Make sure to check for $1 McCormick seasoning/gravy packets! -$.75/1 coupon these would be free! Thanks Michelle!


Dillon's/ Price Cutter Deals

Dillon's*doubles up to $.50 and rounds others to $1
(this ad is supposed to be the same next week too, but I WILL update it on Wed. if there are any changes)

Click here to design a bag and when done a couon for a free reuseable shopping bag will be downloaded to your card!

*KCStar coupons*
$10 for $10 deals
Suave deodorant($.50/1, Any - 03-29-09 RP)=FREE
Huggies wipes(YMMV or use your own judgement with these)
-*$.50/1 or $.75/1 Huggies wipes 64t. or larger(4/19SS or homemailers)=FREE

***Angel Soft $.50/1 4pk!=FREE***4/19coupon(not released in KC either??...!)

Bird's Eye Steamer rice/veggies and Green Giant boxed veggies(all varities) $1
-homemailers for Green Giant(BC books) and 3/29 SS =approx. $.50ea
Bird's eye $.35/1 or $1/2 inserts

Ricea Roni -$1/3 printable=$2/3
Scott paper towels -$1/4 3/29SS or printable=$3/4....not great
Parkay -$1/2 ALL YOU April issue=$.50ea
Capril Sun $1.79-$1/Capri Sun(Sunrise 4/19SS..if included)=$.79ea

ORGANIC Fuji, granny smith,red or gold delicous apples $3!
*Aldi's has 3lb. bags for $1 less, but if you don't want to drive, or want organic, this is great!

ORGANIC strawberries $2.69(1lb)
cantalope $1.99ea

Quaker Rice Quakes -$1/1(ss????I'll find it...)=FREE
Gatorade G2 -$.50/1 tearpad(gas stations)=FREE

Bertolli Meals $4.98-$2/1 printable or $1.25/1 insert=$2.98-$3.73!
Sunburst laundry detergant $1.88(not my favorite, but a great price!)

NoYolks egg noodles(I'd hang on to these and use closer to expiration date in case of a sale)$1.69?-$.75/1 printable or insert= $.69ea

PriceCutter*doubles UP TO $.50
Wacky Mac pasta $1.19-$.50/1 printable=$.19(good kid's noodles for chicken noodle soup!)
JennieO turkey franks $.89
Honeysuckle White turkey bacon $2
Pillsbury biscuit ,cinnamon or crescent rolls $1-all of those inserts!
$1 classic bandaids-$1/1=FREE


If you have not printed these already do so now! These result in free-inexpensive items!

Click here for a FREE organic burrito from EVOL

Click here and LOGIN to see your current offers from Kashi.

1st time registration(per computer) will get you $2/1 any printable(think cheap or free waffles)

returning users should see an option for a FREE entree coupon...if you don't have an offer, request it by simply emailing them

Click here for $1.50/1 Kashi GoLean waffles printable

Click here for Huggies $.50/1 wipes coupon(these say 64ct. or larger, but DO WORK and DO DOUBLE at stores...it is up to you how you decide to use the coupon)..if you have extra send them to me! My smartsource software does not work!

Click here for $1/1 Colgate(MM?) toothpaste coupon

Click here for $.50/1 WackyMac pasta and $.75/1 NOYolks egg noodles

Click and REGISTER on EAS to print a coupon to sample EAS Myloplex products upt o $3.89 for FREE!*When the printer box pops up, you can print off as many as you need.
COUPON IS GOOD UNTIL 12/31/2009!*Limit one per transaction*


FREE+shipping earrings!

Go here to add amethyst earrings to your cart...enter code: 0801 and you've snagged a pair of free earrings-regular value of $59.95! STOCK UP for Christmas OR call your friends and ask if they want a pair! Shipping including insurance for mine evened out to about $4.50each. Have fun!


Just thought I'd let you know...

That I'm taking a break. I've been slowly breaking from major couponing and thought I'd let you know that I'm going(tonight) start to post more of the best deals than I used to and STOP altogether posting my shopping trips...I'm sure you canunderstnad how much time that takes away from living life. So, thanks for understanding! I will update the deals Monday nights( Sun. is too busy for us) and otherwise I just can't update this that often...