Product Testing/Coupons/Rewards for using coupons

I've been asked a few times where I get my coupons from. The most common place is the Sunday Paper. I have learned that it is best to hang on to EVERY coupon until it expires because the best deals(even MMs) come right around then. I also print them online from coupons.com, smartsource.com, and maufacturers web sites. But, my favorite coupons come from the manufacturer or VocalPoint. Vocalpoint is a company hired to promote new products for large corporations. The last campaign I recieved was for Kellogg's new line of products and it came with a packet of $1off coupons and a BOGO coupon. Also, I'm a buzzagent for bzzagent.com. This is a group like vocalpoint only you get campaigns to test based on how much you particiapate on the website...since I'm a newbie my offers do not come as often. The best place so far though is mypoints.com. If you print coupons.com coupons through this site and then redeem them you earn points toward gift cards! I love getting rewards for saving and the best part is they email you too and if you simply click on them, you'll earn even more points. It only takes a couple months to earn a free gift card without spending any money! If you shop online, you'll be rewarded even more. Just click on the merchant from mypoints.com and you'll earn points based on how much you spend and will sometimes recieve special discounts or free items. WOO!

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