ALL Small and Mighty

I recently had the oppurtunity to try All Small and Mighty thanks to MomSelect and it has to be my favorite laundry detergent. With two little ones 2 and under, I prefer All Small and Mighty in Stainlifter or Free and Clear. Here are some benefits of these two versions(other than them smelling great!)

*It takes up less space than other detergents because of the 3x concentrated formula

*The stainlifting works more effectively(at least with my various at home tests) than Tide or Arm and Hammer liquid detergents.

*All Free and Clear is great for people with sensitive skin(like babies!...and cost a lot less than Dreft!). My friend has exzema and this is the only detergent she can use. #1 Dermatologist recommended.

Sign up at All-laundry.com and get a $1 off coupon too!

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