PriceCutter Deals and Harter House..Dillon's too

Price Cutter deals for the week until 7/28 are...

Hiland sour cream or dip 16oz. $.99
-$.55/1 sour cream OR $.55/1 dip printable=$.44
Betty Crocker cookie mix $17.5oz. $1.66
-$.40/1 printable=$.86ea(this makes 2-3 dozen in my experience)
Musselman's applesauce 4pk. totally fruit or healthy pick $1.50
- $.50/1Parent's magazine July09=$.50 OR
$.30/1 printable(print from Mozzilla firefox..also, q prints on the top of the page..so after it prints, hit cancel to save some ink!* YOU CAN PRINT 4 TIMES! WOO!)=$.90

$.87lb red seedless grapes(GREAT PRICE)
Gatorade $1 -$.50/1 tearpad=FREE

Plums $.99lb
red or green romaine $.89ea
red peppers $.69ea(GREAT FOR RED PEPPERS!)
walla walla or red onions $.79lb(GREAT FOR RED ONIONS!)
Hass avacados $.89ea- $.55/1 from Sutter? wine tag=$.34ea...maybe I should try pureeing these again for my spinach dip....
Russett potatoes $2.39 for 10lb. bag
broccolli crowns $1.29 lb

Dillons*bring your reuseable bags for $.05 off your order for each one!
Crest toothpaste $1 -$.50/1(6/7P&G) or -$.75/1(7/5P&G) =FREE
Oral B toothbrushes $1-$1/(7/5 P&G)=FREE
Speedstick $.88-$1.50/1 printable(n/a)=FREE with possible overage..NOT A PART OF THE MEGA SALE ANYMORE!
Chiquita bites $1 -FREE single printable=FREE
ChefBoyRdee $.88-$1/1 printable=FREE with possible overage

The mega sale is still going on...buy in mix and match multiples of 10 for the following prices
Fiber One Yogurt 4pk. $1.99-$1/1 printable or 7/12SS AND $1/1 Cellfire=FREE
Yoplait GoGurt,Trix, kid's yogurts ect. 6pk. $1.99-$.35/17/12SS or $.40/1 printable AND $.80/2Cellfire=$1.78/2 OR $1.58/2
Yoplait YoPlus 4pk. $1.99 -$.50/1 6/7SS or $1/1 printable or here AND $1/1 shortcuts q=FREE
and if you still have Vitamin water coupons( which I can NEVER seem to find!) they are a MM this week and are included in the mega sale!

see other Dillon's post for more matchups!

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Michelle' said...

Hi Brittany - how have you been? Looks like you have been really finding the deals - you are so good at it. I can definitely use some gloves, lol. Do you remember if those were in the Springfield paper or Kansas City? I'm not sure they would get here in time if I ordered them now. I have just been trying to use up stock for the most part, but am ready to get back in the swing of things, especially for all 5 kids going to school this year. Cooper will only go 2 half days at Pre-school, but it seems weird to say that all of them will be in school, have never had that before. Anyway, need those supplies. I missed out on CVS deals - sure hope there are more to come. Take care, was nice visiting your site again. Hope all is well.