Evolving Economic Realities Qs

For COM115(Public Speaking) our assignment for speech 3 is to talk about any topic falling uder the theme above. You can probably guess that I'm going to attempt to talk about coupons, but I need some help for my recent sources. So, my fellow coupon-ers, please answer these questions for me and e-mail me the answers(or post here..comments are moderated, so I will be the only one to see your answers). This would greatly help me out. Thank you in advance!!!*You don't have to answer all of them, but it would be helpful.:)

1.) Why did you start using coupons? What was your reality or wake-up call to start using?
2.) Was there someone in your life that was an example of a frugalist who inspired you to start?
3.) How did you start researching the coupon topic? Did you see a TV show about coupons? Did you start by getting a newspaper and matching them up to weekly ads? Did you read blogs?....ect.
4.)Which resource has been the most helpful?
5.) Which store is your favorite to shop at and why?
6.) How much did you spend before using coupons? How many people are in your family?
7.) How much do you spend now after coupons?
8.) How have coupons changed your lifestyle?(i.e. how you shop, benefits of more items ect.)
9.)What do you generally NOT pay for(or get for free) after coupons?
10.) What will you only pay $.50 or less for?
11.)What will you only pay $1 or less for?
12.) How do you save on clothes? Do you thrift shop, or try to use programs similar to GymBucks at Gymboree to score namebrand clothes at Walmart prices?
13.)How do you save on Christmas presents? Do you use the toy clearance in Jan./July with coupons?...do you do free after rebate items?
14.) Do you or are you actively involved in donating coupon "extras" to charities? or do you sell you "extras" at garage sales to make some money?
15.) Do you buy papers(where do you buy)? Which one?(KCStar or Newsleader)? or do you order from a clipping service/Ebay?
16.) How do you organize them?
17.)Any tips for getting papers/inserts for free?
18.) Are you a product tester(ANY company...i.e. Pssst...,VocalPoint, MomSelect, Pinecone Research ect.)
19.) Do you have kids? If "YES", how have they(if at all) become more thrifty because of your example?
20.) Any helpful financial advice for college students in regards to using coupons?

WOW! That's a doozie, but I would really appreciate it if you could answer all to the best of your ability. Thank you!!!

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