Dillon's/ Price Cutter Deals

Dillon's*doubles up to $.50 and rounds others to $1
(this ad is supposed to be the same next week too, but I WILL update it on Wed. if there are any changes)

Click here to design a bag and when done a couon for a free reuseable shopping bag will be downloaded to your card!

*KCStar coupons*
$10 for $10 deals
Suave deodorant($.50/1, Any - 03-29-09 RP)=FREE
Huggies wipes(YMMV or use your own judgement with these)
-*$.50/1 or $.75/1 Huggies wipes 64t. or larger(4/19SS or homemailers)=FREE

***Angel Soft $.50/1 4pk!=FREE***4/19coupon(not released in KC either??...!)

Bird's Eye Steamer rice/veggies and Green Giant boxed veggies(all varities) $1
-homemailers for Green Giant(BC books) and 3/29 SS =approx. $.50ea
Bird's eye $.35/1 or $1/2 inserts

Ricea Roni -$1/3 printable=$2/3
Scott paper towels -$1/4 3/29SS or printable=$3/4....not great
Parkay -$1/2 ALL YOU April issue=$.50ea
Capril Sun $1.79-$1/Capri Sun(Sunrise 4/19SS..if included)=$.79ea

ORGANIC Fuji, granny smith,red or gold delicous apples $3!
*Aldi's has 3lb. bags for $1 less, but if you don't want to drive, or want organic, this is great!

ORGANIC strawberries $2.69(1lb)
cantalope $1.99ea

Quaker Rice Quakes -$1/1(ss????I'll find it...)=FREE
Gatorade G2 -$.50/1 tearpad(gas stations)=FREE

Bertolli Meals $4.98-$2/1 printable or $1.25/1 insert=$2.98-$3.73!
Sunburst laundry detergant $1.88(not my favorite, but a great price!)

NoYolks egg noodles(I'd hang on to these and use closer to expiration date in case of a sale)$1.69?-$.75/1 printable or insert= $.69ea

PriceCutter*doubles UP TO $.50
Wacky Mac pasta $1.19-$.50/1 printable=$.19(good kid's noodles for chicken noodle soup!)
JennieO turkey franks $.89
Honeysuckle White turkey bacon $2
Pillsbury biscuit ,cinnamon or crescent rolls $1-all of those inserts!
$1 classic bandaids-$1/1=FREE

1 comment:

Michelle' said...

I was just at Dillons yesterday and picked up my free brown gravy Mccormick packets with my .75 off coupon - I saw the Quaker cakes and remembered someone saying there was a coupon, but I don't remember ever seeing one - let me know if you do find that one. Also, I am so bummed to find no more Cottenelle toilet paper, I had 10 coupons left and wish now I would have got them all at once. Do you know if this is a dead deal now forever or are they waiting to restock? Hope all is well with you and the kids.