The Resolutions and what we've been eating

I'll be honest...I'm one of the suckers that makes promises to themselves at the beginning of the year. Last year I tried to cook more and be more conscious of what I was purchasing(I've always read ingredient labels, but I'm more concerned/aware now)...also, to be more frugal. Last June, I decided that ad matching was not going to cut it to maintain my goal of frugalness, so I started coupon-ing! This year, I'm BAKING,PUREE-ING, and exercising! I thought that if I ate more healthful and cut out the "bad" snacks(mostly), then it, plus exercising, would get the job done of losing the excess weight. Honestly, cooking and baking make me focus on eating less anyways because I'm too consumed with making the food that I don't snack! I also chew gum when I cook or keep a water bottle handy so I don't nibble on what I make:)

Cookbook recommendations: Deceptively Delicous by Jessica Seinfeld and also a similar book called The Sneaky Chef. These have kid(and hubby) friendly recipes that will also be friendly to your diet.

MENU items
breakfasts: cereal, applesauce muffins(sweet potato puree, applesauce, and oats), PB and banana muffins(w/cauliflower), yogurt w/ berries, soyjoy bars:), bananas, homemade bread!, pumpkin muffins
lunches:turkey chili, spinich salads, soup, white chicken chili, leftovers, sandwhiches, chicken stirfry, leftovers
dinner: breakfast tacos, pasta w/veggies(I made pasta sauce too!), burgers( lean meat and carrot mixed in:) ), grilled fish....although it wouldn't cook for some reason!, chicken w/broc.cheese rice, veggie sides
snacks:fruit, crackers, muffins, chips(leftover from a party..hubby snack)...

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