END OF FREE COTTONELLE..start of Angel Soft?

Yes it is true! According to what is posted on Hot Coupon World, a girl in Springfield(or surrounding areas...Alicia maybe? :) ) confirmed that Dillon's had an exclusive deal to sell 4pks. of Cottonelle toilet paper, that deal has expired and not been renewed. So, we should request they start selling the regular four packs of it( and not the double rolls) at Price Cutter. Until then, any time you find an Angel Soft coupon save it!~ Angel Soft is now $1.19 and sale price(like this week) is $1! I was very disappointed that the Kansas City Star did not have the $.50/1 coupon that was supposed to be released this week...:(

Make sure to check for $1 McCormick seasoning/gravy packets! -$.75/1 coupon these would be free! Thanks Michelle!

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