Price Cutter and Harter House deals til 10/21

These deals run until 10/21!
Hunt's tomato sauce $.29ea -$.35/3 blinkie, or $.75/3 Oct. All You magazine=$.05-$.10ea!
Hunt's diced tomatoes $.89ea-(same qs as above)= $.64-$.67?ea
Zesta or Krispy crackers $.99-FREE chili WYB 2(up to .99) tearpad= approx. $2/2 & chili
Farmland Ham $3.99-$2? coupon(found on Ebay)=$1.99/ 4lb. ham
Swiss Miss $1
Rotel $1(not good...:( )

Harter House's page is not loading for me right now, I will update when the site is up!


Evolving Economic Realities Qs

For COM115(Public Speaking) our assignment for speech 3 is to talk about any topic falling uder the theme above. You can probably guess that I'm going to attempt to talk about coupons, but I need some help for my recent sources. So, my fellow coupon-ers, please answer these questions for me and e-mail me the answers(or post here..comments are moderated, so I will be the only one to see your answers). This would greatly help me out. Thank you in advance!!!*You don't have to answer all of them, but it would be helpful.:)

1.) Why did you start using coupons? What was your reality or wake-up call to start using?
2.) Was there someone in your life that was an example of a frugalist who inspired you to start?
3.) How did you start researching the coupon topic? Did you see a TV show about coupons? Did you start by getting a newspaper and matching them up to weekly ads? Did you read blogs?....ect.
4.)Which resource has been the most helpful?
5.) Which store is your favorite to shop at and why?
6.) How much did you spend before using coupons? How many people are in your family?
7.) How much do you spend now after coupons?
8.) How have coupons changed your lifestyle?(i.e. how you shop, benefits of more items ect.)
9.)What do you generally NOT pay for(or get for free) after coupons?
10.) What will you only pay $.50 or less for?
11.)What will you only pay $1 or less for?
12.) How do you save on clothes? Do you thrift shop, or try to use programs similar to GymBucks at Gymboree to score namebrand clothes at Walmart prices?
13.)How do you save on Christmas presents? Do you use the toy clearance in Jan./July with coupons?...do you do free after rebate items?
14.) Do you or are you actively involved in donating coupon "extras" to charities? or do you sell you "extras" at garage sales to make some money?
15.) Do you buy papers(where do you buy)? Which one?(KCStar or Newsleader)? or do you order from a clipping service/Ebay?
16.) How do you organize them?
17.)Any tips for getting papers/inserts for free?
18.) Are you a product tester(ANY company...i.e. Pssst...,VocalPoint, MomSelect, Pinecone Research ect.)
19.) Do you have kids? If "YES", how have they(if at all) become more thrifty because of your example?
20.) Any helpful financial advice for college students in regards to using coupons?

WOW! That's a doozie, but I would really appreciate it if you could answer all to the best of your ability. Thank you!!!

Restraunt Gift Certificate for $2!!!

Thank you Hip2Save for tipping us off about the new coupon code for Restraunt.com!
Go there and order your gift certificates. Upon checkout, enter the coupon code: Chef!
to recieve 80% off!. These certificates do not expire for 1 year and are great ways to treat your family out.

Fall fun in the Ozarks

Sunshine Valley Farms has a great orchard where you can go and pick your own apples. Call ahead for picking days and more information.

On October 2nd and 30th are Fall Fun Days at Rutledge-Wilson Community Farm Park. If you have not been to the farm park, then you are missing out. It's a lot of fun and they have many activities for kids to do. Check out their website for kids programs and more education oppurtunities.

October 2nd is Artwalk. Artwalk is held downtown and includes music, local merchandise booths, and many shops having their doors open to view work by local artists.

October 3rd also is the 3rd Annual Taste of Springfield Food Festival. Admission is free and food tickets are sold in sheets of 10 for $10. This event is held in Park Central Square.

Art in the Park is at Sequiota Park in Springfield on Oct.10-11. This is a really fun activity, providing it does not rain (like it did last year!).


Price Cutter and Harter House deals til'10/6


Libby's canned vegetables $.50ea-$1/4SS=$.25ea WYB 4(my target price-STOCK UP!)
Green Giant Steamers $1.66ea-$.50/1SS=$.66ea
I THINK the brand is Mike's cocktails, but there are 4 packs of ready made cocktails like mojito, screwdrivers, lemon drop ect. that are $2.49ea!!!Good til 11/02(price...not the expiration). They are usually $8.49, so this is a great deal!

Harter House
Bird's Eye veggies $1- $.35/1SS =$.30ea

*Also, at Harter House they have breast cancer awareness flyers with about 20 MANUFACTURER'S COUPONS-NOT "IN-AD" coupons! lol, I grabbed a few...
Otherwise...I'm not seeing much in the ad this week for either store. :(

Wonderbread $1.69-$.55/1 IP(N/A) or $.55/1 insert q=$.68ea
California Pizza Kitchen pizzas (really delicous!)$3.97-$1/1 IP(n/a) or $1/1 insert=$2.97
Cambell's tomato soups and chicken noodle $.50ea(various coupons...the low price last year was $.40, so I wouldn't stock up just yet,unless you're out,like me:))
Dr.Pepper 2 lt. regularly $1.48 have $.55/1peelies...=$.48ea
Yakisoba noodles $.99-$.50/1 insert q=FREE(I tried these...and they are so gross!, I would get them and give them away!)
MEGA SALE Starts on the next ad, so don't buy too much this week at Dillon's!

Check your $1/1 ANY coupons and matchup to the trial section
Crystal light trial size packets are gone(I think...they were clearanced when I was there but were sold out:()
Fancy Feast meals $.96?ea-B1G1 man.q(RP) and B1G1 T.printable=2 FREE


Slick and Savvy is going to start posting more, if you'd like to be updated about my home/personal life, you can Facebook friend me or Twitter. I'll be starting Twitter(crazy, I know!) to update with links to deals instead of just posting on here continuously( I don't think I spelled that right...oh well!). Anyways, later today I'll update deals for Target, CVS, WAGS, Dillon's, Price Cutter, and Harter House. I've met some people and have been hearing through the grape vine that people were actually finding my blog helpful, and I think I have a personal obligation to help anyone I can, so....Slick and Savvy has not died, check back later today for more updates and my new favorite products that I've tried out and loved!



Okay, so I'm sick today(just for the heads up) and so are both of my kids. It made me start thinking about how much busier I'm going to be with school and wether or not keeping up a blog is worth it! I will still continue to share deals I think are note worthy...but as far as updating everything..nope.If you want to know what's up with me, join Facebook and request to be my friend:) I started this blog to be accountable for what I was spending and to make myself better at being a coupon-er. I have succeeded at that and am now ready to move on to add a new chapter to my life...college student. Like I said...I'll still update. But, you will see a change of pace in my blog...it will be more about me, and less about my deals. I will still have links to my favorite blogs though, like HIPTOSAVE and MONEYSAVINGMOM who are great about posting the latest finds. Thanks for understanding...I'm going to go get my kiddos a movie and put all of us to bed!


My favorite instant win games/sweeps

You can enter here and here daily for a chance to win groceries!( You do not need to be a member of either to sign up for the instant win/sweeps)

Also enter here for a $1500 shopping spree curtosy of Ann Taylor Loft.


Birthday freebies

Since my 22nd birthday is coming up next week, I've been getting emails the past couple of days from companies with coupons for a birthday treat! woo-hoo!Sign up yourself...and everyone else in your family..for these fun things as well. The ones that don't require a purchase, I'll probably order ahead of time and just pick up to go.

Here is what I've gotten so far...
FREE burger at RedRobin, FREE like it creation at Coldstone, BOGO 20oz. smoothie at Smoothie King, BOGO Arby's roastburger(yuck) get a swirl shake(yum), FREE dessert at Buffallo Wild Wings, $15/$15 from Ann Taylor Loft(I have a card, which I pay off 2 days after I use it and accummulate points)

There is a large list here including the treats above for all of your birthday goodies!


PriceCutter Deals and Harter House..Dillon's too

Price Cutter deals for the week until 7/28 are...

Hiland sour cream or dip 16oz. $.99
-$.55/1 sour cream OR $.55/1 dip printable=$.44
Betty Crocker cookie mix $17.5oz. $1.66
-$.40/1 printable=$.86ea(this makes 2-3 dozen in my experience)
Musselman's applesauce 4pk. totally fruit or healthy pick $1.50
- $.50/1Parent's magazine July09=$.50 OR
$.30/1 printable(print from Mozzilla firefox..also, q prints on the top of the page..so after it prints, hit cancel to save some ink!* YOU CAN PRINT 4 TIMES! WOO!)=$.90

$.87lb red seedless grapes(GREAT PRICE)
Gatorade $1 -$.50/1 tearpad=FREE

Plums $.99lb
red or green romaine $.89ea
red peppers $.69ea(GREAT FOR RED PEPPERS!)
walla walla or red onions $.79lb(GREAT FOR RED ONIONS!)
Hass avacados $.89ea- $.55/1 from Sutter? wine tag=$.34ea...maybe I should try pureeing these again for my spinach dip....
Russett potatoes $2.39 for 10lb. bag
broccolli crowns $1.29 lb

Dillons*bring your reuseable bags for $.05 off your order for each one!
Crest toothpaste $1 -$.50/1(6/7P&G) or -$.75/1(7/5P&G) =FREE
Oral B toothbrushes $1-$1/(7/5 P&G)=FREE
Speedstick $.88-$1.50/1 printable(n/a)=FREE with possible overage..NOT A PART OF THE MEGA SALE ANYMORE!
Chiquita bites $1 -FREE single printable=FREE
ChefBoyRdee $.88-$1/1 printable=FREE with possible overage

The mega sale is still going on...buy in mix and match multiples of 10 for the following prices
Fiber One Yogurt 4pk. $1.99-$1/1 printable or 7/12SS AND $1/1 Cellfire=FREE
Yoplait GoGurt,Trix, kid's yogurts ect. 6pk. $1.99-$.35/17/12SS or $.40/1 printable AND $.80/2Cellfire=$1.78/2 OR $1.58/2
Yoplait YoPlus 4pk. $1.99 -$.50/1 6/7SS or $1/1 printable or here AND $1/1 shortcuts q=FREE
and if you still have Vitamin water coupons( which I can NEVER seem to find!) they are a MM this week and are included in the mega sale!

see other Dillon's post for more matchups!


2nd Dillon's trip

So, it pays to call in advance and order massive amounts of an overage item. Remember to be kind and polite when checking out...I thanked the cashier and the lady behind me for their patience and had multiple associates and customers watching my total drop(I just like watching their jaws drop, hehehe). Anyways, I ordered more Playtex Handsaver Glove coupons from Ebay for about $10 for 100. I had not purchased everything I was planning to buy in the next week or so and decided that, it would be about $45 less to buy coupons on Ebay...and use them for overage. I would then end up with MUCH more product for way less money...and I could either give the extra away or sell it. So, here is what I got at Dillons(I FOUND ANOTHER 20 coupons, so I'll have to call again to order more!).

117 Playtex handsaver gloves
1 Propel(I found 1 lone coupon that hadn't been used to get FREE Propel from 3 weeks ago)
10 AMP energy drinks
2 lbs squash
2 lbs carrots
2 jumbo packs Huggies
1 Kashi pizza(Tristan said"mommy, "katshti pitza peas!.." so, I caved in)
1 $10 gift card(from a cat for buying AMP)
1 jar applesauce
1 huge jar Pace salsa
1 pack condoms..
1 12pk. double roll TP
1 bag cat food
Retail:$416( I WOULD NEVER PAY THAT!) My Total:$5.33($4.03 was tax)
The Glidden paint just came in the mail...that was free too!
Price Cutter
picked up strawberries,bananas, FREE starbucks(from Facebook), peaches(.99lb), and a
FREE Smirnoff cooler! The Smirnoff 12pk. display sign says along the lines of.."FREE COOLER WHEN YOU BUY A 12PK. SMIRNOFF ICE*....*no purchase necessary*) So, after asking if I needed to make a purchase when the sign said I didn't need to, the manager said I was right and let me have it!...never hurts to ask! after a $4 fruit rebate all of that cost $1.30!


My Dillon's trips

Today I went a Mega-sale-ing...I did NOT clear the shelves by any means and above is what I ended up with from multiple stores. I still have coupons left to use for overage, so I'll have to make another trip when those get here. Anyways here it is:..*=NOT PICTURED items

87 pairs Playtex handsaver gloves
30 bottles Kraft ranch dressing
2 bags Tyson precooked/seasoned chicken
2 boxes Tyson chicken nuggets
1 Oscar Meyer DeliFresh chicken lunchmeat
1lb. boneless Tyson chicken breast(marked down)
*8 Sobe Lifewater
*13 Smartwater
*8 Sunny Delight smoothie flavored
2 Yolpait YoPlus yogurt packs
2 FiberOne yogurt packs
2 Trix Yogurt packs
5 boxes Kellogg's cereals
5 Keebler cookies
*9 jars Gerber baby food(3rd and 2nds)
3 packages tortilla shells
1 8pk. AA Duracell batteries
*1 book stamps
*1 pack envelopes
*4 boxes Kleenex
4 Dole fruit cup packs
6 Pepperidge farm cookies
1 Daisy sour cream(large)
1 Orajel toddler toothpaste
5 various Speedstick deoderants
4 bricks Philidelphia cream cheese
2 Philly cream cheese spreads
4 bags Cheerios snack mix
1 bag Chex mix
....I PROMISE we are not living off of cookies and cereal! When the rest of my coupons come, we will be getting next weeks produce ect., but we are fine on that for now...except I forgot bananas!
I messed up at 2 stores by getting 4 items too many that were a part of the mega sale....but I still did okay. I actually have to return a pack of cookies too because they are expired...so I might get my money back on those!(wee!)
Before Sales and Coupons and rebate: $496.30 My Total after sale,qs,and rebate:$40.73!!!
+I have $1OYNO from Kleenex to use!
P.S. You may wonder...after you get more overage coupons(from the Playtex gloves and dressing) what are you going to do with 200 pairs of gloves and 30 bottles of ranch???!!! Well, I clean. My friends clean their houses...and if everyone I know doesn't want to be stocked up on disposable gloves, there is always a garage sale to be had:) The ranch will get used by friends and family...my hubbys family likes ranch with pizza and salad...or pasta salad or chicken, or garage sale;)


Right now Ruby Tuesday has an insert BOGO coupon for a specialty entree/seafood/ribs or steak get an equal or lesser value entree free...but this is also true 3pm-5PM everyday currently-NO COUPON REQUIRED!

Go here for a BOGO coupon for TGI Fridays..and don't forget to bring your rewards card.

*As always, please remember to tip PREcoupon price. It is not very considerate to get $30 in food and tip $2...

Another FREE photo book

Go to Facebook...again...to create a FREE photo book.Yea! If you don't have a Facebook account, hop to it! Companies are starting to realize the value of social networking websites and Starbucks and HotPrints are not the only ones. Chick-fil-A (s.Glenstone)has my picture on it from Cow Appreciation Day, and not too long ago Snapple was giving away coupons too!


Free, delicous yogurt is what I see with this coupon here. Print 2 times per computer to score 4 FREE Breyer's yogurt! Yea! While your there...print out the Chex mix and yogurt coupons for the Dillon's mega sale!

FREE+ cheap Starbucks Ice Cream!

Go here to login to your facebook account and share a pint of Starbucks ice cream (with yourself or a friend)! If you also have a Walmart nearby they are about $.50 after coupon or $.99 at Target...woot!

Dillon's MEGA SALE!!!!

After the lil ones go to bed I will make a full list of matchups...but for now here is the deal.

Buy any 10 participating SALE items and get $5 off your order:NO LIMIT on rewards.

The moneymaker items I have discovered are(I went today..so I know these are included for sure!): YOU MUST BUY IN INCREMENTS OF 10 TO GET THE $5 OFF. The price listed is AFTER SALE AND $5 discount for 10.Yea, I messed up a couple times and spent more:(oops.

SunnyD SMOOTHIES $1-$.55/1printable or $.25/1 Family Circle or People (June2009)=FREE-$.50MM
SobeLifeWater $.50-BOGO printable(2 free with printable) OR $.50/1tearpad=FREE+$.50MM
Propel $.59 -$.55/1 or $1/1 or $.50/1(you get the picture) tearpads=FREE+$.41MM( I USED ALL OF MINE FOR FREE WATER 3 WEEKS AGO>I had like 50 too>AAAHH!!!)
Speedstick or Lady's Speedstick $1-$1.50/1 printable=FREE+$.50MM
Playtex handsaver gloves $.50-$1/1(6/28SS)=FREE+$.50MM
Kraft Ranch dressing $1.19-$1.50/1 RANCH tearpad coupon=FREE+$.31MM
Other varieties Kraft dressing $1.19-$1/1 printables(n/a), $1/1(6/21SS)
*USE THE KRAFT DRESSING IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE $3 off chicken WYB 5 Kraft products to get 5 bottles of ranch dressing and $3 in chicken for free+OVERAGE!!!!!!

Scotchbrite nailsaver sponge $.79-$1/1 scotchbrite(home mailer), $.75/2(6/7RP)=$.29eaWYB2
Pepperidge Farms cookies and crackers $2.29-$1/2baked snacks(4/19SS) $1/1 granola cookies(5/3SS), $1/1 cookies(SHELF? coupon? that's where I found it!)=various
ALL VARITIES Philidelphia cream cheese, bricks and spreads(and flavored) $.89-$1/2 printables(n/a from Kraft and coupons.com, and smartsource...) or $1/1 cream cheese magazine q(I'm not sure which magazine though)=FREE-.39!
Yoplait YoPlus,FiberOne, Yoplait kids yogurts(Dora/Diego/Trix ect.) $1.99 various insert coupons ranging from $.35/1,$.50/1, $1/1, $.75/2 ect.=$.99 yogurt!!!! If you like the Trix, that is excellent for a 6pk. of Trix yogurt! Fiber One also has $1/1 cellfire coupon...+man.q=FREE
Kleenex $1.49 $.50/1 homemailers,$.40/1 sample packs at CVS, $.50/2(7/12SS:KCSTAR), $.75/3)=various+buy4 and get $1OYNO yippee!
Sargento cheese $2.49-$.75/1peelies=$1.49
Daisy dour cream $1.49-$.45/1 tearpads or $.50/1 inserts=$.49

Could buy 10 Frosted Mini Wheats blueberry cereals(HAS DVD TOKENS ON THEM!)at
$2.49-10 $1/1 printables(having trouble finding link!)=$14.90 submit for Kellogg's school rebate or in the 7/12newspaper+get 2 FREE DVDS here=$4.90 for 10 boxes cereal,2 movies, and a $70 coupon code from DELL! WEE!

Side note:Kellogg's new Raisin Bran CRUNCH! cereal has a TRYMEFREE rebate on the box...if you want to do that too, I would buy that in different transaction than the other Kellogg's items.

MY KELLOGG'S DEAL(for cookies...+my coupons were expired:()
3 boxes of MiniWheats $2.49-3 $1/1homemailers from VocalPoint=$1.49ea
2 boxes Applejacks $2.49ea-$1/1peelie and $1/2blinkie=$1.49ea
5 various Keebler fudge shoppe cookies $1.99-$.55/1 printables and $1/1 printables=$.99e
$11.60 with tax-rebate=$1.60!

Vitamin Water $1- $.50/1tearpads...(none for me:()=FREE
LARGE family boxes GM cereal are $2.99 -$1/1 honenut cheerios printable or $1/2inserts=various
Smartwater(large bottle) $1.25-$.50/1tearpads=$.25ea
Again, I'll post the full list later tonight, but if you need ideas to eat up your overage try meat, produce, TP, STAMPS and envelopes(for those rebates!) or even gift cards...
AMP Energy drinks~possible deal...it works at other Kroger stores, and Albertsons? and Smith's...so it SHOULD work at Dillon's, but I have not tried it yet..
Buy 10 AMP Energy drinks at $1.99ea(after mega sale)- 10 $1/1tearpad coupons=approx$10 and get a cat. to redeem for a $10 grocery gift card at guest services. FREE after gift card...then you can do that deal again with as many coupons as you have without having to pay oop anymore.
MORE DEALS posted tomorrow.I'm pooped from leaving at 6:30AM to shop!



I ran across this video on YOUTUBE...I'm not sure when it aired, but I wish I had run in to Ellen DeGeneres at CVS!!!! Do you know what I could do with 100 dollars at CVS??????? LOL! Please just try to imagine a coupon-er trying to check out or get extrabuck items with Ellen in the store...hehehehe. If Ellen reads this, COME TO VISIT THE CVS IN SPRINGFIELD MISSOURI WHILE I'M THERE!!!! PPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSEEE!
How fun would that be?
Anyways, here is the link for the video!


It's the middle of July, which means the coupon year is at it's best! Back-to-school sales are starting to promt stores to offer FREE or nearly FREE school supplies and other cheap snack items to entice you to buy all of your supplies in one spot. I DO recommend getting your years worth of copy paper in the next month or so and all of your office type supplies. Do not be fooled by BOGO sales this time of year...office supplies should be FREE.Period. So, that being said...

Staples is the place to go this week!

::Use the $5/$20 coupon on the front of the ad to further sweeten your deals or turn them into money-makers!:

:Bic Fashion Pens are $1. Use the $1/1 coupon here to get them free.:
8-packs of pencils are $0.01--no coupon needed. (Valid July 12-15, 2009 only. Limit 2):
:Bic White Out is $1. Use the $0.50/1 coupon here to get it for $0.50.*

:DO THESE REBATE ITEMS ONLINE AT stapleseasyrebates.com to save the postage

:Staples Photo Plus 4 x 6 paper is on sale for $9.99 and you'll get a rebate printed with your receipt which you can mail in for an $8.99 rebate making this $1 after the rebate (Limit 2).:

8 1/2 x 11 Copy Paper is on sale for $3.69 and you'll get a rebate printed with your receipt which you can mail in for an $3.98 rebate making this $0.01 after the rebate (Limit 2).

Money-Making Scenario Ideas
Scenario Idea #1:
Buy 2 packages of Photo Plus Paper at $9.99 each
Buy 2 8-packs of pencils $0.01 each
Use the $5/20 coupon on the front of the ad
Spend $15 plus tax out of pocket
Get $17.98 back in rebates
Free plus overage after coupon and rebate

Scenario Idea #2:Buy 1 package of Photo Plus Paper at $9.99
Buy 2 packages of Copy Paper at $3.69 each
Buy 2 packages of Bic Fashion Pens at $1 each
Buy 1 Bic White Out at $1
Use the $5/20 coupon on the front of the ad
Use 2 $1/1 Bic pen coupons hereUse $0.50/1 Bic White Out coupon here
Spend $11.87 plus tax out of pocketGet $16.35 back in rebatesFree plus overage after coupon and rebate
2 packs photo paper, 2 packs copy paper, 2 pencils, 1 mini stapler(ours broke:( )
-$5/20..paid $24.98 and will get back $25.34 on a prepaid VISA.


Limit on FREE PHOTO BOOKS is 5!!!
check out ihearcvs.com for a video on how to use the machine
and Iheartcvs.com for the full ad!
*Springfield store was substituting the Elmers glue and 10packs of papermate pens(on sale for $1.50 when I was there at noon. Just ask a cashier what if any items are being substituted or for a raincheck.
MY TOTAL AT CVS was $1.59 for the above 5 photo books, 3 packs pens,2 glue,2 rulers, and 1 tissue...and I have $7.99 ECBs left.


PriceCutter weekly deals...from MSU!

So, right now I'm getting ready to attend SOAR at MSU...with nothing to do, I thought I'd help everyone out by posting this weeks grocery deals...woohoo.

Koolaid packets 12 for $1 use the $1/10 packets(previously available on coupons.com) and the $2 off sugar WYB 10 Koolaid packets(SS)=12 packets and 1 bag of sugar for FREE!*with possible overage!

*ask about them still having the Bud meat rebates from last week at customer service*

Dillons..not much
SunnyD is still $1- $.55/1 printable=FREE(if smoothie variety is included...which I think it is)
Webers Grill seasoning packets $.68-$.72 -$1/1 winetag coupon=FREE with possible overage

Harter House
limes 10 for $1

Any other great deals? Check out Target deals for the week to the right and at HIPTOSAVE.COM..Target seems to be the best place for the week.

TTYL and wish me luck in college!(I'm getting to be so grown up!)


HOT Grocery deals this week!

Sorry for not posting Target deals already!!!!! I did go Sunday before church to do the ice cream deal with my 5 lonely Breyer's coupons(MAN! I wish I had gotten more of those, not that we need more ice cream!)...check all of the detail at HIPTOSAVE.COM. I went today and they still had ice cream, but I took the last MiracleWhip(light, squeeze in 18oz.)...they were out of cheap lunchmeat/cheese...which is okay, because it wasn't a great deal for me anyways. However, if you are a MASSIVE chips and salsa person like my hubby, you'll want to run to Target!
Buy 2 bags Archer Farm chips(ALL LARGE VARITIES are included) get a FREE salsa!
The grand total -2 $1/1 Archer farm printables= $2.66 for the 3 items....I bought 6 bags and 3 salsa...but now that I think about it, I might need to go do this a few more times, especially since I spend $3-$4 sometimes on Tostidos, and Ben and I actually like the ArcherFarms brand.

10 for $10 sale
Propel $1-$.50/1 tearpad=FREE
McCormick grillmates $1-$.50/1insert=FREE
Huggies wipes $1-$1/1 Bath and Body q OR homemailers...=FREE
SoBe lifewater $1-any tearpads=FREE -$.50
Suave deoderant $1-$.50/1=FREE
hmm...any others I'm missing?

HOT $10 in free groceries with ANY NEW or transferred Rx!
(My kids have been getting sick off and on for 3 months...and I actually have to get a Rx filled today..not that I'm happy Izzy is sick!)
strawberries $.99lb
Hiland family pack ice cream $.87-$.55/1printable(hiland's site)=$.33!!!YUM!
Kraft BBQ $.97-$.50/1(6/14SS) (which do NOT scan BTW)=FREE+
Green/red/romain lettuce $.99ea
blueberries $2.49ea

Harter House
tomatoes $.59lb!
Iceberg lettuce(different than Pricecutters kind) $.89
kiwis 5 for $1!
Dole lettuce $.99-$1 off 1 booklet q=FREE?
red peppers $79ea
cabbage $.39lb
green leaf/red/romain lettuce $.99ea
Cottage cheese 24oz. $1.66ea-$.35/1(?)printable=$.96ea!(great price for large cottage cheese!)


ALL Small and Mighty

I recently had the oppurtunity to try All Small and Mighty thanks to MomSelect and it has to be my favorite laundry detergent. With two little ones 2 and under, I prefer All Small and Mighty in Stainlifter or Free and Clear. Here are some benefits of these two versions(other than them smelling great!)

*It takes up less space than other detergents because of the 3x concentrated formula

*The stainlifting works more effectively(at least with my various at home tests) than Tide or Arm and Hammer liquid detergents.

*All Free and Clear is great for people with sensitive skin(like babies!...and cost a lot less than Dreft!). My friend has exzema and this is the only detergent she can use. #1 Dermatologist recommended.

Sign up at All-laundry.com and get a $1 off coupon too!


Dillon's deals

Humph....here are the best deals of the week...another decent, but not overly promising week

Weber seasoning packets $.68 -$1/1 hangtag or insert q=FREE+possible overage
SaraLee Classic White or Wheat bread $1.68-$1/1SS=$.68
SaraLee fresh baked french or garlic bread(I think they are BOTH SaraLee, in entrance of Sunshine store) $1.19-$1/1SS=$.19ea
Kraft cheese $1.77-$1/1 printable=$.77
Pepsi $.84ea WYB 6(or buy 4 get 2 FREE..however you want to look at it)
Kroger 24pk. bottled water $2.40(if you didn't get free Smartwater...which I did not get to use all of my qs on:( )
Daisy Sour Cream 24oz $1.69-$.50/1SS=$.69
Dillon's milk $2.50
Sunny Delight 48-64oz $1-$.55/1 SSq(if new variety is included0=FREE
Coke product 2lt. $1ea WYB5(sale price buy 4 get 1 free)
cantalope $1.88ea
Kellogg's cereals(I noticed on shelf, FruitLoops, Applejacks and Frosted Flakes, LARGE FAMILY SIZE boxes) $2.50-$1/1SS or printables=$1.50

Harter House...I'm not seeing anything, but they have an awesome website now!

seedless grapes $1lb and I'd like to say their foodscanners and foodscales are off by 1lb...grr
GatoradeG2 $.99-any if you can find them(I have not) tearpads of $.50/1=FREE
iceberg lettuce $1ea
Dr.Pepper 2lt $.99


HOT Restaraunt coupons

BOGO entree coupons from TGI Fridays is back! Go here to print. Entrees start at $5.99-$9.99 on the right portion, right price menu, so you could essentially both eat for $6+TIP! WEE!!! I think my lil' one and I will enjoy doing this a couple times this month. That's less than McDs cost sometimes!


Price Cutter Deals 6/3-6/9 and Dillon's

Price Cutter

*doubles qs up to and including $.50
CapriSun(if Sunrise included) $1.69-$1/1(4/19SS)=$.69!
SaraLee Honey wheat bread $2-$1/1(4/26 or 5/31RP)=$1
Wonderbread classic $1.49-$.55/1 peelie found at PC=$.93
Lipton iced tea 16.9 oz $.99-$.50/1 any bottle tearpad=FREE

eggs $.69!
strawberries $1.49/lb!
cantalope $1.77!




We are having Memorial Day lunch with my in-laws, closing on a house, and have a wedding that my hubby and son are both in this week! In my "down time" I might coupon, but it is highly doubtful and I will probably be more focused on paint colors, new carpet, bathroom remodel ect...and maybe start packing;) SO...needless to say,this blog is not my priority this week.

Remember to pick up your free Colgate, Weber seasonings(if you got that q), Smartwater, Vitamin Water, pork(if you found a $3 off pork tearpad), Quaker Quakes, ect. at Dillons this is good until Tues. It's probably good if I take a coupon sebatacle anyways, I need rest for the most likely June Mega Sales at Dillon's!

Have a great week and check out HIPTOSAVE.com! She is great about posting deals.



Click here for a FREE 2 year subscription to Shape magazine(this sells out fast, so hurry!)
*the magazine program is a legit rewards program, they DO NOT bill you, nor do they take any personal credit information ect. I have recieved many free magazines from them(Martha Stewart Living, Martha Stewart Home, Parents, Women's World, Forbes, Fitness, ect.) and they are a great company.

Click here for fREE deoderant

Click here to design a reuseable tote at Dillon's and get one FREE

Here is a FREE beer tasting kit(4 plastic shot glasses to see the differences, a beer guide, and a keychain bottle opener) use code:M9N7K3K or P3W9L4T

FREE flashdrive

Walmart contiuously has samples and they usually come with coupons

FREE dog toy and kit use code :CITIZEN522

FREE Magic Erasers

Have you done your coupon-ing this week?

IF NOT, GET TO IT!!! Alicia on at Gateway to Savings mentioned in one of her posts that she believed that summer months(May-Aug.) are the best for coupon-ers...and I would have to agree with her! The majority of "good" grocery coupons for food, convienece ones at that(the kind busy moms love!) are at rock bottom prices for summer holidays. If you pair this with rebates AND coupons...lets just say, that's a lot of free groceries. Target keeps being out of a lot of things, and we've been insanely busy(and will continue to be) this week...so my free Nabisco cookies, Ritz bitz, Kraft dressing, Dove travel deoderant, sunscreen ect. will have to wait*sigh*

BUT, I did manage to mess up a transaction at CVS(and could have gotten twice as many bucks back+a $3 item...which could have been Izzy's biter biscuits,grr) oh well, it happens.
Anyways, here is how my $44.48 did this week!

1 bayer Contour Meter $88(OUCH!)-raincheck(whew!)=$14.99-$30/1 SS=FREE+5 bucks back(I could have gotten two with the one coupon,limit 2, and had 10 ECB back....ahh!)
1 Hershey bar $.50
2 Charmin basic 12pks. $7.49-BOGO=$7.49/2
-$5/$30CRT and 2ECB
Retail:$103.87 My Total:$1.04 Recieved: 5ECB

Dillons*did this Tues. and Fri.* they were out of FREE Colgate, Reach, some Dial, Weber seasonings....but I have more pork qs, so I'll be back to get rainchecks if need be* We don't usually eat pork either, but I got a great deal!

FREE items were: 1 Pampers box, 10 Smartwater(which did not ring up right...so in the beginning I paid $.19ea after my coupon and got a FULL refund for each one...so I made $10.46 for buying them! which I think I was just supposed to get 1 free and the difference, but oh well.), $.45 for reusable bags, Digounio pizza melt thing, 2 Bird's eye veggies,2 Betty crocker decorater icings(free+overage...manager special-coupon)

REALLY CHEAP ITEMS: Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad $.60(which would have been FREE, but I scanned the wrong card, my Plus card is having trouble with e-qs, so I have a different one when I need them), 6 jars Gerber food $.03ea!(had a CAT keep printing,but it didn't the last time:( ) 2 Huggies jumbo packs diapers $3ea,3 Kashi pizzas $1.49, 4 packs baby back ribs $.66-$1.49, 5 packs pork chops FREE+overage-$.17ea, 1 Pace salsa-the huge container $3.99(half price),6 packs 99% lean ground turkey $.09ea, 1 family pack Yoplait $1.99, 1 Sara Lee bread $.99

REGULAR/SALE LIKE PRICED ITEMS: bananas, strawberries, Fresh Express spinach, apples,tomatoes, Tostidos , ketchup(I know...but we were out!), syrup

PriceCutter-Ben picked up a couple items for his friends cookout and picked up our FREE Hostess brownie bites:)


Grocery week, how did you do?

Let me know people! How did you do this week? I still have to get produce at Aldi(about $10) and they were out of FiberOne yogurt and granola bars at Target...but I still think I did okay!

Retail OVERALL:$89.11 My Total:$15.83

WAGS(did 3 transactions..this does not represent what I did, just how it ended)
2 RightGuard fastbreak $2.99-2 FREE printables(n/a)=FREE+4 RR
2 packs Oreos $3(could have used a $1/2, but the printable was n/a!)
1 Orbit Gum $1.29
1 WAGS asprin $.99-FREE(home mailer)
Retail:$14.26 My Total:$.31(tax on gum) Recieved:$3RR for 2 Nabisco(no milk required)

3 boxes Kelloggs miniwheats $3.33-1 BOGO and 2 $1/1(Vocalpoint mailer)=$4.66/3
1 Bayer crystals $2(raincheck)
1 Skintimate $3.49(raincheck)
Retail:$15.49 My Total:$.53 Recieved:$11 ECBs

5 Bar-S franks,1 Kashi waffle, 1 head lettuce,1 Fresh Express spinach, 1 carton half/half, 1 Dananimal yogurt, 1 quart Dannon yogurt,4 Gerber meat sticks, 2 Gerber wagon wheels, 3 Gerber fruit bites, 1 Purina kitten chow, 1.5lbs lean meat, 3 lbs. boneless Tyson meat

Retail:$58.36(not including meat markdowns) My Total:$8.85

Target(Springfield is a coupon-crazy community...shelves were wiped out at 10AM, except for toaster pastries...I don't think coupon-ers realized these were a good deal)
1 GoFresh deoderant $.97-$1.25/1 (RP?)=FREE
4 FiberOne toaster pastries $1.96-2 $.50/1
Retail:$12.56 My Total:$6.07 Recieved:$5 gift card


Dillon's Deals/Price Cutter

Dillon's Deals
*Design a reuseable tote here to snag a FREE one!
*Each reuseable bag will get $.05 off your order:)
Apply for a Kroger credit card and automatically get $25 off your first purchase. You may want to apply and just use the card the one time to get your $25 free and pay any remaining balance off immediately.

OldElPaso seasoning, green chilies, refried beans $1
OldElPaso enchildada sauce $1.50
OldElPaso dinner kits $3(some on closeout $2.09)
*buy 6 get a $3 off chicken or beef cat.

Fresh Express Shreds $.99-$1/1 printable or $1/2 printable(combine ymmv)
- $1/2 shortcuts coupon=2 FREE+ $1 overage

Snuggle Creme fabric softner $3.99(in store special)-$2/1 printable=$1.99
Chiquita bites (ussually $1)-$.55/2 printable=$.50ea(or ask for a markdown and get 2 FREE)
Koolaid $.10ea(do you need any after last August/September???!!!)

Buy 3 12pks. Coke get 2 boxes of Cheezit's free...my plan(if I do this at all)
3 12pks. Coke $4-3 $1/1 Coke tearpads(found near Jack Daniels)=$3ea
2 Cheezits(can use qs b/c the price won't be taken off til' the end)- 2 $1/1 salty snack tearpad(same tearpad...must be $1.25 or higher)
3 Powerade-3 FREE WYB Coke 12pks. peelies=
$7 for all of the above...not great, but not bad!

Mentos(in store if you can find it) $1-$.55/1 or $1/1 SS=FREE
Sara Lee Bread $1.18-$1/1 insert q( I have not gotten papers yet, is this in the KCStar?)=$.18ea!

Gound beef $1.59/lb
Yoplait and Fiberone yogurts -various $1/1 and $.50/1 SS inserts=$1ea
Avacados $.69ea
Blackberries $1.50
watermelon $.49lb
COUPON IN AD(MANUFACTURER'S) Buy 10 powerade get 5 FREE( could be good!!!)


Target deals

Purchase 4 Select Fiber One products at $2.39 each=$5 Target Gift Card (
Cereal, Muffin Mix and bars are included
)Scenario #1
Purchase 4 Fiber One Chocolate Mocha Bars $2.39 each=$9.56
Use 4 $1.35 coupons from here, IE or Firefox
Pay $4.16Get back a $5 gift card
Final cost FREE + Profit!
Scenario #2
Buy 2 Fiber One Cereals at $2.39 each=$4.78
Buy 2 Fiber One Muffin mixes at $2.39 each=$4.78
Use 2 $1 coupons from here, IE or Firefox (for the muffin mix)Plus, use 2 .75 coupons from here (for the cereal)
Pay $6.06 Get back a $5 gift card
Final cost $1.06 for 4 boxes of Fiber One, just .27 each!
**There are also various other Fiber One coupons in the 4/19 and 5/3SS!
Target Brand Sponges (2 pack) .99Use the .75 Target Coupon
Final cost .24!
Hershey's Bliss $2.99
Use the $1 coupon from the 5/3SS
Plus, use the $1 Target coupon
Final cost .99!
Select Quaker True Delights bars $2.50
Use the $1 coupon from here(unlimited prints?!?)
Plus, use the $1 Target coupon
Final cost .50 per box!
Kraft Mayo $1.99Buy 2 for a total of $3.98
Use 2 $1 coupons from the 4/26SS
Plus, use the $1/2 Target coupon
Final cost ONLY .49 each!
Target Baby Body Wash $1.25Use the .75 Target coupon
Final cost ONLY .50!
Dove GoFresh Deodorant (trial size)--$0.97
Use $1.25/1 coupon from the 3/15 RedPlum insert
(does not exclude trial size)
Free plus possible overage after coupon

Trident Gum (3-pack)--$1.69Use $2/1 in 3/8 SmartSource insert
Free plus possible overage after coupon

Dry Idea Deodorant--priced at $2 at many storesUse this $2/1 coupon here
Free after coupon

Johnson's Safety Swabs--$1.38
Stack with the $1/1 Johnson's coupon here (or from the 3/1 inserts)
Free after coupons (Thanks, NWA Deals and moneysavingmom!)

Renu Multiplus Contact Solution (trial size)--$0.99
Use $1/1 Renu printableFree after coupon

Shout Wipes (trial size)--$0.97
Free after coupon

Dole Salad (6 oz.)--$1.19 at some stores
$0.19 each after coupon
*Has anyone seen this at ours?

Electrasol Tabs--on price-cut for $3 at many stores
Use $2.50/1 coupon from the 4/19 insert
$0.50 after coupon

Nabisco Snack Saks (Mini Oreo's, Teddy Grahams, Chips Ahoy, Animals Crackers)--$1.52
$0.52 after coupon

Axe shower gel $.97-$1/1(4/5RP)=FREE
All Small and Mighty $3.99-$2/1 printable(n/a) and $1/1 Target printable=$.99ea
Eggos $1.67-$1/2 Target printable and 2 $.75/1 (4/5RP?..I didn't get this...)=$.62ea

Vitamin Water $1
Use the $1 coupon from the 4/5SS
Or .50 coupon from here*save for Dillon's sale
Final cost as low as FREE!

Kashi Waffles $1.85Use the $1.50 coupon from hereor Vocalpoint mailer
Final cost .35!

California Pizza Kitchen $5.50Use the $2 coupon from here
Final cost $3.50!

Ritz Cheese and Ritz Peanut Butter Crackers $2
Buy 2 and use 2 $1 Target coupons
Plus use the $1/2 coupon from here
Final cost .50 per box!

Wheat Thins (Artisan Variety) priced around $2.98
Use the buy one get one free coupon from the 3/15SS
Plus use 2 $1 Target coupons
Final cost ONLY .98/2, just.49 per box!

Archer Farms ham: Spiral Cut Honey Half or Crunchy Glazed
Use the $2 Target couponFinal cost ?
**This also qualifies for the FREE Ham or Turkey rebate!

Select Pringles $1.50
Use the $1/2 coupon from the 3/15 or 4/5PG
Plus use 2 .50 Target coupon
Final cost .50 each!

V8 V-Fusion Juice $2.99Use the $2 coupon from here, IE or FirefoxFinal cost .99!

Select Dove Deodorant priced around $2
Use the the $1.25 coupon from the 3/15RP
Plus use the $1 Target coupon
Final cost possibly FREE + a .25 moneymaker!

Johnson's Soap Buddies priced around $1
Use the $1 coupon from the 3/8RP
Final cost FREE!
Granny Smith or Sonya Apples .99 per lb.Buy 1 lb and use the $1 Target coupon
Final cost FREE! *Supertarget
Purell hand Sanitizer (travel size).99Use the $2/2 coupon from here, IE or Firefox
Final cost 2 for FREE!
Quaker Granola Bites (hanging by the register) $1Use the $1 coupon from the the 3/29RP
Final cost FREE!
Nabisco Snak Saks $1.52Included varieties: Mini Oreo, Mini Teddy Grams, Mini Chips Ahoy, Barnum's Animal CrackersUse the $1 Target Coupon
Final cost ONLY .52!

Ritz Crackers $2.50Use the $1 Target couponFinal cost $1.50!

Smartfood Popcorn Clusters $3Use the $1 Target coupon
Plus use the $1 coupon from the current issue of All You Magazine
Final cost $1!

FREE deoderant, ketchup,and razors

go here right now and print off 2 coupns for Right Guard deoderant for FREE! offer only valid to first 10,000!

Also go here to requset a coupon book for a free bottle of ketchup!

Go to Gillette.com each day at (noon?) to try and recieve a free razor!

Rite Aid

These are my favorites thanks to HIPTOSAVE
Don't forget to transfer an Rx and usethe $5/$25 coupon too!

Complete Multipurpose Contact Solution $7.99 Get a $7.99 Single Check Rebate
Use the $2 coupon from the 5/31SS
Final cost FREE + a $2 profit!

Orajel Kids Plaque Revealing Rinse or Pre-Brush Gel $3 Get a $3 Single Check Rebate
Plus, submit for the $1.50 Orajel Mail in Rebate
Final cost FREE + Profit!

Philips Ear Buds w/Hard Case or 3-Device Remote Control $4.99Get a $4.99 Single Check Rebate
Final cost FREE!

Mars Candy Bars buy one at .88 get one free
Use the buy one get one free coupon (up to .88) from the 5/17RP
Final cost .03 for 2!

Noxzema Razors (4 ct) $1.89
Use the $2 coupon from All You Mag.Or $1 coupon from the 6/7RP
Final cost as low as FREE + overage!

Old El Paso deal at Dillon's

Thought I'd let everyone know that Michelle has confirmed the Old El Paso deal works for Dillon's also and runs through 5/26(or 5/22...I'll double check)
To maximize savings use the FREE taco seasoning packet peelies found on selct boxes at Walmart, Target, PriceCutter, and Dillon's...

PLUS...I was there today (E. Sunshine) and it seems like they are on sale too! Here's what I did....thanks to the very patient and kind cashier!

2 OldElPaso taco seasonings(by other seasoning packets) $1-2 FREE WYV 2 peelies=FREE
2 OldEl Paso Enchilada sauce $1.50ea
2 OldElPaso soft taco meals $2.09****closeout...did NOT ring up right...-$2.09 for store policy of it not ringing properly...
$5.09 and got back a $3 cat off beef or chicken...which I had to use because we're grilling today!

I'll be posting deals later for this week at Target, Walmart, CVS/WAGS...probably RiteAid...and Dillon's! Whew! But, right now we have company coming and tonight I have to sign a contract, because our offer was accepted on a house! Then we are going to see my hubby's grandparents who are in town....bye.!


Had a great trip..so I had to brag:)

First off, I stopped posting my monthly savings, because it gets tedious...but now I wish I had! This is the first month where I'm only waiting on $15 worth of rebates and have already recieved $90 worth(see here!) back....after the rebates I've recieved and not counting that $15...my total for the month is just at ......$110!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bwah-ha-ha! I think I've gotten better since simply learning what a coupon was last May!

Here's how the trip went...(I picked up FREE Quaker Quakes, and Suave deoderant last week...also, if you have Mission tortilla peelies, it makes the soft taco shells $1.25? I think....


8 Huggies wipes $1-8 various $.50/1, $.75/1 printables and home mailers(could have been 10 if smartsource worked for me!)
3 reusable bags $.99ea- free(from bag deisgn)-FREE WYB 2 GM products-FREE WYB 2 bags!
2 Kashi waffles $3.19-2 $1.50/1 printables=$1.69(this is not a good price..I just really wanted some!)
1 Seapak shrimp$4.59-FREEq
1 Seapak butterfly shrimp-FREEq
10 assorted Bird's eye veggies $1-5 $1/2(4/19SS)=$.50ea
2 GG boxed veggies $1-$.60/2 printable(also $.50/2 qs out there)=$.50ea
Yoplait yogurt 8 cup pack $4.59
(sell by date was in 2 days...good until the end of NEXT WEEK)
-the markdown I politely asked about= $.89

Yoplait yoplus $2.69-$1SC q-$.50/1 SS=$.69...would have been $.19, but my cellfire qs are being dumb

2 boxes Honey nut cheerios $3.29 and 2 boxes Golden Grahms$2.99ea
-FREE WYB 2 peelie(up to $4) and $1.50/3 GM catalina and 2 $.55/1 Honey nut cheerios printable(N/A) and $.55 Honey Nut cheerios SCq
...=$1.12 ea...:( + used free shopping q

2 NoYolks noodles $1.33ea-2 $.50/1 printables=$.33ea
1 Myloplex bar $2.49-FREE up to$3.29...cashier gave me $.50 overage
1 Kroger unsweet applesauce $1.55
2 Muir Glen tomato paste $1.19ea-2 $1 printables=$.19ea
1 head lettuce $.99
1 bag spinach $2.29
1 bunch bananas $1.13
1 bag marked down apples $1.49
1 lb. strawberries $1.88
2 lbs. pot roast $3.48(was $8~)

-$1 OYNO cat from mustard

Retail:$102.05(by reciept) My Total:$31.05(does not include the markdowns!)
got $2/5 GM cat too

3 WackyMac $1.19ea-3 $.50/1 printables=$.19ea
2 Kraft BBQ(we're grilling a lot...hubby's bday present!) $.97-2 $.35/1 peelies=$.27ea
1 Yoplait yoplus $3.29 -ms=$.99-$.50/1 SS=FREE
Retail:$8.80 My Total:$2.06

END OF FREE COTTONELLE..start of Angel Soft?

Yes it is true! According to what is posted on Hot Coupon World, a girl in Springfield(or surrounding areas...Alicia maybe? :) ) confirmed that Dillon's had an exclusive deal to sell 4pks. of Cottonelle toilet paper, that deal has expired and not been renewed. So, we should request they start selling the regular four packs of it( and not the double rolls) at Price Cutter. Until then, any time you find an Angel Soft coupon save it!~ Angel Soft is now $1.19 and sale price(like this week) is $1! I was very disappointed that the Kansas City Star did not have the $.50/1 coupon that was supposed to be released this week...:(

Make sure to check for $1 McCormick seasoning/gravy packets! -$.75/1 coupon these would be free! Thanks Michelle!


Dillon's/ Price Cutter Deals

Dillon's*doubles up to $.50 and rounds others to $1
(this ad is supposed to be the same next week too, but I WILL update it on Wed. if there are any changes)

Click here to design a bag and when done a couon for a free reuseable shopping bag will be downloaded to your card!

*KCStar coupons*
$10 for $10 deals
Suave deodorant($.50/1, Any - 03-29-09 RP)=FREE
Huggies wipes(YMMV or use your own judgement with these)
-*$.50/1 or $.75/1 Huggies wipes 64t. or larger(4/19SS or homemailers)=FREE

***Angel Soft $.50/1 4pk!=FREE***4/19coupon(not released in KC either??...!)

Bird's Eye Steamer rice/veggies and Green Giant boxed veggies(all varities) $1
-homemailers for Green Giant(BC books) and 3/29 SS =approx. $.50ea
Bird's eye $.35/1 or $1/2 inserts

Ricea Roni -$1/3 printable=$2/3
Scott paper towels -$1/4 3/29SS or printable=$3/4....not great
Parkay -$1/2 ALL YOU April issue=$.50ea
Capril Sun $1.79-$1/Capri Sun(Sunrise 4/19SS..if included)=$.79ea

ORGANIC Fuji, granny smith,red or gold delicous apples $3!
*Aldi's has 3lb. bags for $1 less, but if you don't want to drive, or want organic, this is great!

ORGANIC strawberries $2.69(1lb)
cantalope $1.99ea

Quaker Rice Quakes -$1/1(ss????I'll find it...)=FREE
Gatorade G2 -$.50/1 tearpad(gas stations)=FREE

Bertolli Meals $4.98-$2/1 printable or $1.25/1 insert=$2.98-$3.73!
Sunburst laundry detergant $1.88(not my favorite, but a great price!)

NoYolks egg noodles(I'd hang on to these and use closer to expiration date in case of a sale)$1.69?-$.75/1 printable or insert= $.69ea

PriceCutter*doubles UP TO $.50
Wacky Mac pasta $1.19-$.50/1 printable=$.19(good kid's noodles for chicken noodle soup!)
JennieO turkey franks $.89
Honeysuckle White turkey bacon $2
Pillsbury biscuit ,cinnamon or crescent rolls $1-all of those inserts!
$1 classic bandaids-$1/1=FREE


If you have not printed these already do so now! These result in free-inexpensive items!

Click here for a FREE organic burrito from EVOL

Click here and LOGIN to see your current offers from Kashi.

1st time registration(per computer) will get you $2/1 any printable(think cheap or free waffles)

returning users should see an option for a FREE entree coupon...if you don't have an offer, request it by simply emailing them

Click here for $1.50/1 Kashi GoLean waffles printable

Click here for Huggies $.50/1 wipes coupon(these say 64ct. or larger, but DO WORK and DO DOUBLE at stores...it is up to you how you decide to use the coupon)..if you have extra send them to me! My smartsource software does not work!

Click here for $1/1 Colgate(MM?) toothpaste coupon

Click here for $.50/1 WackyMac pasta and $.75/1 NOYolks egg noodles

Click and REGISTER on EAS to print a coupon to sample EAS Myloplex products upt o $3.89 for FREE!*When the printer box pops up, you can print off as many as you need.
COUPON IS GOOD UNTIL 12/31/2009!*Limit one per transaction*


FREE+shipping earrings!

Go here to add amethyst earrings to your cart...enter code: 0801 and you've snagged a pair of free earrings-regular value of $59.95! STOCK UP for Christmas OR call your friends and ask if they want a pair! Shipping including insurance for mine evened out to about $4.50each. Have fun!


Just thought I'd let you know...

That I'm taking a break. I've been slowly breaking from major couponing and thought I'd let you know that I'm going(tonight) start to post more of the best deals than I used to and STOP altogether posting my shopping trips...I'm sure you canunderstnad how much time that takes away from living life. So, thanks for understanding! I will update the deals Monday nights( Sun. is too busy for us) and otherwise I just can't update this that often...




McAffee internet program is a $4 MM at amazon.com! Go here at HiptoSave to find out how!

Get $20 off your next purchase at 1-800-flowers.com by clicking here. If I understand correctly, it is like $20 cash, making many items free(popcorn, cookies, Easter buddies,tulip bouquet)

Sample of Tide Total Care here

Go to Kashi's if you have not already requested you FREE frozen entree coupon(good until 6/30/09!)


My crazy rebate deals!

Remember how I said that I got some beer rebates from trades and Ebay? Well, I put them in full swing today! Please forgive my lot of Powerade...we're having the tummy bug and dehydration from Powerade is less than Pedialyte! Yeah...my total is high, but I kept telling myself that I would buy these things in a couple weeks anyways and they were almost entirely free after rebates!

Here is what I got:
10 Powerade, 1 bag spinich,1 bag mixed lettuce,14 Ragu, 14 boxes whole wheat pasta,1 cantalope, bananas, 1 16pk. yogurt, 1lb. dli ham, 1/2lb deli turkey, 1 kashi pizza, 2 Smucker's jelly spread

6 lean turkey rolls, 5lbs. Tyson natural/boneless ect. chicken, 2lbs. grapes, 1 red onion, 2 pks. Yoplait yoplus,2 boxes fishsticks,1 bag salmon, 10 Diego bandaids(not pictured), 1 ant spray(not pictured), 1 weed killer(not pictured)

Retail: 170.32 My Total:$111.06 AFTER rebate:$46.05!


11 cans Hunt's tomato sauce(not pictured) $.99ea
-Weekly coupon(made them $.39ea)
Retail:$8.97(aggh) My Total:$4.46....

Recieved:(I need to go back and get a couple more items to recieve $5 for the ConAgra rebate. It is $5 for $10 worth...I had $8.97!!!!! I guess I'll have to get a couple more cans tomorrow!
2 cans Hunt's tomato sauce$.99ea
1 Tyson anytizers* marked down* $3.55-ms=$.87
Retail:$5.53 My Total:$1.71 Recieved: $5 back




4 Zone bars $1ea-1 $.50/1(mailer) and 1 B1G3 printable(no longer available?)=$.50/4
3 Suave body wash $1.99-2 FREE(mailers) and 1 $2/3 bodywash RP =FREE
3 Loreal hair care(shampoo/conditioner/styler) $2.99
- $5/2(CVS mailer)-$2/1(CVS) -$1/1 styler and $1/1 Loreal Vive=FREE+$8.97 toward Loreal
(I didn't realize my raincheck counted toward this too, so I have to get my $5 FREE item next time I'm in!)
3 boxes Cheerios $3.33ea- $1/3 and FREE WYB 2 peelie=$2.22ea
1 Crest ProHealth $2.99-$1/1(P&G)=$1.99
1 Gillette Fusion $7.99(raincheck)-$4/1(P&G)=$3.99
2 Pampers jumbo EasyUps $10(raincheck)-$1/1(mailer) and $1.50/1(mailer)=$8.75ea
4 Ritz crackers $1(raincheck)-2 $2/2=FREE
2 Gold Emblem cashews $.99ea-1 $2/2CRT=FREE
1 Playskool TS wipes $1.99-$2/1 CRT=FREE
-$10/$50 CRT and $18.96ECB
Retail(reciept savings):$98.27 My Total:$2.46 Recieved:$18ECB

4 Sponge bob bandaids(cleaerance) $1.50ea-2 $3/2=FREE
4 Diego bandaids $1.18ea-2 $3/2=FREE+overage
1 Nestle cookies $2.43(TRY ME rebate)
2 Tyson boneless chicken (marked down) $3.15ea
2 Pace salsa $2.67ea- 2 $4/1 printable(instant win game)=FREE+overage
2 SmartBalance spread $2.50ea-(PRICE MATCHED to wags!)-2 $1/ peelies=$.50ea
1 Smartbalance butter sticks $2.99-FREEWYB spread=FREE
Retail:$30.77 My Total:$6.12 -rebate:$3.69!

Dillons(2 transactions)*(sale price, mega sale discount at end)
3 *Powerade $.99-3 $.40/1 tearpads=$.19ea
5 *Colgate toothpaste $1.50-5 $.75/1(SS)=$.50ea
1 *Softsoap $1-$.75/1(Colgate-Palmolive home mailer)=FREE
1 *Irish Springs 3pk. $1.50-$1/1(Colgate-Palmolive home mailer)=$.50
1 Dan-animals yogurt pack(Tristan asking for that darn monkey yogurt again!) $2.29
bananas $1.23
4 2pks. Beechnut baby food orig. 1.67-closeout-4 $1/1 ANY Beechnut(home mailer for compliment)=$.03ea!
2 bags Fresh Express spinich $2.29-MS=$1.49-$1 WYB2(blinkie)=$.99ea
1 Kroger cottage cheese $2.39
1 Sargento Finishers $2.50( I didn't realize this was a part of the mix and match...otherwise I would not have gotten 1 tube of toothpaste)-$1/1blinkie and TRY ME FREE REBATE(3/15SS)=FREE up to $2.50?...or $1.50(if they give me the after coupon price)
Retail:$39/04 My Total:$11.34-rebate=$8.84

2nd trans.
3 Kashi pizzas(sale) $5.54ea
Retail:$21.58 My Total:$16.33-$15 rebate=$1.33!
1 bottle asprin $.99-FREE
1 envelopes $1.19(no huggies in!)
Retail:$2.18 My Total: $1.59(on giftcard0=FREE
Other:(forgot items)
1 loaf bread $1
2 pks. peppers(6 total, red, yellow, and green) $1.49ea
1 bag dark brown sugar $1.99


Sharing my EBay experiences

It seems kinda crazy to pay a clipping fee for coupons, but from only doing it a few times...it's completely worth it! I am still amazed that our total bill is still less than 50% of what it was this time last year when I started researching the "coupon girls" and we have even added a little one during that time! I challenged myself this past month to try and see if collecting coupons from Ebay was worth the trouble, but I have quickly realized that it is a great way to get coupons for what you need. You do need to be aware of who your seller is when you do this! Only trade with a seller who pictures the exact coupon you are purchasing and specifically says they are charging a handling fee(buying the actual coupon is illegal). Also, KNOW your coupons...don't get printables, they could be copies or PDF files that are now considered fraudulant...the best example is $2 off Silk Soy. The Silk coupon was a promotional coupon that was originally realeased as a PDF file and quickly pulled from the site a couple days later when the manufacturer realized it could be saved...that was a couple of years ago and it is still being sold on Ebay. Silk has asked that stores do not accept this coupon, so don't buy it! Anyways, on to my experiences.


This is a HUGE expense for me! I'm trying to potty train one, but it's not going well and we still have a baby and I'm NOT buying off brands...I have tried 3 different off brands and they are not the same. So, I purchased 5 FREE Pampers coupons with no max. value..and found out that ToysRUs, Dillon's ect. will happily accept them for boxes of diapers. I used these during a promo. period and paid tax on the diapers and also recieved a $15 giftcard in return! These coupons cost a fee of $9.99ea which is how much the small packs cost on sale...so I thought even if I can't get large sizes, I'm not losing money.


This is not a necessity, but my husband and I quite enjoy shrimp and salmon. It's packed full of good stuff and so, I want to find a way to pay for it. I purchased 6 FREE Seapak products for $4.50ea...Seapak shrimp goes on sale every 3-4 weeks for 50%off at Dillon's....there is a couple of friendly cashiers that will ring the coupon in for the presale price(they are coupon-ers too) and I end up getting free seafood +about $4-$5 off my other items...not a bad deal.

FREE WYB coupons

20 FREE pasta up to $1.50 WYB 1 Ragu...it cost $10 for these or $.50 ea. I have already used 6, but the rest will be used in combination with a Budweiser rebate I got off of Ebay too. Here's how I plan to use those and the math that goes with. Wait until whole grain pasta goes on sale for $1.50 or less....

Buy 14 Ragu pasta sauce $1.78ea(Walmart price, but Dillon's sometimes has it for less...) $24.92

14 whole grain pasta $1.50ea-7 FREE WYB pasta=FREE

+$3.50(cost of the coupons)

+$2.42(cost of rebates..I do one rebate to my house, and one to friends)

-2 $10 Bud rebates that inluded $10 off $10 or more...snacks, ice, CONDIMENTS(yes, Ragu counts!)

=$10.84 for 14 Ragu and $14 pasta sauce!

Our family can use an entire box and jar for anywhere from 2-3 meals. That's like $.25 per meal for the entire family if you don't add meat!

My point is that you have to use good judgement when using Ebay, but if you do the math...it can be pretty sweet! It's also pretty fun when someone behind you gets curious about what's taking so long and realizes that your total just went to virtually nothing! He he he:)


Target Deals

* I'd like you to be aware that when I went in on Sat. and bought GoFresh deoderant the cashier automatically did 75%off the item value instead of giving me the deoderant free. I politely asked her why she did that when the coupon value is clearly more(and Target gets that full value).. and she said "oh, well, when I was trained, they told us that if your item is less than the coupon value, then to do 75% off, unless the customer says something!" So, WATCH YOUR COUPONS if you are doing travel sizes.

THESE ARE THE BACK TO SCHOOL DEALS AT TARGET> UNLESS YOU HAVE TO SHOP AT ONLY TARGET FOR BACK TO SCHOOL...these are NOT good deals. The exception is maybe Mead 1" binders for $1...and that is only because most teachers require you to have one for each class. Otherwise, all of these items have been free(or $.01!) or will be free at CVS, Staples, Office Depot ect. DO NOT LET $.50 prices fool you into stocking up on office supplies. You are not going to be eating $.50 pens for dinner.

Banana Boat Sunscreen in the Travel Section is only .99
Use the $1 coupon from the 5/3SS (does not exclude travel size)
Final cost FREE!(Thanks, NWA Deals!)

Dove GoFresh deoderant t.s. $.97-$1.25/1=FREE

Olay bar soap(1ct. travel) $1- $1/1 Olay bar pack soap(6/7? P&G)=FREE*NO BEEPS

Nexxus bandaids travel$.97-$1/1printable=FREE

Kellogg's Pop-Tarts (8 ct) $1.52Use the .55 coupon from the 6/7RPor $1/2(8/2RP)
Or the .55 coupon from here: IE or FirefoxPlus, use the .75 Target couponFinal cost ONLY .22 per box!*Time to stock up!

Select varieties of Alexia Crunchy Snacks $2.50
Use the 2 $1 coupons from the 6/14SS
Plus, use the .75/2 Target coupon Final cost $1.25 each!

Kashi Single Cereal Cups $1Use the $1 Target coupon Final cost FREE!

MorningStar Farms products priced around $3.39
Use the $1/1 coupon available here: IE or Firefox or here or here: IE or Firefox.
OR $1/2(8/2RP)
Plus, combine with the $2/2 Target coupon
Final cost $1.39 per box!
Also, don't forget that these qualify for the Kellogg's Fuel for School rebate!
**we bought the kind that is like a gound meat substitute and Tristan eats 2nds with it in it...he will not eat 2nds if there is ground meat usually.

Del Monte Fruit Chillers $2Use the $1 coupon from here Final cost $1!

Dove Face Wipes (5 ct) .99 Use the $1 Dove Face Care coupon from the 6/7RP =FREE!

Reach Toothbrush (select varieties) .97 Use the $1 coupon from the 3/15 or 6/14SS=FREE!

Dove Go Fresh Deodorant Travel size .97- $1 coupon from the 6/7RP=FREE!

Johnson & Johnson Red Cross First Aid kit (travel size) .99- $1 coupon from the 5/17RP
Final cost FREE!**You can also get these FREE at Walmart & CVS too!

Axe shower gel (travel size) .97
Use the $1 coupon from the 4/5RP
Final cost FREE!

Renu Contact solution (trial size) $1.59 Use the $1 coupon from here Final cost $.59:(

Johnson's Soap Buddies priced around $1
Use the $1 coupon from the 3/8RP
Final cost FREE!
Also from 8/2 inserts would be free....
ALL, Tide, Clean and Clear, Olay items, ect. FREE a/c

Socks ect. BOGO

Numerous readers are having issues with being able to stack a Target coupon and manufacturer coupon together on one item. Well, the good news is that Target's coupon policy clearly states that you can use both coupons together on one item. Their policy also states that if the value of the coupon is higher then the value of the item, then they can adjust the coupon down. Go on over here to access their coupon policy. Print it off and keep it with you every time you shop at Target. You also may want to read more about the coupon issues people have been encountering and what can be done about it here.
*I have personally had trouble whenever there is a guy manager working the front...I can not remember his name! He has glasses, tall, belly, umm..balding? and he looks like he's smelling dirty diapers whenever he is working...ahh. Anyways, the only bad days I've had at Target, are when he is there, so I turn around and walk out.

Walmart and some Target deals

We had to go tothe recycling center and YMCA, so we managed to pick up the following while we were out...although, now that I think about it, I should have organized my Target deals last night, because I missed a few.*pics later...as always:)

6 Diego Bandaids $1.18-3 $3/2 blinkies=FREE+overage
2 Nestle Goodstart formula $6.32-1 $11/1 and $8/1 check(home mailer)=FREE+overage
5 boxes Kashi bars $2.98ea- 5 $2/1(home mailer, was tucked in with a sample...and very tricky to find!)=$.98ea
3 bags Salmon $3.50(rollback)
1 Oreo(DH request) $2.50
2 Dananimials crush yogurt(Tristan's "monkey" yogurt) $2-$1/1(SS)=$1ea
1 10oz. spinich $4.88
Retail: $46 My Total:$17.63
Recieve:$10 rebate for $10+ in seafood(beer rebate traded for on HCW)

6 Market Pantry soups $.54ea-3 $.50/2 printables=$.27ea
2 Mott's applesauce(6pk) $1.69-2 $.55/1 printable and 2 $1/1 TQ=$.14ea!
1 bunny ears (Izzy's Easter basket) $1
Retail:$7.62 My Total:$2.10
(transferred Rx and they gave me the WRONG prenatal vitamins....they were more expensive by $9! aggh! got a $25 giftcard..cost $18.99. I also got a raincheck for Huggies, which is fine with me. That means less will be taken off my giftcard when they come in!)
4 Glade Sense and Spray $7.99ea-3 $4/1SS and a BOGO printable-4 $4/1 MarchESC=FREE+$4
2 Glade Lasting Impressions(they only had 2!) $7.99ea-2 $4/1SS-2 $4/1 MarchESC=FREE
8 Garnier shampoo,conditioner, styler $2.99ea-8 $2/1march ESC and 8 $1/1RP=FREE
1 Domino sugar $3.49
2 SmartBalance spread $2.99ea-BOGO -2 $.50/1(home mailer)=$1ea
Retail(by reciept):$101.93 My Total:$6.52(and $5.17 was TAX!)
Have:$18.48 left on GC
and a raincheck that says 3 packs Gentle Care diapers for a total of $20.
1 VERY expensive sticker book $12.99( it's huge...for potty training incentive...which I'm not sure if it's working or not!)
1 bag organic cheese puffs(Tristan's easter basket treat) $2.79
-$15 giftcard(from free diapers)
Retail"$16.78 My Total:$1.78


CVS and Walmart trip

CVS:got rainchecks for Pampers Easy Ups, Gillette razor, and Carnation Instant breakfast

NEW: the coupon machine has been reset...so, a TON of new ones printed out! I still have to check them against man. qs and deals,but I'll let you know. Idid get $2/any 2 Gold Emblem nuts. It makes small packs free, but they were out of chocolate covered, so I'm waiting:)

1 Slimquick $4.99
1 CVS Vitamin D $2.99
1 *Loeal Revitalift towelettes $6-$1/1 =$5
(*raincheck, had purchased 1...got back 10ECB)
1 Cheerio bar $.89
3 Diego v-day chocolate $.13ea(90%off)
1 Orajel toddler paste $3.79
2 Act ts $.99ea
Retail:$23.52 My Total:$.05 Recieved:$19.96 ECB

Walmart: I returned a couple things..got back $13.49...I forgot Tristan's socks, trash bags, and sugar....arrghh.
8 Powerade Zero $.75ea-8 FREE Powerade qs(Coke Rewards)=FREE
2 Seapak shrimp scampi(1lb boxes) $8.12-2 FREE(ebay)=FREE
4 Honeysuckle White turkey rolls $1.98ea
1 Pampers Easy Ups $10.24-$1/1=$9.24(I should have used a comp. ad from CVS..)
4 Huggies GENTLE CARE dispposable changing mats $2.82
-4 $5/1 ANY Huggies Gentle care=FREE + $8.64 overage
1 SpraynWash for whites $2-TRY ME FREE rebate=FREE(after rebate)
7 *Diego bandaids $1.18ea- 3 $3/2 Bandaid=FREE+$.74 overage
* I also had butterfly closures so I could use another coupon, but they didn't get scanned...so I did pay for 1 Bandaid..if it had been scanned I would have used another coupon and had $1.92 overage.
Retail:$61.94 My Total:$10.13 Recieve:$2 by rebate

Cost:$8.13(or free if you count that I returned items, however you want to look at it)


My crazy Dillon's Trips!

I have a question...has anyone seen Mentos gum for $1 at Dillon's? I have not seen it, but I saw on a message board that girls have been getting it free after doubles...so, if you do find it, post please:)

Also, I wanted to mention that the shortcuts coupon for $.55/1 Honeynut cheerios did NOT come off...so instead of $.12 for Cheerios, it was $.67.

Here's what I got in multiple transactions at different stores! The non Pillsbury items were fillers/baby food items/ we're having guests and I needed stuff for pizza:) I kept having to add things because I'd be a couple pennies under...oh well. I plan to share some Pillsbury with my mom-in-law from my recent trips...she has a lot more room to store it and more people to eat it!

1 Kroger cottage cheese $1
1 Hormel Pepperoni $2-$.55/1=$1
1 head lettuce $1.34
3 sweet potatoes $1.21
3 boxes Kraft macncheese $.50ea
43 Pillsbury crescent rolls $1ea-multiple($.35/1 printable and $.25/1)
8 Pillsbury cinnamon rolls $1ea-multiple(.$.35/1 printable and $.30/1)
3 Grands! biscuits $1ea-3 $.25/1=$.50ea
1 Pillsbury pizza crust $2.89-$1.10/1 (psst..q)
1 Altoid $1
3(just under) lbs. plums $3.46
8 Suave lotion $.99-8 $1/1=FREE
2 Aqufresh paste $1-2 $.75/1 printable=FREE
-12 $3 OYNOs
Retail:$120.45 My Total:$10.10($3 was tax)

Walmart(hubby trip)*not pictured
2 bags chips $2.50ea
1 box ant stakes $5.77
Aldi's(baby food stuff)
2 2lbs. carrots $.99ea
2 lbs. grapes $1.78
1 lb. strawberries $1.29
2 3lb. bags gala apples $1.19ea
2 3pks. yellow squash $1.99ea
head cauliflower $1.49
My Total:$13.40
Other Dillons trip(totals approx b/c my reciept is gone:()
1 Pillsbury pizza crust $2.89-$1.10(psst..q)=$1.79
12Pillsbury Grands! $1-11 4.25/1=$.50EA
17Pillsbury cinnamon rolls $1ea-multiple($.40/1 or $.30/1)=$.20-$.40ea
3 Colgate toothbrush $1-3 $.75/1=FREE
2 Powerade Zero $1ea-2 $.40/1 tearpad=$.20ea
2 Kraft macncheese $.50ea
1 sweettart(hubby) $1.49
1 Hershey bar $.50
-4 $3 OYNO
Retail(by my other reciepts):$50.69 My Total:$4.80