Had a great trip..so I had to brag:)

First off, I stopped posting my monthly savings, because it gets tedious...but now I wish I had! This is the first month where I'm only waiting on $15 worth of rebates and have already recieved $90 worth(see here!) back....after the rebates I've recieved and not counting that $15...my total for the month is just at ......$110!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bwah-ha-ha! I think I've gotten better since simply learning what a coupon was last May!

Here's how the trip went...(I picked up FREE Quaker Quakes, and Suave deoderant last week...also, if you have Mission tortilla peelies, it makes the soft taco shells $1.25? I think....


8 Huggies wipes $1-8 various $.50/1, $.75/1 printables and home mailers(could have been 10 if smartsource worked for me!)
3 reusable bags $.99ea- free(from bag deisgn)-FREE WYB 2 GM products-FREE WYB 2 bags!
2 Kashi waffles $3.19-2 $1.50/1 printables=$1.69(this is not a good price..I just really wanted some!)
1 Seapak shrimp$4.59-FREEq
1 Seapak butterfly shrimp-FREEq
10 assorted Bird's eye veggies $1-5 $1/2(4/19SS)=$.50ea
2 GG boxed veggies $1-$.60/2 printable(also $.50/2 qs out there)=$.50ea
Yoplait yogurt 8 cup pack $4.59
(sell by date was in 2 days...good until the end of NEXT WEEK)
-the markdown I politely asked about= $.89

Yoplait yoplus $2.69-$1SC q-$.50/1 SS=$.69...would have been $.19, but my cellfire qs are being dumb

2 boxes Honey nut cheerios $3.29 and 2 boxes Golden Grahms$2.99ea
-FREE WYB 2 peelie(up to $4) and $1.50/3 GM catalina and 2 $.55/1 Honey nut cheerios printable(N/A) and $.55 Honey Nut cheerios SCq
...=$1.12 ea...:( + used free shopping q

2 NoYolks noodles $1.33ea-2 $.50/1 printables=$.33ea
1 Myloplex bar $2.49-FREE up to$3.29...cashier gave me $.50 overage
1 Kroger unsweet applesauce $1.55
2 Muir Glen tomato paste $1.19ea-2 $1 printables=$.19ea
1 head lettuce $.99
1 bag spinach $2.29
1 bunch bananas $1.13
1 bag marked down apples $1.49
1 lb. strawberries $1.88
2 lbs. pot roast $3.48(was $8~)

-$1 OYNO cat from mustard

Retail:$102.05(by reciept) My Total:$31.05(does not include the markdowns!)
got $2/5 GM cat too

3 WackyMac $1.19ea-3 $.50/1 printables=$.19ea
2 Kraft BBQ(we're grilling a lot...hubby's bday present!) $.97-2 $.35/1 peelies=$.27ea
1 Yoplait yoplus $3.29 -ms=$.99-$.50/1 SS=FREE
Retail:$8.80 My Total:$2.06


Michelle' said...

Hey, your welcome! Did you ever figure out which insert the quaker quake coupons were in and possibly the wacky mac coupon insert? Thanks - you did awesome, now I need to go read your rebate deals - woo-hoo! I never did the reusable bag design, wasn't sure I had creative juices flowing that day, lol.

Sandra said...

Just want to says again how proud of you I am and how sick my own overspending makes me :(

Whitney said...

Don't your just love those beer rebates!? I didn't start those until last month and it amazed me what I had been missing! I wish we had a store like that. Our grocery stores are all local chains, so they never have deals! Good job on your savings.

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