Here are the highlights only!

4 Yo-Plus $1.39 MS-2 $1.50/1 and 2 $1/1=2 FREE and 2 $.39ea!
1 Cottonelle TP $.99-$.50/1 printable=FREE
6 boxes whole wheat pasta $1.50-6 FREE pasta WYB ragu=FREE*bought on ebay=$.50ea
6 Ragu $1.42-3 $.75/2=$.92ea
3 Pillsbury ultimate desserts - ms $1.50ea
2 Pillsbury quickbreads -ms=$1ea
6 Libby's pumpkin-ms=$.50ea
1 kroger hot dog buns $.89-ms=$.49
*they owe me $2.99 for taking a free cereal q, scanning, and not entering it!
Retail(before MS): $83.70 My Total: $29.57(they owe me $2.99)

1kid's boost $13.49-FREE=FREE*could have used at CVS,but they don't sell the chocolate!
1 WAGS asprin $.99-FREE(home mailer)=FREE
1 Garnier styler $3.99(free after rebate)
Retail:$18.47 My Total:$4.78 Rebate:$3.99

...umm, nothing really, I blew $15 Extrabucks and spent $14.75 on my giftcard, because I was going to buy these things anyways and would rather get them free than pay for them at Walmart. I can always build my bucks up again later. I still have a raincheck for Loreal(so I'll spend 6 get 6 back) and $5 on hubby's card...oh! I did get a CRT for free mouthwash and I used a q for free planters peanuts.

Retail:$50.95 My Total:FREE


Michelle' said...

Brittany - I also went to Dillons today, but I took it that the Yo-Plus yogurt was just on sale (not the mega sale) at 2 for $4. I used the $1.50 off on all 6 of mine I thought making them .50 for each 4/pack. Were yours 1.39? I went to the one on Sunshine this time. Curious about the free whole wheat pasta as well?? Hey, my goal this week is to send you coupons so be watching!

Michelle' said...

I forgot to tell you how I love all the light coming in your house. Makes it look so comforting and alive. I love when the sun shines in our house. Mainly at the back sliding door, but I sometimes go and sit on the floor there for awhile and cut coupons or whatever just to soak it up. Love that Vitamin D!

Letty said...

I haven't been to Dillon's yet- what cereals are included in the deal? Hot Coupon World only said Multi-grain and Honey Nut Cheerios and Trix- which others did you notice? I see you bought the Banana ones- were they on sale for the $1.67 too? THanks!!!