Dillon's Deals/Price Cutter

Dillon's Deals
*Design a reuseable tote here to snag a FREE one!
*Each reuseable bag will get $.05 off your order:)
Apply for a Kroger credit card and automatically get $25 off your first purchase. You may want to apply and just use the card the one time to get your $25 free and pay any remaining balance off immediately.

OldElPaso seasoning, green chilies, refried beans $1
OldElPaso enchildada sauce $1.50
OldElPaso dinner kits $3(some on closeout $2.09)
*buy 6 get a $3 off chicken or beef cat.

Fresh Express Shreds $.99-$1/1 printable or $1/2 printable(combine ymmv)
- $1/2 shortcuts coupon=2 FREE+ $1 overage

Snuggle Creme fabric softner $3.99(in store special)-$2/1 printable=$1.99
Chiquita bites (ussually $1)-$.55/2 printable=$.50ea(or ask for a markdown and get 2 FREE)
Koolaid $.10ea(do you need any after last August/September???!!!)

Buy 3 12pks. Coke get 2 boxes of Cheezit's free...my plan(if I do this at all)
3 12pks. Coke $4-3 $1/1 Coke tearpads(found near Jack Daniels)=$3ea
2 Cheezits(can use qs b/c the price won't be taken off til' the end)- 2 $1/1 salty snack tearpad(same tearpad...must be $1.25 or higher)
3 Powerade-3 FREE WYB Coke 12pks. peelies=
$7 for all of the above...not great, but not bad!

Mentos(in store if you can find it) $1-$.55/1 or $1/1 SS=FREE
Sara Lee Bread $1.18-$1/1 insert q( I have not gotten papers yet, is this in the KCStar?)=$.18ea!

Gound beef $1.59/lb
Yoplait and Fiberone yogurts -various $1/1 and $.50/1 SS inserts=$1ea
Avacados $.69ea
Blackberries $1.50
watermelon $.49lb
COUPON IN AD(MANUFACTURER'S) Buy 10 powerade get 5 FREE( could be good!!!)

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Traci said...

FYI: The sara lee bread coupon was in the Springfield Newsleader. :)