Last trip of 2008

We had expiring checks from WIC and after moving milk and yogurt were pretty essential on Christmas Eve! So we headed off to our closest grocery destination to our new house...Walmart! Dillons, Target, PriceCutter, HarterHouse, Walgreens, and even CVS are a bit of a drive now since we have to go through town....no longer do I have the pleasure of a 5 min. walk to WAGS, but we do have a nice place for a while:) Here's what I picked up(not including our 2 new lamps and welcome mat) This is counting as Jan. budget since it's so close to the end of the month.

*means sale*

2* Pace picante sauce $1.97-$.40/2(12/14 SS)=$1.77ea
1 Enfamil Lipil can $4.32-$5/1 home mailer check=FREE+$.68 overage
1 Pillsbury Flakey Twists $2.32-FREE q(home mailer from Psst..)=FREE
1 Tyson chicken breasts(3lbs!) $8.00-FREE(homemailer...found bones in my chicken,a lot)=FREE
4* GreenGiant Steamers with rice/veggies/sauce $1.50-$1/1(11/16SS)= $.50ea
2* GreenGiant Steamers veggies $1-$1/1=FREE
bananas $1.32
sweet potatoes $1.06
1 bread $1.18
2 bags GV shredded cheese $1.50ea
1 Dr.Pepper$1.38-FREE q(home mailer)=FREE
4 Beechnut toddler meals $1.06-$1/1=$.06 ea
(11/16 SS...I found this insert at the recycling center when getting some boxes and papers for moving!)
6 Buddies soaps $.97ea- $3/3 printable=FREE+overage
2 litnfit plus yogurt $2.18ea-$1/1peelie=$1.59ea

Retail:$60.34 My Total: $29.16

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