HOT Grocery deals this week!

Sorry for not posting Target deals already!!!!! I did go Sunday before church to do the ice cream deal with my 5 lonely Breyer's coupons(MAN! I wish I had gotten more of those, not that we need more ice cream!)...check all of the detail at HIPTOSAVE.COM. I went today and they still had ice cream, but I took the last MiracleWhip(light, squeeze in 18oz.)...they were out of cheap lunchmeat/cheese...which is okay, because it wasn't a great deal for me anyways. However, if you are a MASSIVE chips and salsa person like my hubby, you'll want to run to Target!
Buy 2 bags Archer Farm chips(ALL LARGE VARITIES are included) get a FREE salsa!
The grand total -2 $1/1 Archer farm printables= $2.66 for the 3 items....I bought 6 bags and 3 salsa...but now that I think about it, I might need to go do this a few more times, especially since I spend $3-$4 sometimes on Tostidos, and Ben and I actually like the ArcherFarms brand.

10 for $10 sale
Propel $1-$.50/1 tearpad=FREE
McCormick grillmates $1-$.50/1insert=FREE
Huggies wipes $1-$1/1 Bath and Body q OR homemailers...=FREE
SoBe lifewater $1-any tearpads=FREE -$.50
Suave deoderant $1-$.50/1=FREE
hmm...any others I'm missing?

HOT $10 in free groceries with ANY NEW or transferred Rx!
(My kids have been getting sick off and on for 3 months...and I actually have to get a Rx filled today..not that I'm happy Izzy is sick!)
strawberries $.99lb
Hiland family pack ice cream $.87-$.55/1printable(hiland's site)=$.33!!!YUM!
Kraft BBQ $.97-$.50/1(6/14SS) (which do NOT scan BTW)=FREE+
Green/red/romain lettuce $.99ea
blueberries $2.49ea

Harter House
tomatoes $.59lb!
Iceberg lettuce(different than Pricecutters kind) $.89
kiwis 5 for $1!
Dole lettuce $.99-$1 off 1 booklet q=FREE?
red peppers $79ea
cabbage $.39lb
green leaf/red/romain lettuce $.99ea
Cottage cheese 24oz. $1.66ea-$.35/1(?)printable=$.96ea!(great price for large cottage cheese!)


ALL Small and Mighty

I recently had the oppurtunity to try All Small and Mighty thanks to MomSelect and it has to be my favorite laundry detergent. With two little ones 2 and under, I prefer All Small and Mighty in Stainlifter or Free and Clear. Here are some benefits of these two versions(other than them smelling great!)

*It takes up less space than other detergents because of the 3x concentrated formula

*The stainlifting works more effectively(at least with my various at home tests) than Tide or Arm and Hammer liquid detergents.

*All Free and Clear is great for people with sensitive skin(like babies!...and cost a lot less than Dreft!). My friend has exzema and this is the only detergent she can use. #1 Dermatologist recommended.

Sign up at All-laundry.com and get a $1 off coupon too!


Dillon's deals

Humph....here are the best deals of the week...another decent, but not overly promising week

Weber seasoning packets $.68 -$1/1 hangtag or insert q=FREE+possible overage
SaraLee Classic White or Wheat bread $1.68-$1/1SS=$.68
SaraLee fresh baked french or garlic bread(I think they are BOTH SaraLee, in entrance of Sunshine store) $1.19-$1/1SS=$.19ea
Kraft cheese $1.77-$1/1 printable=$.77
Pepsi $.84ea WYB 6(or buy 4 get 2 FREE..however you want to look at it)
Kroger 24pk. bottled water $2.40(if you didn't get free Smartwater...which I did not get to use all of my qs on:( )
Daisy Sour Cream 24oz $1.69-$.50/1SS=$.69
Dillon's milk $2.50
Sunny Delight 48-64oz $1-$.55/1 SSq(if new variety is included0=FREE
Coke product 2lt. $1ea WYB5(sale price buy 4 get 1 free)
cantalope $1.88ea
Kellogg's cereals(I noticed on shelf, FruitLoops, Applejacks and Frosted Flakes, LARGE FAMILY SIZE boxes) $2.50-$1/1SS or printables=$1.50

Harter House...I'm not seeing anything, but they have an awesome website now!

seedless grapes $1lb and I'd like to say their foodscanners and foodscales are off by 1lb...grr
GatoradeG2 $.99-any if you can find them(I have not) tearpads of $.50/1=FREE
iceberg lettuce $1ea
Dr.Pepper 2lt $.99


HOT Restaraunt coupons

BOGO entree coupons from TGI Fridays is back! Go here to print. Entrees start at $5.99-$9.99 on the right portion, right price menu, so you could essentially both eat for $6+TIP! WEE!!! I think my lil' one and I will enjoy doing this a couple times this month. That's less than McDs cost sometimes!


Price Cutter Deals 6/3-6/9 and Dillon's

Price Cutter

*doubles qs up to and including $.50
CapriSun(if Sunrise included) $1.69-$1/1(4/19SS)=$.69!
SaraLee Honey wheat bread $2-$1/1(4/26 or 5/31RP)=$1
Wonderbread classic $1.49-$.55/1 peelie found at PC=$.93
Lipton iced tea 16.9 oz $.99-$.50/1 any bottle tearpad=FREE

eggs $.69!
strawberries $1.49/lb!
cantalope $1.77!