My crazy Dillon's Trips!

I have a question...has anyone seen Mentos gum for $1 at Dillon's? I have not seen it, but I saw on a message board that girls have been getting it free after doubles...so, if you do find it, post please:)

Also, I wanted to mention that the shortcuts coupon for $.55/1 Honeynut cheerios did NOT come off...so instead of $.12 for Cheerios, it was $.67.

Here's what I got in multiple transactions at different stores! The non Pillsbury items were fillers/baby food items/ we're having guests and I needed stuff for pizza:) I kept having to add things because I'd be a couple pennies under...oh well. I plan to share some Pillsbury with my mom-in-law from my recent trips...she has a lot more room to store it and more people to eat it!

1 Kroger cottage cheese $1
1 Hormel Pepperoni $2-$.55/1=$1
1 head lettuce $1.34
3 sweet potatoes $1.21
3 boxes Kraft macncheese $.50ea
43 Pillsbury crescent rolls $1ea-multiple($.35/1 printable and $.25/1)
8 Pillsbury cinnamon rolls $1ea-multiple(.$.35/1 printable and $.30/1)
3 Grands! biscuits $1ea-3 $.25/1=$.50ea
1 Pillsbury pizza crust $2.89-$1.10/1 (psst..q)
1 Altoid $1
3(just under) lbs. plums $3.46
8 Suave lotion $.99-8 $1/1=FREE
2 Aqufresh paste $1-2 $.75/1 printable=FREE
-12 $3 OYNOs
Retail:$120.45 My Total:$10.10($3 was tax)

Walmart(hubby trip)*not pictured
2 bags chips $2.50ea
1 box ant stakes $5.77
Aldi's(baby food stuff)
2 2lbs. carrots $.99ea
2 lbs. grapes $1.78
1 lb. strawberries $1.29
2 3lb. bags gala apples $1.19ea
2 3pks. yellow squash $1.99ea
head cauliflower $1.49
My Total:$13.40
Other Dillons trip(totals approx b/c my reciept is gone:()
1 Pillsbury pizza crust $2.89-$1.10(psst..q)=$1.79
12Pillsbury Grands! $1-11 4.25/1=$.50EA
17Pillsbury cinnamon rolls $1ea-multiple($.40/1 or $.30/1)=$.20-$.40ea
3 Colgate toothbrush $1-3 $.75/1=FREE
2 Powerade Zero $1ea-2 $.40/1 tearpad=$.20ea
2 Kraft macncheese $.50ea
1 sweettart(hubby) $1.49
1 Hershey bar $.50
-4 $3 OYNO
Retail(by my other reciepts):$50.69 My Total:$4.80


Julie said...

I searched too for the Mentos and never found them. I was looking forward to free gum.

By the way, you can freeze the Pillsbury items and they will be just fine. Give them about 24 hours to thaw in your fridge.

Michelle' said...

WOW - I was just going to ask if you can freeze the biscuits - lol! I only ended up with 10. But when I saw you got this many, I thought how will you be able to eat all of this before the expir date. Tidbit on the Mentos gum - they are located in another place where the meds and so forth are. Of course they were all gone, but I did get a raincheck - always ask for those rainchecks. Hoping they come in before coupon expires but remember Dillons takes expired coupons up to 2 weeks as well. Good luck! Nice trips Brittany.

Sandra said...

WOW am I envious! Great job.