Hickory Creek Farms, KS

Last weekend the lil' ones and I went with my in-laws and friends to visit Hickory Creek Farms . We made the 2 hr. drive there to visit family friend who own the farm and also visit their old house and church they used to pastor. Hickory Creek Farms is the cutest pumpkin patch! I highly recommend going if you live anywhere within a couple hours. There is plenty to do! We brought a picnic lunch and the kids have many activities. When we were there a little girl was having a birthday party, which gave me the idea to do that for Tristan when he is older. Anyways, visit the site (and the farm!) and browse pictures of the place below :) Happy pumpkin picking! *I also got really excited because they have Cinderella pumkins, which I'd never seen before.

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Michelle' said...

This looks so adorable and fun. We are going to a pumpkin patch in Marshfield with our church on the 29th. I just can't remember the name of it. Harvest something I think. Anyway, I hope it is a lot like this one. I haven't been to it yet. We have been to Jones Farm one in Springfield a couple times and then the one outside of Conway here, but this one in Conway is ok, except the people are kind of rude. They charge you like $8 and say it includes a pumpkin. But when you get to the patch they are like this little tiny pumpkins (definitely can't carve them). And then they charge you another charge for doing the corn maze and another charge for doing the haybale maze. Anyway - we decided this year to try a new place. If it doesn't work out then we may take the 2 hour drive. Thanks for sharing!