Best Buy Rewards

To answer Traci's question, the Best Buy Rewards program is a free store program that tracks your spending. When you purchase 2 ink cartridges or 1 multipack of ink, you can get a pack of printer paper up to $10 for free. This works well for me, because my Kodak ink is actually less at Best Buy and I can get nice printer paper for free. Hope this helps!


Michelle' said...

I'm glad you explained this better, I never did get it til now. I know where I'm going to get ink from now on. Besides, Walmart doesn't even carry my ink cartridges so the last time I had to order them through Dell. I sure hope Best Buy has them. Maybe that's why this printer was so cheap on sale - being discontinued or something. Hmmmmm?

Sparkly said...

You might want to double check b/c I don't think Best Buy offers the free paper reward any longer. :-(