Psst...General Mills

First off, you need to join Pssst...General Mills panel by clicking here. The panels fill quickly, so I suggest doing it before you read further.

As a panel member they will email you and mail you about new products. Currently the items they are promoting are


They will not only send you a printable link for friends and family, but mail you an information packet. My packet for pizza crust had 10 $1.10/1 coupons for friends and family and a Free pizza crust coupon for myself. The best part is these don't expire until March 2009!
If you click the above links they are coupons for $1.10/1 pizza crust and $1/1 flaky twists.
The suggested retail prices are ? and 2.99 for 8 flaky twists...try to save your coupons until closer towards the expiration date, because the product will have been out longer and you will probably find it on rollback or sale by then.
Enjoy snacking!

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Michelle' said...

I guess I must have answered the questions wrong - LOL - they said they were looking for other people with other qualifications or something like that,hmmmm, it looked good to me. Oh well :( I wanted to tell you I had to laugh when I read you are putting cereal in a hamper. I finally broke down and bought these steel shelves to stock things on and they were filled up a week after we put them together. I still need to buy a couple tubs to put the smaller things in to set on the shelves as the smaller things just keep falling over or off. Right now I'm trying to figure out where to put cereal now. I don't have an empty hamper but I do have a laundry basket filled with body wash, shampoo, conditioner, etc.. I'd get another shelf but no place to put the shelf now!