Deals the previous week

So, here are my deals, I'll just post highlights and totals...if anyone wants to do it, let me know and I'll list the whole thing!

*I would not have purchased any meat because we had enough, but when I thawed the ground beef out it smelled sour and had stuff on it...eww...and I couldn't pull any deals except for chicken at Price Cutter.

1 GV Sugar $2.34 (- comp.ad)=$1.49
2 Listerine breath strips $1.52- $2 printable=FREE+$.48 overage ea
2 Splenda 50 ct. $2.24-$3 printables
also, yogurt, ham and Mt.Dew
Retail: $18.27 My Total:$6.67
Price Cutter
4 packs Tyson chicken(all about $5)- $2/$5 Tyson chicken purchase(from ads last month)
1 dozen eggs and Kashi bars=FREE item home mailer
Retail:$25.80 My Total:$14.90
Aldi(not pictured)
1 cheesburger skillet, fish, produce $8.36
23(that's right!) GG steamers FREE
4 boxes Kleenex $1.59-$.50/1 qs(home mailer)=$.09 ea(after mega sale)
12 Softsoap(not pictured) FREE and a bunch of other stuff
1 Duncan Hines cake $.50(ms)-$.35/1(mailer)=FREE
5 cans Rotel FREE
3 bags Goldfish $1ea( and I got overage on them!)
and a bunch of other stuff!
Retail:$113.16 My Total(2 Trans.): $20 even
should have been $2 less, but 2 coupons didn't go through..Daisy sour cream ones:(
*Spent money b/c my card got a $5/$15 and a $10/$50..so I pulled a diaper deal!
everything in the pic from CVS cost $12.42 oop,but I was okay with that b/c I got 4 packs of diapers, wipes, and 3 newspapers....I'll get another $6 back for Nasogel(rebate submitted to different address) so my total is really $6.42! :)
Target(not pictured)
2 Ocean Spray juice(I got the Strawberry, peach kind) $1.99ea-$1/1 Target and $1 off Ocean Spray=FREE


Michelle' said...

Hey, looks good! I also got 5 Ocean Spray juice at Target. Ended up spending $3.80 anyway on candy for the kids and me to take to the movies - but was ok with it since i got the juice free. Took them to see Hotel For Dogs - cute. My Dillons trip was the best. 5 rotel tomatoes, 5 velveeta, 6 cottonelle, 8 picante pace, 2 mayo, deli meat (mngr special), 10 orville popcorn, other stuff can't remember now; but @ $100 for $30, so I was ok with that. CVS, cashed in all rainchecks from Christmas, paid with ECB's and made money so was able to get Cooper a toy and a big refill on Huggie wipes and received $45 back in ECB's ($5 more than what I started out with). Tonight I cashed in on Pop-tarts at Walmart - .98 each pkg. and .29 on creamate creamer each (3). I hope to go tomorrow to do Price Cutter. Heads up: on Feb 1st CVS will have their Electrosol on sale for 2.99, so if you have any of the 2.50 off cpns left (.49 each), but this is the last day to use these as they expire on this date so I would assume you would have to get up there first thing.

Michelle' said...

Brittany, where did you find the Goldfish coupons?