My crazy rebate deals!

Remember how I said that I got some beer rebates from trades and Ebay? Well, I put them in full swing today! Please forgive my lot of Powerade...we're having the tummy bug and dehydration from Powerade is less than Pedialyte! Yeah...my total is high, but I kept telling myself that I would buy these things in a couple weeks anyways and they were almost entirely free after rebates!

Here is what I got:
10 Powerade, 1 bag spinich,1 bag mixed lettuce,14 Ragu, 14 boxes whole wheat pasta,1 cantalope, bananas, 1 16pk. yogurt, 1lb. dli ham, 1/2lb deli turkey, 1 kashi pizza, 2 Smucker's jelly spread

6 lean turkey rolls, 5lbs. Tyson natural/boneless ect. chicken, 2lbs. grapes, 1 red onion, 2 pks. Yoplait yoplus,2 boxes fishsticks,1 bag salmon, 10 Diego bandaids(not pictured), 1 ant spray(not pictured), 1 weed killer(not pictured)

Retail: 170.32 My Total:$111.06 AFTER rebate:$46.05!


11 cans Hunt's tomato sauce(not pictured) $.99ea
-Weekly coupon(made them $.39ea)
Retail:$8.97(aggh) My Total:$4.46....

Recieved:(I need to go back and get a couple more items to recieve $5 for the ConAgra rebate. It is $5 for $10 worth...I had $8.97!!!!! I guess I'll have to get a couple more cans tomorrow!
2 cans Hunt's tomato sauce$.99ea
1 Tyson anytizers* marked down* $3.55-ms=$.87
Retail:$5.53 My Total:$1.71 Recieved: $5 back

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