Dillon's deals

Humph....here are the best deals of the week...another decent, but not overly promising week

Weber seasoning packets $.68 -$1/1 hangtag or insert q=FREE+possible overage
SaraLee Classic White or Wheat bread $1.68-$1/1SS=$.68
SaraLee fresh baked french or garlic bread(I think they are BOTH SaraLee, in entrance of Sunshine store) $1.19-$1/1SS=$.19ea
Kraft cheese $1.77-$1/1 printable=$.77
Pepsi $.84ea WYB 6(or buy 4 get 2 FREE..however you want to look at it)
Kroger 24pk. bottled water $2.40(if you didn't get free Smartwater...which I did not get to use all of my qs on:( )
Daisy Sour Cream 24oz $1.69-$.50/1SS=$.69
Dillon's milk $2.50
Sunny Delight 48-64oz $1-$.55/1 SSq(if new variety is included0=FREE
Coke product 2lt. $1ea WYB5(sale price buy 4 get 1 free)
cantalope $1.88ea
Kellogg's cereals(I noticed on shelf, FruitLoops, Applejacks and Frosted Flakes, LARGE FAMILY SIZE boxes) $2.50-$1/1SS or printables=$1.50

Harter House...I'm not seeing anything, but they have an awesome website now!

seedless grapes $1lb and I'd like to say their foodscanners and foodscales are off by 1lb...grr
GatoradeG2 $.99-any if you can find them(I have not) tearpads of $.50/1=FREE
iceberg lettuce $1ea
Dr.Pepper 2lt $.99

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