Walmart and some Target deals

We had to go tothe recycling center and YMCA, so we managed to pick up the following while we were out...although, now that I think about it, I should have organized my Target deals last night, because I missed a few.*pics later...as always:)

6 Diego Bandaids $1.18-3 $3/2 blinkies=FREE+overage
2 Nestle Goodstart formula $6.32-1 $11/1 and $8/1 check(home mailer)=FREE+overage
5 boxes Kashi bars $2.98ea- 5 $2/1(home mailer, was tucked in with a sample...and very tricky to find!)=$.98ea
3 bags Salmon $3.50(rollback)
1 Oreo(DH request) $2.50
2 Dananimials crush yogurt(Tristan's "monkey" yogurt) $2-$1/1(SS)=$1ea
1 10oz. spinich $4.88
Retail: $46 My Total:$17.63
Recieve:$10 rebate for $10+ in seafood(beer rebate traded for on HCW)

6 Market Pantry soups $.54ea-3 $.50/2 printables=$.27ea
2 Mott's applesauce(6pk) $1.69-2 $.55/1 printable and 2 $1/1 TQ=$.14ea!
1 bunny ears (Izzy's Easter basket) $1
Retail:$7.62 My Total:$2.10
(transferred Rx and they gave me the WRONG prenatal vitamins....they were more expensive by $9! aggh! got a $25 giftcard..cost $18.99. I also got a raincheck for Huggies, which is fine with me. That means less will be taken off my giftcard when they come in!)
4 Glade Sense and Spray $7.99ea-3 $4/1SS and a BOGO printable-4 $4/1 MarchESC=FREE+$4
2 Glade Lasting Impressions(they only had 2!) $7.99ea-2 $4/1SS-2 $4/1 MarchESC=FREE
8 Garnier shampoo,conditioner, styler $2.99ea-8 $2/1march ESC and 8 $1/1RP=FREE
1 Domino sugar $3.49
2 SmartBalance spread $2.99ea-BOGO -2 $.50/1(home mailer)=$1ea
Retail(by reciept):$101.93 My Total:$6.52(and $5.17 was TAX!)
Have:$18.48 left on GC
and a raincheck that says 3 packs Gentle Care diapers for a total of $20.
1 VERY expensive sticker book $12.99( it's huge...for potty training incentive...which I'm not sure if it's working or not!)
1 bag organic cheese puffs(Tristan's easter basket treat) $2.79
-$15 giftcard(from free diapers)
Retail"$16.78 My Total:$1.78

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