Blogging lull

I realize I've been in a bit of a blogging lull...and I have a question for everyone...which part of my blog is most helpful to you? I'm going to start posting store deals again, but honestly I'm going to stop posting my deals from shopping trips if they are not helpful.It takes time to type it all in and I don't want to if it's not helping anyone out!I rather just get together with anyone who wants to swap coupons and chat then post, or just e-mail between anyone who wants to know. Anyways, right now I'm having problems with my camera wizard and selecting pictures to post, so I'll have to ask the hubby when he comes home for help with that. My deals for this week were decent, I spent $49, half of which was DIAPERS!

Dillons(my reciept has been sent off for the P&G rebate:()
1 Pampers box diapers $19.99
1 jumbo Pampers $10.69
-2 $1.00/1 and $5 off for $25 of P&G=$23.69
2 large Dannon litnfit yogurt $2ea
bananas $.67/lb
1 head lettuce $1.29
2 Cottonelle 4pk $.99-2 $.50/1=FREE
cauliflower $2.50

2nd trip(these deals are good til TUES! Including softsoap on sale for $1-4.50/1=FREE...they were out when I was there)
1 eggo waffles $2-$.75/1 insert=$1
1 Fresh express salad $1-$.75/1 blinkie=FREE
2 Goody hairbands $2-2 $2 printables and $1 SCq=FREE+$1
=$.36 tax!

CVS $5 oop for...
2 packages of Old El paso tortilla shells $2.19-$1.10/2 printable=$1.05ea
1 taco seasoning $.99-FREE WYB peelie=FREE
1 CVS paprika $.99(below)=FREE
1 GE crackers $1.99-$3/CVS printable=FREE
1 Kraft singles $1.99
1 shredded cheese $1.87(to be returned b/c it expired 2 WEEKS ago!!)
1 box SoyJoy bars $6(lim.10!)
2 CVS freezer bags $2.79ea
2 pks. Orbit white gum $1.29ea(receive $1ECB)
2 boxes CVS tissues $1.99ea
3 large Hallmark gift bags $5ea(90% off!)=$.50ea
2 pks. giftcard holders(Hallmard) $3ea(90%0ff)=$.30ea
1 Hallmark gift tags(90%off) $1.99=$.19ea

RETAIL TOTAL: $93.06 My Total:$49(after coupons,NOT my actual total!)


Julie said...

I really like when you post deals for Price Cutter. I see the deals for CVS, Walgreens and Dillons posted all over the internet but I never see them for local stores. I do however like seeing some of the deals you get at Dillons because sometimes I miss one when I'm shopping.

Sarah said...

Hi, Brittany, it's Sarah from Deals from the Heartland. The Kashi cereal bars were on sale, I think, I was just using my FREE item coupon. The South Beach bars were not on sale, I don't believe. I think the regular price was 3.29...I had 2 $2/1 coupons. HTH!

Sandra said...

What if you posted the deal (coupon from SS 1/1/00 or peelie from Big Store) and the store with the sale and how much that would cost.

Huggies Wipes $1.23
$1/1 from SS 1/1/01
cost after coupon is .23

Revlon Lipstick $1.99
BOGO printable (insert link here)
CVS Coupon $1/1
cost after coupon is .49

and so forth...maybe that would be easier maybe not.

Michelle' said...

Brittany, I have to tell you I check your site every single day and sometimes several times a day - LOL! Mainly the reason is I can find store deals with coupon matches, but because it isn't our actual store I never know if it will work or not. When I see what you have done and what you made work, I get really excited not only for you, but what I might possibly be able to do. The store deals are great, and Price Cutter would be the best one to post for around here - but I also know if you post store deals that are just like those on other sites then they may not pertain to our region or stores and then I have wasted a lot of time and gas money to drive the hour to Springfield. To me, it's inspiring to see what you were able to get, and when I post my trips I do it b/c I'm so excited and I want to share. Of course, I don't post many trips as it is a lot work and I do understand that. Dillons and Price Cutter are my main concern. I sure do love all you have posted and do. It really has helped me a great deal. I as well would like to be able to share with you via email or meet or send coupons I don't need, as I don't want to be reaping all the benefits and it feels good to share. Sorry so long :o)

Michelle' said...

Hope you got my other comment - I know it was long, sorry! Hope is all well with you.