My Dillon's trips

Today I went a Mega-sale-ing...I did NOT clear the shelves by any means and above is what I ended up with from multiple stores. I still have coupons left to use for overage, so I'll have to make another trip when those get here. Anyways here it is:..*=NOT PICTURED items

87 pairs Playtex handsaver gloves
30 bottles Kraft ranch dressing
2 bags Tyson precooked/seasoned chicken
2 boxes Tyson chicken nuggets
1 Oscar Meyer DeliFresh chicken lunchmeat
1lb. boneless Tyson chicken breast(marked down)
*8 Sobe Lifewater
*13 Smartwater
*8 Sunny Delight smoothie flavored
2 Yolpait YoPlus yogurt packs
2 FiberOne yogurt packs
2 Trix Yogurt packs
5 boxes Kellogg's cereals
5 Keebler cookies
*9 jars Gerber baby food(3rd and 2nds)
3 packages tortilla shells
1 8pk. AA Duracell batteries
*1 book stamps
*1 pack envelopes
*4 boxes Kleenex
4 Dole fruit cup packs
6 Pepperidge farm cookies
1 Daisy sour cream(large)
1 Orajel toddler toothpaste
5 various Speedstick deoderants
4 bricks Philidelphia cream cheese
2 Philly cream cheese spreads
4 bags Cheerios snack mix
1 bag Chex mix
....I PROMISE we are not living off of cookies and cereal! When the rest of my coupons come, we will be getting next weeks produce ect., but we are fine on that for now...except I forgot bananas!
I messed up at 2 stores by getting 4 items too many that were a part of the mega sale....but I still did okay. I actually have to return a pack of cookies too because they are expired...so I might get my money back on those!(wee!)
Before Sales and Coupons and rebate: $496.30 My Total after sale,qs,and rebate:$40.73!!!
+I have $1OYNO from Kleenex to use!
P.S. You may wonder...after you get more overage coupons(from the Playtex gloves and dressing) what are you going to do with 200 pairs of gloves and 30 bottles of ranch???!!! Well, I clean. My friends clean their houses...and if everyone I know doesn't want to be stocked up on disposable gloves, there is always a garage sale to be had:) The ranch will get used by friends and family...my hubbys family likes ranch with pizza and salad...or pasta salad or chicken, or garage sale;)

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