Vyrl Mkt.,Inc.

Please do NOT use any internet coupons issued by Vyrl Mkt,Inc. Vyrl Mkt. assured customers that they were legitimate coupons issued during a test launch of their coupon application called "Check it Out" on the social networking site, Facebook. Now the company is claiming that their system was hacked and someone distruibuted coupons that were to be run by manufacturers, but had not been done yet. The company is facing potential law suits, not only from manufacturers, but the coupon-clipper community as well. The class action law suit filed by coupon clippers is available (although I'm NOT posting the link here) to sign up for if you feel that it is necessary to send a message that clippers do not want to be taken advantage of or destroy relationships with companies. The goal is to stop this from happening again, not to gain financial profit. Again, please do NOT use those coupons. Thanks and let's chat about happy coupon trips!

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