CVS and Walmart trip

CVS:got rainchecks for Pampers Easy Ups, Gillette razor, and Carnation Instant breakfast

NEW: the coupon machine has been reset...so, a TON of new ones printed out! I still have to check them against man. qs and deals,but I'll let you know. Idid get $2/any 2 Gold Emblem nuts. It makes small packs free, but they were out of chocolate covered, so I'm waiting:)

1 Slimquick $4.99
1 CVS Vitamin D $2.99
1 *Loeal Revitalift towelettes $6-$1/1 =$5
(*raincheck, had purchased 1...got back 10ECB)
1 Cheerio bar $.89
3 Diego v-day chocolate $.13ea(90%off)
1 Orajel toddler paste $3.79
2 Act ts $.99ea
Retail:$23.52 My Total:$.05 Recieved:$19.96 ECB

Walmart: I returned a couple things..got back $13.49...I forgot Tristan's socks, trash bags, and sugar....arrghh.
8 Powerade Zero $.75ea-8 FREE Powerade qs(Coke Rewards)=FREE
2 Seapak shrimp scampi(1lb boxes) $8.12-2 FREE(ebay)=FREE
4 Honeysuckle White turkey rolls $1.98ea
1 Pampers Easy Ups $10.24-$1/1=$9.24(I should have used a comp. ad from CVS..)
4 Huggies GENTLE CARE dispposable changing mats $2.82
-4 $5/1 ANY Huggies Gentle care=FREE + $8.64 overage
1 SpraynWash for whites $2-TRY ME FREE rebate=FREE(after rebate)
7 *Diego bandaids $1.18ea- 3 $3/2 Bandaid=FREE+$.74 overage
* I also had butterfly closures so I could use another coupon, but they didn't get scanned...so I did pay for 1 Bandaid..if it had been scanned I would have used another coupon and had $1.92 overage.
Retail:$61.94 My Total:$10.13 Recieve:$2 by rebate

Cost:$8.13(or free if you count that I returned items, however you want to look at it)

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Shannon (Coupon Mommy Of 2) said...

Great job! I love saving money!