Price Cutter and Harter House deals til'10/6


Libby's canned vegetables $.50ea-$1/4SS=$.25ea WYB 4(my target price-STOCK UP!)
Green Giant Steamers $1.66ea-$.50/1SS=$.66ea
I THINK the brand is Mike's cocktails, but there are 4 packs of ready made cocktails like mojito, screwdrivers, lemon drop ect. that are $2.49ea!!!Good til 11/02(price...not the expiration). They are usually $8.49, so this is a great deal!

Harter House
Bird's Eye veggies $1- $.35/1SS =$.30ea

*Also, at Harter House they have breast cancer awareness flyers with about 20 MANUFACTURER'S COUPONS-NOT "IN-AD" coupons! lol, I grabbed a few...
Otherwise...I'm not seeing much in the ad this week for either store. :(

Wonderbread $1.69-$.55/1 IP(N/A) or $.55/1 insert q=$.68ea
California Pizza Kitchen pizzas (really delicous!)$3.97-$1/1 IP(n/a) or $1/1 insert=$2.97
Cambell's tomato soups and chicken noodle $.50ea(various coupons...the low price last year was $.40, so I wouldn't stock up just yet,unless you're out,like me:))
Dr.Pepper 2 lt. regularly $1.48 have $.55/1peelies...=$.48ea
Yakisoba noodles $.99-$.50/1 insert q=FREE(I tried these...and they are so gross!, I would get them and give them away!)
MEGA SALE Starts on the next ad, so don't buy too much this week at Dillon's!

Check your $1/1 ANY coupons and matchup to the trial section
Crystal light trial size packets are gone(I think...they were clearanced when I was there but were sold out:()
Fancy Feast meals $.96?ea-B1G1 man.q(RP) and B1G1 T.printable=2 FREE


Together We Save said...

Wow - good deals! I wish I could find such a good deal on Bisquick shake & pour. I love it it is so easy.

LaTrappistine said...

Do you know if their double-ad Wednesdays are still going on? I assumed it was, and wanted to go today to snap up some of that $1 jumbo head iceberg lettuce, but I checked the ad and don't see the special advertised this week.

brittlynn44 said...

The double ad Wed. are for Sept. I believe they are over, but please let me know if you find out otherwise.